16 February 2005
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. PRESS RELEASE FROM NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP 16 February 2005 Embargo: for immediate release Contact: Sue Deeley Nature Publishing Group +1 212 726 9230 New publisher for Kidney International: International Society of Nephrology partners with Nature Publishing Group to publish its flagship journal The International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and the Nature Publishing Group (NPG) today signed a ten-year agreement to publish Kidney International — the Society’s leading international peer- reviewed journal — from January 2006. Kidney International, now in its 33rd year of publication, is widely regarded as the leading journal on the development and consequences of kidney disease. This year also sees a change in the editorship of the journal, with Dr. Qais Al-Awqati of Columbia University, NY, taking over from Dr. Saulo Klahr. Dr. Al-Awqati and his new editorial team will be responsible for the journal content beginning with the January 2006 issue, and are planning changes that will further develop KI’s quality and impact. The agreement to publish Kidney International is just one part of a multi-faceted approach to producing a comprehensive publishing portfolio that will serve the entire community of international nephrologists. The other initiatives include: • Nature Clinical Practice Nephrology — a clinical review journal that will be endorsed by the ISN as an official publication of the Society. The journal will be launched in November 2005 under the editorship of Dr. Robert W. Schrier, University of Colorado School of Medicine. The launch was formally announced in January 2005. • An educational web site that will provide a unique service to nephrologists and will include ISN and subject news, RSS feeds, literature searches, classic papers, commentaries and career information. A further announcement will follow about this initiative, which is due for launch in mid 2005. “The depth and breadth of NPG’s publishing programme, combined with the knowledge and expertise of the ISN global network, allows us to develop a comprehensive approach to science, education and clinical practice in the field of nephrology and chronic vascular disease,” commented Dr. Jan J. Weening, President of the ISN, as he shook hands with Dr. Annette Thomas, Managing Director of NPG. “This is all the more important, as recent scientific discoveries have elucidated the fundamental role of the kidney in the prevention of heart failure and stroke, major problems because of the pandemic of diabetes type 2. NPG is the ideal partner to help us to bring these key findings to nephrologists around the world as well as to the medical profession at large”. Replying, Annette Thomas commented: “This is an exciting day for NPG — we are delighted to have been chosen by the ISN to publish Kidney International, and to be working in close partnership with them to develop a publishing portfolio that serves the information needs of nephrologists worldwide. NPG is committed to partnering with the world’s leading learned societies to publish the highest quality journals and online initiatives.” About ISN Founded in 1960, the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) is a not-for-profit association committed to the worldwide advancement of education, science and patient care in nephrology. This goal is achieved by means of the Society’s journals, the organization of international congresses and symposia, and various outreach programs around the world. The ISN acts as an international forum on nephrology for leading nephrologists as well as young investigators, from both developed and emerging countries. Further information is available at -more-
  • 2. About NPG Nature Publishing Group (NPG) is a division of Macmillan Publishers Ltd, dedicated to serving the academic and professional scientific community. NPG's flagship title, Nature, is the world's most highly-cited weekly multidisciplinary journal and was first published in 1869. Other publications include Nature Reviews Cancer, Nature Medicine, Nature Clinical Practice Cardiovascular Medicine, and a range of prestigious academic journals, including society-owned publications. NPG is a global company, with headquarters in London and offices in New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, Boston, Tokyo, Paris, Munich and Basingstoke. For more information, please go to Contact details: Sue Deeley Nature Publishing Group 345 Park Avenue South New York, NY 10010 Tel: +1 212 726 9230 Email: Links: ###

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