Pretzel Logic in Seal Beach
Los Angeles based “Pretzel Logic – A Steely Dan Revue” has been into the performance of the fe...
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Pretzel logic in seal beach

Los Angeles based “Pretzel Logic – A Steely Dan Revue” has been into the performance of the festival scene, as well as the club track in Southern California since the year 2001. The devoted members of the group play the music of Steely Dan with an obsession. Steely Dan’s renowned hits comprise of: “Reelin’ in the Years”, “Josie”, and “Peg”.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Pretzel Logic in Seal Beach Los Angeles based “Pretzel Logic – A Steely Dan Revue” has been into the performance of the festival scene,aswell asthe club track inSouthernCaliforniasince the year 2001. The devoted members of the groupplay the musicof SteelyDanwithan obsession.SteelyDan’srenowned hits comprise of: “Reelin’ in the Years”, “Josie”, and “Peg”. You will be surprisedtoknowthatthe musicof SteelyDancrosses several musical boundaries. Whether youtalk aboutthe rock guitar licks or smoothvocals, jazzy horn lines or funky grooves, their demand is greatly appreciated. With a collection of classic songs that are a relief for you into your seat, and optimistic tunes that make you stand up from your seat to tap your feet to the positive tunes, Steely Dan’srange has a great influence oneveryone.Thislittle“bigband”has a team of three vocalists, three horns,and a solidrhythmsegment.Pretzel Logicgetsyouthe spiritof SteelyDanalive withagreatshow that leaves the people bustling. Pretzel Logic is a Steely Dan Tribute band located in the Los Angeles area,performingona regular basis in local places as well as in the state and nationwide. Do not forget to book your cab seal beach to and fro from the venue. Here is a great opportunityforyou!Mark yourcalendars for the Pretzel Logic on 20th November 2015 at 3005 Old Ranch Parkway Seal Beach, California 90740. The event will take place at 08:00 P.M. but will repeatonvariousdays preferablyon 20th of November and 18th of December. The details of the event, howevermaychange anytime withoutany prior information. You can arrange a taxi Lakewood for easy transportation.So,be incontact with the event organiser to keep yourself updated on the latest news and information in case you are willing to be a part of the great event or are looking forward to purchase the tickets for the evening. Pretzel Logic is the leading band in the country willing to perform “A Tribute to Steely Dan.” With outstanding hits, they move through the United States playing concerts, festivals and corporate events. While the versatile members effortlessly bring to mind eclectic sounds of rock licks, jazz harmony, polished vocals & difficult rhythms, they accurately have the DNA of Steely Dan set in their group. You can call to book a cab signal hill to avoid the hassles of parking your own vehicles etc and thus saving you time. Take advantage of the golden opportunity ahead of you on 20th of November 2015. Pretzel Logic’s talents include performance, piece of music, preparation, and creation of music for television, MTV, national commercials, foremost motion pictures, and soundtrack artists. The tickets are available for purchase. Hire a cab Seal Beach to get you to the event location in time. You can ask your friends to accompanyyou to the eventandenjoyyourselves to the fullest. You can also search the web to gather more information about this event. Author Bio: Ron Morgan is the marketrepresentative forRide Yellow Cab.Ride yellow Cabprovidesreliable, efficienttaxi services inthe LongBeach.Our service areaincludes Lakewood,Signal Hill,Hawaiian Gardens, Seal Beach,Bellflowerandthe surroundingcommunitiesof LongBeach.

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