Press Release for Rediscover India:Professionals and personalities of Chennai can now experience the inventiveness of craf...
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Press release for rediscover india

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Press release for rediscover india

  • 1. Press Release for Rediscover India:Professionals and personalities of Chennai can now experience the inventiveness of crafting five World Records and WorldsLongest Digital Art Design Story wall Banner of 1, 00,000 square feet all at a solitary World-wide occurrence titled REDISCOVER INDIA by RBVC (Rights to Bring Visibility of Common) Associates is programmed at Avadi HVF Playground from 14 th ofJuly followed by Exhibition till 24th of July.New-fangled start-on partnership firms by three active cohorts in the label RBVC Associates embark on this event foraccomplishing something which has better priority than life. The program or event going to be held in Chennai is not onlymeant for generating a Record but the factual motive is to build curiosity as well as making perception about our Country to thePublic and primarily to youngsters for fortifying the Security, National Integrity and for Conserving our aboriginal acquaintanceswhich normally wanes away.Re Discover India encourage the dictum that the affluent inheritance of India should profit the intact society in a decisive meansand this meticulous evidence will necessarily wrap each and every phase of rational, artistic and intellectual growth of India allthe way through the ages that settles on the exact distinctiveness of the country. India’s foremost triumphs, offerings renderedfor the society as well as high-flying progresses are awfully stuffed in this event. Fresh and innovative imaginings and productsare exhibited for put on show.The highlights of this high-valued event are the display of Worlds longest Digital Art Design story wall Educational Banner,printing of 1, 00,000 square feet, most signatures in the banner in one hour, World’s biggest metallic frames which is of 1,00,000 square feet in size, seven years old Prodigy’s non-stop singing for about seven hours of duration and show signs of fiveassorted talents within 5 minutes of time. This distinct and pioneering record event would dole out as a precious platformtowards inspiration of students, academicians and no doubt for all the Indians from all strolls of their life in order to hammerand be glad about not only the assessments but also the culture of our country India.Lots of celebrities are invited to take part in this valuable event and other activities namely book-fair and stalls are to be put onview. All are invited to participate in this event for having a consciousness about our country India particularly youngsters andstudents. Entry tickets are available at low cost and there are special discounts for students to take part in the event. You canalso register online at For other queries do please mail us to

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