Narration of 21st
Century Learning Pillar
I had the 21st
Century Learning Pillar of math and science. The role of introduc...
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Narration of 21st century learning pillar

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Narration of 21st century learning pillar

  • 1. Narration of 21st Century Learning Pillar I had the 21st Century Learning Pillar of math and science. The role of introduction 21st century learning into math and science is to allow students to explore science and mathematics from a more digitized and technology based form. The definition is the ability to evaluate information based on its sources and the methods used to generate it. Solely with Math in 21st Century Education means to reason with numbers and other concepts dealt with in math. And in science in 21st Century Learning is to evaluate the arguments from a scientific point of view and to apply the conclusion. I decided to pick a very basic elementary science experiment to demonstrate this. The experiment is students will be broken up into group. In these groups the will being doing the experiment of reactions between baking soda and lemon juice. Students will use mathematic skills to measure 40 mL of water in a bottle then to add a teaspoon of baking soda into bottle then stir. The students then will group decided amount of lemon juice into the bottle and quickly cover the top of the bottle with the balloon. The group with the biggest balloon wins. Before the experiment beings the group will critical think and discuss what they believe will happen and how much of the lemon juice will create the best reaction. They will blog these answers as a group. From there, they will use YouTube to look up others experiments of this reaction. This incorporates the pillar of globalization. They will then preform the experiment with their choice of amount of lemon juice. They will film and publish the experiment on YouTube. At that point, each student will create a podcast of the lab report. For further ideas of this experiment and other reactions the students could make, the students will use Pinterest to look up more experiments. Examples of high school technologies that could assist in math and science include; Smart Boards, introduction to units with relevant TedTalks, social media, smart phone Fridays, class YouTube, blogs, STEM projects. All of these promote peer-to-peer learning, critical thinking, and involvement of non-science thinkers. Math and sciences are important to teach because it promotes and evolves critical thinking skills, creativity, problem solving, communication, and collaboration. In the future, the learning of math and science creates a well-rounded individual. It will help keep and create science and mathematical based jobs in America. This will help the American economy. But the most important aspect about learning science and mathematics is that they are both used in daily life. However, No matter what technologies you use, the main way to engage students and promote the importance of math and science is to make the lesson relatable to the student.The lesson needs to have real world applications. “The nation that out-educates us today is going to out-compete us tomorrow.” -President Obama

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