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Published on: Mar 4, 2016

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  • 1. pressdot .net Marathon Bombers Use Free Obama Phones for MarathonBombs?Boston, MA – With conf irmation f rom the U.S. Government that the Tsarnaev brothers and f amily were ongovernment assistance, a new round of speculation has started. Were the Tsarnaevs also receiving f reeObama phones?Speculation f rom the government is that the bombs used in the Marathon Bombings were detonated via aremote device. Per recent news accounts, Tamerlan Tsarnaev was witnessed to be on a cellphone just prior tothe Boston bombs being detonated. Experts explain that it is f airly common in the Middle East and with terroristtactics to in f act use cellphones to detonate crude bombs. At this time, experts are not sure if the detonationdevices were cellphones or rather remote contrOn Thursday, the Boston Globe reported that the U.S. Government is ref using to cite if the brothers hadreceived f ree cellphones under the Obama administration, citing privacy laws. Most are curious as to thegovernments new f ound respect f or law in light of recent images of members of the police f orce and militaryescorting home owners out of their homes at gunpoint.Rep. Tim Grif f in (R-AK). recently stated, ”I hear f rom law enf orcement that these phones are of ten f ound atcrime scenes and are used in drug deals,” ”Why? It’s because you can’t trace them.”Regardless if the f ree Obama phones were used to actually detonate the explosives, if they were in the handsof the Tsarnaev brothers, they were likely used to f acilitate terrorism.

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