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Volunteers of a project that mak...
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(Ding Ta’o’s
With chef Raphael Szurek from JW Marriott Ha Noi Hotel
Roasted Frog Legs with Li...
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Dining out at the best restaurant in Hanoi, Press Club

Sunday Viet Nam News picks up our best restaurant in Hanoi Press Club's Lunch Buffet among the top options to dine out in Hanoi.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Dining out at the best restaurant in Hanoi, Press Club

  • 1. Published by l. ' Vietnam News Agency hllpr/ /I/ ieln.1mnews. vn Giving is receiving Volunteers of a project that makes and sells meals at very affordable prices to needy people find that . charity work considerably enhances their sense of well—being. Self-effacing superhero Pham H5ng Hai never hesitates to take extreme risks to help fellow fishermen in danger, but remains unassuming and unaffected by the adulation that ensues. Page 8 .3 , 2:}! Grassroots solution Stuck on a rooftop amidst swirling floodwaters, Huynh Phuong D6 saw the Buddha in drifting bamboo roots showing him the way to forge ahead in life. Page 14 I I '1‘. II II I I l THE NATIONAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE DAILY -V: V l3aMioU: « # November 9, 2014 Volume XXIV, Number 8301 28 pages, VND6,UUO roccnwzn IL. » «.2 _r uman trafficking across the nation's borders remains l. la serious problem despite efforts to protect vulnera- ble sections of the population. Poignant stories of victims highlight the difficulties involved in tackling this crime. 5, An event to remember Hosts Australia see the eleventh cricket World Cup “ as the biggest sporting event I in the country since the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Page 26 Page 6&7 R E G U LA RS F TALK AROUND TOWN 4 F INNER SANCTUM 5 F CARTOONS 19 I“. DINING OUT 23 [i TEED OFF 25 ' P ress reader P p —. c
  • 2. _Diriirig out (Ding Ta’o’s KITCHEN With chef Raphael Szurek from JW Marriott Ha Noi Hotel Roasted Frog Legs with Light Garlic cream and Parsley Jus his week, chef Szurek brings you a natural ingredients from one of the hotels signature dishes, roasted frog legs. Enjoy the taste! Ingredients: serves 4 For the frog legs: - 24 pcs frog legs - 100g flour - salt/ pepper to taste - 1 tsp olive oil - 2 tsp butter For the garlic cream: - 150g peeled garlic - 150ml cream - 150ml milk - salt/ pepper to taste For the parsley jus: - 75g curly parsley For the garnish: - Chervil leaves Method: To make frog legs: your guide to HA NQI Sofltel Plaza Hanoi 1 Thanh Nién Rd, Tel: (04) 38238838 Ming Restaurant - Enjoy delicate flavour of Chef Ken's special soup with double boiled abalone, black chicken and Chinese herb. Brasserie Westlake - Embrace the seasonal transitions with an explosion of flavours varying from chicken hotpot, roasted veal, honey baked ham, roasted lamb leg, to beef welling- ton. - Thanksgiving Dinner Buffet features festive delights ranging from the traditional roast turkey, pumpkin pie. and apple pie to the tempting lobster and salmon, VNBB80,000++/ adult, VND550.000++/ child, Nov 27. Song Hong Bar - All About Burgers: Savour a last meal with the October culinary treats including beef burger. chicken burger, fish burger, and nutritious veggie burger, at VND180,000++. Press Club Hanoi 12 Ly Dao Thanh St, Tel: (04) 39340888 The Restaurant - Thanksgiving lunch & dinner features traditional set menu, VND880,000++/ person, Nov 27. - Takeaway for the holiday: Pick up one of the meals to serve your family: Whole Roast Tom Turkey (VND2,850,000++), Honey-Ginger Ham (VNE>1,9B0.000++). Feppered Roast Australian Beef Strip Loin (VND2,850,000++). All meals serve between 8 and 10 people. - Chef's Recommended seafood menu, till Dec 30, - Classic Piano Dinner: New dining experience with live piano entertainment, 7-9pm, Sat-Wed - Buffet lunch at VNE)28B,00O++lperson, A compli- mentary drink (choice of beer, mineral water or soft drink), Mon-Fri, 11.30am-2pm. Bar Lounge - "Flavours of Spain" presents special Spanish dishes, Nov 17-23. Each one get a complimentary glass of Marques De Caceres Rioja. - Daily 3-course set menu at VND2B8,000++/ person, - Champagne Friday Jazz: every Fri, 5-10pm. Premium Champagne, live entertainment with iazz music from 6.30-8.30pm. - Weekend Pizza: Buy one, get one pizza free. Eat in, take away or order for delivery, Sat&Sun. La Badlane 10 Nam Ngif St, Tel: (04) 39424509 - Lunch menu introduces a collection of sophisticated- cooked dishes. Starter + Main or Salad or Pasta + Dessert at VND365.000. - Paris-Ha Noi menu presents a selection of tradition- ally well-known French dishes. Different choices of three courses, starter + main + dessen, at VND845,000. - Gastronomique menu offers a truly French meal with the originally subtle style of French cuisine, Different choices of three courses, starter 4- main + dessert, at VND975,000, ~ Dégustation menu features the quintessence of French cuisine. Different choices of three courses. starter + main + dessert, at VNB1,390,000. Nlkko Hanoi Hotel 64 Tran Nhan Tong St, Tel: (04) 38223535 La Brasserie - Seafood lunch buffet with lobster, Nov 25, VND555,000++/ person. Free flow of wine, draught beer&soft drinks. - Monday international VNE)388,000++/ person. - Seafood dinner buffet with lobster on Sats. lunch buffet, 22 Sunday Vifit Nam News — NOVEMBER 9, 2014 - 100ml chicken stock - Demi glace or brown sauce - Debone the frog legs and keep the upper bone (like a little ham). - Season with salt and pepper, then flour the legs. - In a pan, heat up olive oil and sear the frog legs to obtain nice golden brown colour - Finish with foamy butter and reserve To make garlic cream: — In a pot, add the peeled garlic cloves and cover with cream and milk. — Slow cook on the side of the stove until garlic is . w soft - Blend, strain, season with salt and pepper and reserve. To make parsley ius: - Clean and wash the parsley. - In a pot, bring chicken stock to boil. - Add parsley and cook until parsley leaves are soft. - Blend, strain, and season the leaves. To finish: - On a plate, plate 6 dots of garlic cream. - Place one frog leg on the top of each dot - Garnish with parsley jus, chervil leaves and demi glace. You can sample the dish at JW Marriott Ha Ndi, 8 D6 Diic Duo Read, Me Trl Ward, South T17 Liém, Ha Nt_5i. Tel. +84 4 3833 5588. Flavour of the Week Press Club presents new global lunch menu The Press Club is offering flavors from around the world with Executive Chef Guillaume Guertin's new lunchtime series. Every day from Monday to Friday the lunchtime buffet offers either a new cuisine or a new culinary theme to attract guests to downtown Ha Noi. The French Bistro features beef bourguignon, chicken basquaise, and boneless leg of lamb at a carving sta- and roasted beef striploin, (04) 39340888. VND666,000++/ person. International dinner VN€)555,000++/ person. International lunch VN€)460,000++/ person. - Sunday brunch buffet. VND460,000++/ person, Sunday dinner international buffet, VNE)555,000++/ person. - Special 4-course lunch set menu on Sats: Pasta set at VNE>280,000++/ person, Monthly set at VND400,000++/ person. Taoli Chinese Restaurant - Weekend dim sum lunch buffet, VND420,000++/ per- son, Sat&Sun, Come 4 pay 3, for advance reservation only. - "All You Can Eat Dim Sum" lunch menu, VNI-3350.000»/ person, Mon-Fri, Benkay Japanese Restaurant - Monthly Kaiseki set menu created with the freshest seasonal product and imported ingredients, VNE)1,500,0DO++/ person. Green Tangrlne - French Restaurantfltcafé 48 Hang as St, Tel: (04) 38251286 - Enjoy a choice of 2 different dishes for VNE)218,000 or a full meal for VND305,000, Hanoi Daewoo Hotel 360 Kim ME St, Tel: (04) 33315000 Café Promenade - Swim ‘n Dine Buffet Promotion: Enjoy a lavish pool- side BBQ buffet with an array of succulent delicacies, premium meat, served with delicious salads and vari- ous sweet temptations from dessert station. Reserve table, from 3 to 20 guests, and on the day enioy free use of the largest swimming pool in town VND676,000++/ adult, VND401,000++/ child, - Thanksgiving Day dinner buffet features delicacies such as traditional special Turkey chicken, pumpkin bread, fried beef as well as delicious main dishes, irre- sistible desserts, live music performance, VND591,000++/ adult, VND338,000++/ child. Nov 27, 6-10pm. Silk Road Restaurant - A selection of dishes made from fresh and nutritious oyster and grouper fish such as steamed oyster with garlic sauce, grilled oyster with cheese, oyster sashi- buffet, Mon-Fri, buffet, Tue-Fri, tion, and the chef's buffet with pork cordon bleu, barramundi with sun-dried tomato sauce, The Italian buffet features cold out platters, shifts gears for minestrone soup and lasagna, fish saltimbocca, and eggplant cannelloni. The Asian buffet has tom yum soup from Thailand, phéi from Viet Nam, stir-fry from China, curry from India, and vegetables from Russia. The ocean buffet serves shrimp, clam, clear crab soup, and grilled barramundi. The lunch is priced at VND288,000++ and includes a soft drink, mineral water, or beer. For further information, contact the Press Club at 59A Ly Thai T6 Street, Ha Noi, Tel: mi, grilled grouper fish with grass lemonachili sauce, deep-fried grouper fish with salt&pepper, grouper fish congee in clay pot. steamed grouper fish in Hong- Kong style. Oyster at VND60,000/piece, grouper fish at VND1 million/ kg. Meila Hanoi 44 Ly Thudng Kiet St, Tel: (04) 39343343 El Patio - Authentic dinners with Mediterranean cuisine every Tue and Latin America flavour on Thu, from 6-10pm. - Seafood buffet every Sat and Sun, from 6-10pm. El Oriental - Ha Noi Food Promotion presents the authenticity of Ha Noi's cuisine. HCM CITY Caravelle Hotel 19 Lam Son Square, Dist 1. Tel: (08) 38234999 Reflections - The culinary art of two-star Michelin Chef Thierry Drapeau from Nov 18-23. Saigon Saigon Bar - Hot Dog Heaven with four irresistible flavours: Onion Cheese. Mexican, German and Bacon Wrap, VND298,000++, Nov 22-28. Norfolk Mansion 17-19-21 Ly Tu Trong St, Dist 1, Tel: (08) 38232221 Shang Palace Restaurant - Herbal cuisine features a range of nutritious dishes combined with different kinds of herbs. Signature dish- es includes Double Boiled Stone Fish&Herb Soup. Sauteed Scallops with Fresh Ginseng, Stewed Chicken Casserole with Cordycep Flowers, Sauteed Prawns with Wo| fberry&Spinach Puree, and Stewed Goat Rib Casserole with Mixed Chinese Herbs&Vegetab| es. Park Hyatt Saigon 2 Lam Son Square, Dist 1, Tel: (08) 33241234 Square One - Thanksgiving dinner features roasted turkey and tradi- flonal pumpkin pie. slow-roasted turkey board (serves for 2 persons or more), VND825,000++/ person. - Canadian Live Lobster set dinner menu features French Classic Thermidor. sauteé in Mediterranean style, crispy fried chunks with Vietnamese mango salad. 1 whole piece per serving, VND1,620,000++/ person. Park Lounge - Sweet slice of Pecan Pie for Thanksgiving, comple- menfed by an appletini, VND220,000++. Hotel Equatorial 242 Trén Blnh Trong St, Dist 5, Tel: (08) 38397777 Chit Chat - Saturday Seafood Buffet dinner at VNE>840,000++/ adult, half price for kids from 6-12. free for kids under 6. Orientica Restaurant&Bar - Ala carte dim sum menu offers over 30 dishes from VNE)4B,000++/ basket, lunch, Mon-Fri - "Eat All You Can" dim sum buffet. VND338,000++/ adult, lunch, every Sat-Sun. The Reverie Saigon 22-36 Nguyen Hue Tel: (05) 38236688 Romeo&Ju| iet - Italian Lounge&Restaurant ~ Set menu 5-course dinner at VNEJ888,000++ Sofltei Saigon Plaza 17 Le Dua’n Boulevard. Dist 1. Tel: (08) 38241555 L'OlivIer - New a la carte menu by executive chef Sakai. Saigon Steak 123 Restaurant 123 Lé Ldi Avn. Dist 1, Tel: (08) 39140747 - Experienced chef create signature menus featuring Wagyu, Australian and American beef, and traditional Vietnamese dishes. Windsor Plaza Hotel 18 An Duong Vudng St, Dist 5, Tel: (08) 38336688 Cafe Central An Dong - Thanksgiving feast features traditional favourites like roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, roasted sweet pota- toes, and sweet pumpkin crumble, Nov 27. - Lunch buffet Mon-Sat at VND318,0i)0++/ person. on Sun and holidays at VNB338,000++/ person. Dinner buffet Mon-Fri at VND4B8.000++/ person. on Sat, Sun and holidays at VNB545,000++/ per- son. TOTT Bar&Restaurant - International or Vietnamese buffet or set menu with 3-hour free flow Krombacher draught beer and soft drinks, VND600,000++/ person - 4-course Thanksgiving dinner, VND688,000++/ person. Ngan Blnh Chinese Restaurant - Gold Medal Suckling Pig at VND788,000++/ whole and VND398,D00++/ half. - Special dim sum lunch set for 4 persons at / NE)4B8,000++. Lotte Legend Hotel Saigon 2A-4A Ton Dilc Théng St, Dist 1, Tel: (08) 38233333 Atrium Cale - Daily international buffet at VND420,000++/ person for breakfast, VND550,000++/ person for lunch, VNE)B90,000++/ person for dinner. Swiss House 54 Le Thanh Ton Sf, Dist 1, Tel: (08) 38292079 - Swiss chefs offer traditional Swiss cuisine like veal sausage, cheese fondue, rosti, and raclette, 11am- 2pm and 5-11pm, Tue-Sun. Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon 8-15 Ton Dtfc Théng St, Dist 1, Tel: (08) 38220033 Poolside - Sky BBQ features sausages, beef steaks, pork steaks, crab, prawns, chicken and more, every Thu&Fri, till Dec 30. 6-10pm, VND680,000++/ person Riverside Cafe - A roast Turkey on the run dinner with choice of 3 condiments. 2 sauces, and 1 bottle of house wine. Nov 27-Dec 31, VND2,250,000 net/ turkey set. 24 hours prior order is required Boulevard, Dist 1, . 'i€[iizilIil€WS. .'ii Printed aria dlsuibuved uy msmuaerx / Lpress reader Pvesxlleadel. (am «» of sin 27: Min

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