[INC 281 MULTIDISCIPLINARY WORKSHOP WEEKLY REPORT] January 26, 2012 Name-Surname Pornchanida...
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Pornchanida Chinjantuek 26 01-12

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Pornchanida Chinjantuek 26 01-12

  • 1. [INC 281 MULTIDISCIPLINARY WORKSHOP WEEKLY REPORT] January 26, 2012 Name-Surname Pornchanida Chinjantuek Student ID. 53211821 Group Name KID-WA Company Engineering Team Pop (03), Ple(05), Disk (09), Pete (12), Fond(18), Members Wijak(27), Lek(34) Product Design P’ Gong, P’ Aru, P’ Joy, P’ Tong Team MembersWeekly Progress - This week we have been working on a new team. The topic is the attitude. It is design for tomorrow. It is designed for the next 2-3 years. - Engineering team were assigned to think about their attitudes to electrical appliances and furniture. And search functionality and technology that can be used with electrical appliances and furniture. - The technologies we can find a refrigerator that can make a call the order fresh food from the supermarket came to the house, a refrigerator that can offer the book to cooking it. And Refrigerator that can clean itself. Reduce the amount of food waste. - The microwave is a functionality that can be used as well and it is to attract the interest of the family. Members Refrigerator in the future.Engineering AnalysisStrong Point - It can help family has activity do together even more. - Save time in cooking.Week Point - There are not many functionality.Next Week Job - All presentations are expected to do so. And summary of past work that we do. Department of Control System and Instrumentation Engineering KING MONGKUT’s UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY THONBURI

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