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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Pressdot.Net-Scrapebox_Updates_Adds_Long_Overdue_Article_Scraper_Add_On_Tool

  • 1. pre ssdo t .ne t http://www.pressdo x-updates-adds-lo ng-o verdue-article-scraper-add-o n-to o l-807ScrapeBox Updates, Adds Long Overdue Article Scraper Add OnToolAustin, T X – Recently, the once highly popular scraping and spamming tool ScrapeBox announced an additionto their program. Webmasters that had long tossed the blog spammer tool aside due to Google updates couldnow see a new use f or the tool as an article scrapping add on f eature was recently added.Taking a page out of already existing article scrapping programs, the new add on f eatures f ull proxy support,multiple thread support, the ability to remove hyperlinks in the scrapped articles, as well as save the articles indesignated f olders named af ter the scrapped keywords. One disadvatage is that already existing articlescrapping programs allow users to select f rom a much greater selection of article sites, incuding the ability toselect based on it’s Google Page Rank. Currently, the new article scrapping add on f or ScrapeBox scrapesarticle content f rom ABCArticle, Article Dashboard and see the advantages of the new add on tool f or ScrapeBox being the f act that it’s f ree if you already ownthe popular program. It’s widely believed to be one of the most popular programs ever released in the black hatworld, so most webmasters possess the tool already. Owners of ScrapeBox simply must download the toolvia the “Add on” section. Based on the history of ScrapeBox and the multi-threading capabilities, ScrapeBox isexpected to greatly outperf orm it’s competition on both volume of keywords and speed of harvesting articles.Reports have been that one missing f eature is the ability to import keywords scraped f rom ScrapeBox into the“keyword” box within the article harvester itself . Rather, users must scrape their keywords, save them to a f ileand then load the keyword list separately.About T he OrganizationScrapeBox is a multif unction tool that allows you to do many things. T he highlights are that you can:It allows you to scrape all the major engines f or the f ootprints you would like. You can the post comments toseveral blog platf orms. You can check those urls to see if your links stuck. You can also ping urls so thatgoogle can see them. You can create a custom RSS f eed and submit it to RSS aggregators. You can massPage Rank Check urls as well as apply many f ilters to lists. Not to mention the extensive addon list whichincludes everything f rom Google Competition Finder to Dof ollow/Nof ollow checker to chess that you can playwhile you wait. All complete with f ull proxy support and regular updates.

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