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Previous to working for the boat company, I worked my final 6 years as a self-employed independent
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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. Previous to 2007 Previous to working for the boat company, I worked my final 6 years as a self-employed independent contractor. Among some of the projects I performed were: general maintenance and repair; drywall (repair/installation); interior/exterior painting; pressure washing; adjusting, removing, and installing fences and gates; light masonry (mortar work included); base and wall cabinet installation; manual residential interior/exterior demos;, driveway resurfacing and striping; concrete patch; trenches; appliance repair and/or replacement; finish duct work; gutter cleaning, adjusting, sealing, and/or replacing; stucco, diversified minor electrical and plumbing; an assortment of carpentry; lawn & garden (all phases); window ornaments; roof repair; doors and door locks; window replacement and window screens; general debris removal; general yard, basement, and garage clean up and organizing, etc. Previous to that time, my experience takes me through a mix of “in between” engagements, a number of tele-sales and door-to-door sales positions; and a stint as a trainee with a stock/investment brokerage firm in New York. Inclusively, there was a 3-year period working with various courier outfits and as a hawker/doorman for strip joints (also in New York). Add to that, five years as a weight control specialist with a business venture aptly registered as “Control International,” in Niagara Falls, N.Y... Intermittently, there was a 20-25 year unsuccessful bid in the performing arts. However, throughout the time elapsed, since the 1960's, there has always been some engagement in one form of property maintenance and improvement or another. Yet, when taken as a whole (all things considered), we are left with dual open-ended question: 1. What if anyone gleaned things from each of these experiences which made the most impact on making things happen? 2. What if all the positives were concentrated into a singular purpose? When you seriously consider questions “1-2,” then reconsider my background as it’s presented before you, hopefully, you’ll have your answer to those questions. If not now, then maybe later. However, you’re always welcome to volunteer and to serve Christ together with me in this arena demonstrating His mercy, wisdom, and forgiveness towards truly inspiring residents to make better decisions about and getting better results from the people hired to assist on home maintenance and improvement projects. Courtesy R.B. Roberts in association with HGRBS

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