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N-Abler Loan Level Grading Description

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - N-Abler Loan Level Grading Description

  • 1. Loan Level Gradings for Banks Credit Unions and Non-Banks NorthBrook provides independent, industry experienced gradings for portfolios of loans leases and mortgage; providing separate risk gradings for each and every loan in your pools - for enhanced risk management - as a cost saving due diligence tool - for regulatory compliance support - as a new originations tool Independent grading means you have an Management can enhance portfolio reporting objective view to add your ongoing based on key economic factors operational risk assessments. Board members receive concise, timely and Consistency across different loan types understandable views of the risks they are means direct comparisons between mandated to oversee portfolios and easy testing of risk/revenue returns. M&A teams can better allocate key resources to areas of concern or of greater opportunity Our open architecture data base design means pool data is ingested quickly and Regulators receive independent inputs to help inexpensively. in their ongoing supervisionOriginations and SyndicationsNorthBrook has direct on-line adjudication tools to support all of your underwriting staff regardlessof their experience levels.For syndications NorthBrook’s grading brings risk transparency bulk pool ratings can’t.For securitization the grading complies with recent SEC ruling regarding Issuer Pool ReviewreportingMeeting Regulatory and Stakeholder DemandsRegulatory supervision is escalading. Financial institutions are facing increasing demands from anever broader group of stakeholders. NorthBrook brings independence, transparency, industryknowledge and critical risk management and compliance support services when they are needed themost.

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