Political Dynasties in the United StatesThe Kennedy era of Camelot ended long ago, but new political dynasties havereplace...
United States President. The Bushes have hob-knobbed with state leaders at theMaine and Texas homes. They are as close to ...
Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, the current House Minority Leader and the firstfemale Speaker of the House. Nancy was literall...
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Political dynasties in the united states

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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  • 1. Political Dynasties in the United StatesThe Kennedy era of Camelot ended long ago, but new political dynasties havereplaced them across the country. Father Joe and sons John, Bobby and Teddyconsolidated their power throughout the 1900s, but their political fortunes havewaned in the current century.While the United States doesn’t permit the inheritance of political power, thecitizens don’t mind bestowing the glory of previous generations upon the newbrood. Many of these families have ties that stretch back one hundred years. Thefollowing families have established themselves as new political powerhouses.They are new Kennedys in a way. Like the Roosevelts, Lodges and Tafts beforethem, they hope to influence American politics for a long time to come.1. The Udalls could be called the Western Kennedys. Their affiliation with bothpolitical parties is split evenly depending on their mother. Mormon PolygamistDavid Udall’s two wives had differing political viewpoints. Therefore among theirtwelve heirs, the children of Ida have chosen the Republican path while Eliza’schildren have become Democrats. Two of David’s sons became Senators. Stewartand Mo each represented Arizona in Congress. Stewart also was John Kennedy’sSecretary of the Interior. There are numerous Udalls currently serving as electedrepresentatives. Mark is the Democratic Senator from Colorado. Brother Tomholds the same position in New Mexico. Republican brother Gordon was a Senatorfrom Oregon for 12 years. Brother Mike is a Republican Senator from Utah. Thefamily tree is rife with various council members, judges and mayors. The Udallshave ties to the Romneys from long ago. While the Udalls don’t have the wealth ofthe Kennedy clan, they have made a name for themselves as public servants,focusing on environmental conservation.2. If there is a family of Republican Kennedys, the Bushes qualify. From theirKennebunkport, Maine, compound, they have sent forth many politicians. Familypatriarch Prescott Bush was a Connecticut Senator from 1952 to 1963. Now thefamily is more associated with Texas from where George H. W. Bush rose up tobecome President of the United States. His marriage to Barbara has lasted 66 years,the longest for any First Couple. George H. W. and Barbara Bush’s other son, JebBush, was Governor of Florida for quite some time. He could be the third in thefamily to become president. He’s rumored to be an upcoming presidentialcandidate in 2016 or 2020. Jeb’s sons, Jeb, Jr., and George P. are involved inFlorida politics. Within three generations of this family are two Governors, twoU.S. Senators, one Supreme Court Justice, a United States Vice President and a
  • 2. United States President. The Bushes have hob-knobbed with state leaders at theMaine and Texas homes. They are as close to American Republican royalty as canbe possible.3. The Romneys would be good candidates for the Mormon Kennedys. Thisstaunch Republican family started out in Michigan, where George served asGovernor. Since then, the Romneys have been based in Massachusetts. TheRomneys are descendants of Mormon Miles Romney and they retain the faith oftheir patriarch. Mitt Romney is in the running for the Republican Presidentialnomination this year, following in the footsteps of his father, who sought thenomination in 1968. Mitt’s mother also made a run to be Senator of Michigan.Brother Scott is a powerful member of Michigan’s Republican party. Mitt’s sons,Craig, Tagg, Josh, Ben and Matt were all involved in their dad’s presidential run in2008 and are helping again in the 2012 run. The Romneys aren’t short on cash.They’re relocating the family to California, where they’re expanding their mansionto accommodate their political aspirations.4. The Shrivers are easily the reigning California Kennedys. While they technicallyare Kennedys, this branch of the tree is more down-home than their Massachusettsrelatives. Patriarch Sargent Shriver and John Kennedy’s sister Eunice were bothactive in Democratic concerns and public service. Maria Shriver is their mostfamous daughter. The estranged wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger was First Lady ofCalifornia during Arnold’s reign as Governor. Her older brother Bobby is Mayorof Santa Monica, California. Brothers Mark, Timothy and Anthony are alsopolitically inclined. Mark was in the Maryland House of Delegates. Tim andAnthony are political activists. Maria’s son Patrick is a model who is starting anew line of menswear. Daughter Katherine has published a book entitled RockWhat Youve Got: Secrets to Loving Your Inner and Outer Beauty From SomeoneWhos Been There And Back.5. Since U.S. Rep. Ron Paul is the godfather of the Tea Party, the Pauls aredefinitely the Tea Party Kennedys. While Ron ramps up his third bid to bePresident of the United States, first term Kentucky Senator Rand Paul seemspoised to make a run for the Oval Office some day. Ron’s other son, Robert, hasshown interest in running for the Senate. Ron Paul believes the U.S. should be onthe gold standard, probably in no small part because he has considerableinvestments in gold mining. They’re in the process of unloading their current homein favor of building a new compound custom made for throwing tea parties.6. The Pelosis are the Lady Kennedys. These Democrats are led by California
  • 3. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, the current House Minority Leader and the firstfemale Speaker of the House. Nancy was literally born into politics. Her father wasThomas DAlesandro, Baltimore’s prominent Italian-American Mayor who alsoserved Maryland in the U.S. House of Representatives. Her brother followed in hisfather’s footsteps. Thomas DAlesandro, III, was also Mayor of Baltimore. Nancysdaughter Christine is a Democratic Party political strategist in California. Nancy’sother daughter is more interested in being a filmmaker than a politician. Her sonPaul enjoys environmental activism. Nancy and her financier husband Paul haveanother thing in common with the Kennedys—they’re wealthy.7. If there is a Cajun version of the Kennedys, it has to be the Landrieus. TheseDemocrats ousted the Long clan from their seat of power in Louisiana. Familypatriarch Moon Landrieu has served in several positions. He was Mayor of NewOrleans, a member of Louisiana’s House of Representatives and President JimmyCarter’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Moon’s son Mitch is aformer lieutenant governor of Louisiana and is the current Mayor of New Orleans.His daughter Mary is a Louisiana Senator. She was also State Treasurer. TheLandrieus share the Catholic religion with the Kennedys. They champion liberalissues as well. In fact, Moon was the Mayor when New Orleans was desegregated.Mitch has overseen the redevelopment of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.8. Vice-president Joe Biden is head of the Amtrak Kennedys. The Bidens left theirblue-collar roots in Scranton, Pennsylvania to plant new political roots inDelaware. Joe was a U.S. Senator from Delaware for an incredible 36 years--from1973 to 2009. His eldest son Beau is currently Delaware’s Attorney General. Healso served as an Army Judge Advocate in Iraq. Beau seems to have politicalaspirations and may run for his father’s Senate seat sometime in the future. Joe’syounger son, Hunter, has been on the board of directors of Amtrak and has servedin the U.S. Department of Commerce. Joe took his 18-year-old daughter Naomi toAsia on her first state visit to get her feet wet. Like the Kennedys, the Bidens arealso Catholic liberals who are long on public service. In fact, Joe Biden is thefourteenth-longest serving U.S. Senator in our history.

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