Experienced Leader and Manager
Battlefields to Boardrooms
The mission is always SUCCESS
• Position in m...
Team Player & Team Leader
• Fifteen years experience in senior management
Operations po...
• Increased daily productivity nearly 20% through • Managed cri...
Born Wilmington, Delaware.
I developed early leadership traits when tapped as the student leader of th...
I returned to my logistics roots when I took an operations po...
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Preston Swift

Personal Presentation
Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. PRESTON L. SWIFT Experienced Leader and Manager
  • 2. Battlefields to Boardrooms The mission is always SUCCESS OBJECTIVE • Position in mid to senior level management where full use of my 15 years of senior level managerial experience can be utilized.
  • 3. Team Player & Team Leader • Fifteen years experience in senior management Operations positions in Operations and Program Management. • Two and half years as second in command of one Management of the largest military installations in California. • Managed program sales for Dynamic Instruments, Inc., a high tech company providing sophisticated electronics equipment. Process Management • At DHL/Airborne Express, streamlined operations Productivity resulting in highest gross sales figures in the Western Region. Quality Control • As Operations Manager for Netflix, improved Procurement operating efficiency by 25% in the first sixty days, and reduced employee turnover by 27% while providing Warehouse Management high quality entertainment to over half a million Inventory Control subscribers. • In-depth expertise in cutting edge electronic systems, Materials inventory management, logistics, labor management Distribution and warehousing with superior performance increasing productivity, reducing costs and increasing market Program Management share. • BA degree in Business Management, specializing in Technology Management.
  • 4. ACCOMPLISHMENT LIST . . . TRANSFERABLE RESULTS • Increased daily productivity nearly 20% through • Managed crisis due to shortage of material improved in-process inspections, streamlined for customer shipments. Increased on-hand material flow, enhanced employee-management bulk storage by nearly 18% and shelf and bin communications and daily feedback of storage by 15% resulting in an immediate and production efficiency results. dramatic decline in customer complaints. • Reduced employee turnover by 27% by • Developed better procedures to support rotable improving new hire training process and spare parts pool and reduce missing parts and paperwork. Reduced time for NCR technicians strengthening mid-level supervisory leadership to retrieve spare parts from spare parts pool. skills. • Increased sales and market presence by • The reduction in employee turnover reduced aggressively seeking new opportunities in overall costs, improved the hub’s productivity, foreign sales, which quadrupled RFPs received reduced defective products from being shipped and resulted in nearly $4k in un-forecasted sales to valued customers, and improved employee the first month. satisfaction. • Developed and designed performance • Improved efficiency, reduced costs, strengthened matrices, customer feedback reports and working relations with the USPS, and enhanced readiness reporting standards, providing customer satisfaction by justifying the capital valuable data to identify reductions in operating cost of additional processing equipment and costs and eliminate redundant processes. hiring additional part-time employees to physically produce enough product.
  • 5. continued ACCOMPLISHMENT LIST . . . TRANSFERABLE RESULTS • Implemented bar code scanner technology • Led 15 departments in development of a to improve inventory accuracy, decrease requisition- comprehensive physical security plan to improve asset processing time and reallocate scarce labor protection, decrease disaster reaction time and resources. Gained immediate inventory status reduce exposure to potential domestic hostility. of over 900 line items valued in excess of • Developed sound Sales Forecast to ensure $300M. Operations and Purchasing had required • Increased vendor to customer presence by information to decrease lead times and increase 100% over previous fiscal year by visiting all stock turnover resulting in decreased shelf current customers within the first 7 months. expenses on over 115 line items. • Developed a logistical pipeline and inventory control • Reduced labor costs nearly $79K by revising program for Navy and Marine Corps aviation S.O.P.’s, determining unfunded mandates and units training at a US Air Force base. Recaptured eliminating redundant programs. Post action over $750M of lost inventory and reduced feedback from customers indicated a 12% transportation costs by 30%. improvement in unit perfor mance after • Developed Fiscal Budget to minimize implementation of improved procedures. overhead cost and exploit revenue sharing opportunities in Marketing programs resulting • Provided administrative support for 60 in reduced operating costs by nearly $15K over military and 50 civilian personnel including previous fiscal year. training, NAV-OSH and performance reviews.
  • 6. PERSONAL BIOGRAPHY Born Wilmington, Delaware. I developed early leadership traits when tapped as the student leader of the Claymont High School “Flaming Arrow” Marching Band. During my senior year of high school, I joined the US Naval Reserves and departed for active duty in the fall of 1971. Based on entrance examination results, the Navy selected me for training as an Aviation Ordnanceman working with bombs, rockets and missiles. Within two years, I was assigned my first management role as a crew leader with four other sailors assigned. From those humble beginnings, I started my ascendant up the ranks. With each advancement in rank, I progressed from crew leader, to shift supervisor, shop supervisor, branch officer, division officer, department head and general manager. Based on my professional skills and success in leadership and management, I was awarded a commission as a Naval Officer. This promotion was achieved without the benefit of a college degree, which I did achieve while serving as a department head. My performance of thirty years was consistently documented by outstanding performance, innovative achievement and coast-to-coast recognition of my profes- sional expertise. My assignment as second in command of a Naval Weapons Station was the first such assignment for any officer in my field. Throughout my military career, I was consistently assigned positions of greater responsibility, often being the first to be assigned to specific duties or assigned duties beyond the scope of my current rank. My varied assignments included aircraft and shipboard equipment maintenance, avionics systems, research and development, logistical support, technician training, technical inspection, unit and company wide management. Upon my retirement from the Navy, my first position as a civilian was with a small business concern. As the Program Manager for Communication Products, I marketed products to military and government agencies, foreign and domestic. I drafted responses to RFPs (Request for Proposal), presented visual and practical demonstrations of solutions to senior management, installed electronic systems, and provided training to client personnel. The position required extensive travel nationwide and internation- ally. In order to increase sales, I developed strong associations with marketing and engineering personnel. I also spent considerable time staying in contact with former and current clients. My “customer first” approach often resulted in new sales and referrals to new sales opportunities. Typical customers included the US Navy, National Security Administration, Egyptian Air Defense Com- mand, Raytheon, and the New York Transit Authority.
  • 7. continued PERSONAL BIOGRAPHY I returned to my logistics roots when I took an operations position with Airborne Express (later bought out by DHL Express) in the parcel express delivery service. Over my two and a half year tenure, I supervised the dock and office operations of the highest gross revenue operation in the Western Region. I quickly developed the reputation as the “go to guy” to resolve difficult customer problems, often contacting customers from home in order to save substantial accounts from premature contract termination. Customers routinely contacted me for advice on shipping hazardous materials, ensuring the packaging was safe and documenta- tion complete. I developed training procedures, managed the maintenance of equipment, vehicles and facility, and coordinated scheduling, security and vendor accounts. I reached a plateau in my career progression after the acquisition of Airborne Express by DHL, and eagerly accepted a position with Netflix as the Operations Manager for the second largest DVD-mail rental distribution center in the U.S. In less than one year, the operation grew from fifty-three employees to 105 with over 500K DVDs sorted on five high-speed proprietary sorting machines. I had direct hire responsibility and employed five different temp agencies to assist in labor scouting. As payroll, IT and HR services were off-site, my in house staff provided data input for those functional areas. Though my success in the position required a tremendous amount of time in the facility I had to reluctantly step aside due to a family medical problem. I am married and the proud step-father of two teenage children here in Orange County. Some of my hobbies include gardening, woodworking, reading and spending time with my family. I’ve spent the last six months taking care of my wife after undergoing four serious spinal operations. I am now ready to re-enter the workforce with an industry leader.

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