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Preston Kosiara, Resume

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Preston Kosiara, Resume

  • 1. Preston Kosiara 1139 E. Long Place 303.819.4183 Centennial, CO 80122 EDUCATION Colorado School of Mines-Golden, Colorado Major: Mechanical Engineering B.S. May 2015 Minor: Mathematical Sciences GPA 3.409 University of New South Wales-Sydney, Australia Semester Abroad: Mechanical Engineering ENGINEERING SKILLS  Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials  Laboratory Maintenance, Soldering, Hazardous Waste Removal  SolidWorks, Mathcad, MATLAB, Mastercam, FEA; Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint RELEVANT EXPERIENCE SENIOR DESIGN PROJECT: DRY SUMP CAPSTONE 2014-2015 Worked on competition team to design and fabricate alternative oil lubrication system for Formula Society of Automotive Engineers formula car. Acted as communications manager between all stakeholders and team members. Completed fluid and thermodynamic analysis and led project material selection. Formula car will be used in national competition. STUDY ABROAD: AUTOMOTIVE ENGINE RESEARCH PROJECT 2014 Completed Automotive Engine Technology course studying and researching Formula 1 motor generator units. Produced paper comparing advantages and emerging technology of turbochargers. Studied and researched variety of engine technologies and diagnostic methods. Analyzed a diesel engine ignition timing diagnostics report. MINES EPICS II PROJECT: WATER EXTRACTION FILTER SYSTEM 2012 Researched use of water filtration system in space for use by astronauts. Designed microwave system to extract vapors from space regolith. Designed carbon nanotube filter system to remove particulates and condense vapors into liquid water. EMPLOYMENT STANDARDS AND SPECIAL PROJECTS – AWWA 2015 Monitored volunteer involvement and standards & manuals progress at the American Water Works Association. Facilitated interactions between volunteers and AWWA staff for standards & manuals production and aid in development process. Completed independent research projects comparing domestic and international standards for Engineering & Technical Services department to ensure maintained quality of products and services. TECHNICIAN ASSISTANT – HILL HALL 2014-2015 Monitored and maintained multiple graduate level laboratories and prevalent equipment within Hill Hall and other physics buildings. Diagnosed and troubleshot various machines and other systems. Stock necessary materials and replace outdated supplies. SUMMER ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE FOR KIDS (SEEK) 2013 Acted as a lead mentor for engineering students in the fourth grade. Responsible for two other mentors within classroom, as well as classroom of twenty-one students. Taught engineering curriculum to spread enthusiasm to younger students within Denver Public School system. Worked directly with CH2M Hill during program. RESIDENT ASSISTANT – THOMAS HALL 2012-2013 Provided academic and personal advisement to 24 male students within the hall. Serve as a resource, as well as provided opportunities for involvement and growth. Promoted respect for others, along with self respect, to create a healthy community that allows a diverse group to interact appropriately and effectively. ACTIVITIES  American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Formula Society of Automotive Engineers  Shooting Club, Unicycling club, Go Kart Racing, Young Adults Ministry

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