POOL COVERS, INC. SEVEN YEAR LIMITED FABRIC WARRANTY (Pro-rata during the fourth through sevent...
The key to longevity in all cases has been proper pool water balance as well as regular careand cleaning of the cover.For ...
the recommended twice yearly maintenance we will make sure any deterioration in fabric strength willnot compromise the eff...
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Pool Covers, Inc. - Seven Year Limited Fabric Warranty

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Pool Covers, Inc. - Seven Year Limited Fabric Warranty

  • 1. POOL COVERS, INC. SEVEN YEAR LIMITED FABRIC WARRANTY (Pro-rata during the fourth through seventh years)Pool Covers, Inc. warrants that the pool cover fabric, when installed and operated strictly as setforth in the Owner’s Manual issued by Pool Covers, Inc. will not shrink or deteriorate as to itsimperviousness to water to such an extent that water can penetrate the cover from below insuch quantity as to make the cover no longer reasonably operable. The vinyl is not warrantedagainst the occurrence of minor pinholes. The vinyl is not warranted against discoloration,fading, or any other cosmetic reasons. The warranty is specifically for functionality and safety.This limited warranty shall be in full force and effect for a period of seven (7) years from the dateon which the fabric is installed. If a replacement fabric is installed during the warrantyperiod, a new seven (7) year warranty will begin at the date of replacement.If the fabric has a warranty failure, it will be repaired or replaced, at our discretion, in the firstthree years, without charge for material. We will however, charge for the labor to install thecover. In the fourth thru seventh year, the cost of repair or replacement will be pro-rated 1/84per month from the date of installation. This limited warranty does not cover Pool Covers, Inc.’slabor to install the new cover.Any implied warranty of merchantability, and any implied warranty of fitness for a particularpurpose, and any and all other implied warranties of whatever kind or nature, are limited induration to seven (7) years from the date on which the fabric is installed. Some states do notallow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply toyou.This limited warranty does not cover incidental or consequential damages. Some states do notallow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusionor limitation may not apply to you.This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights whichvary from state to state.This limited warranty does not cover rope or webbing. It further does not cover any condition ordamage caused by improper chemical balance in the pool water, improper water level, abuse,neglect, abnormal wear and tear, or improper cleaning, maintenance or improper operation,including your failure to comply with the printed instruction manual furnished with the originalcover.Failure to have the cover installed, maintained, or repaired by our authorized service personnelduring the Limited Warranty period will void this limited warranty.Failure to pay all charges for the cover in accordance with the original terms of sale shall nullifythis warranty.Proof of purchase must be provided.Care of Fabric: Care of the cover begins with removing any objects before rolling thefabric around the roller. Any leaves, insects, or dirty water left on the fabric may affect the vinylby leaving a residue. When dirt, organic matter, or harmful chemical deposits build up on top ofthe fabric, it should be rinsed off with fresh, clean water. If the cover is not rinsed off regularlypremature fabric failure can occur. This is not covered under this Limited Warranty.
  • 2. The key to longevity in all cases has been proper pool water balance as well as regular careand cleaning of the cover.For stubborn stains try using a soft bristle brush and scrub the cover with fresh clean water. Foroils like suntan lotion or leaf stains, or anything that cannot be removed by just scrubbing, tryusing a small amount of non-detergent cleanser or Simple Green. Never use detergents on thevinyl! (One of the most available non-detergent cleaners is Ivory bar soap, not the dish washingliquid.) Use the bar soap on a wet cloth and scrub the soiled area. Next, rinse well with freshwater. Pump all water from the top of the cover prior to operating it.For algae stains, especially black algae, you may use a mixture of nine parts water to 1 partClorox. Wipe this solution directly on the algae. Do not use algaecides since some containdetergent.Patch even the smallest holes as soon as they occur with vinyl glue, available from PoolCovers, Inc. If water penetrates the vinyl and is exposed to the reinforcing thread (called scrim),the thread will soak up water. The chemicals in the water will contaminate the inside of thematerial, which will lead to stiffening and/or deterioration of the vinyl. Patching should be doneon both sides of the material whenever possible.To repair a leak in the fabric, retract the cover until the damaged area is on top of the beam for undertrack models, or on top of the deck for top track models. Clean the area around the hole thoroughlyand dry the fabric. The patch should have rounded corners and overlap all sides of the hole or tear byone inch. Apply the vinyl glue to the patch as well as the area to be patched. Wait until both surfacesare “tacky”. Join the fabric and patch together. For small “pinholes”, clean the area and seal with adrop of glue. If possible, patch the cover on both sides. Patch material and vinyl glue can bepurchased from out parts department.Chemicals: The primary thing to remember regarding chemicals and your new coveris that you will almost certainly have to change the quantity and/or frequency that you addchemicals to the water. Where it was previously necessary to chlorinate your pool at a constantrate because chemicals dissipated at a constant rate, with proper use, the cover willsubstantially diminish the loss of chemicals. It now becomes impractical and perhaps evendetrimental to follow your previous chemical program.With the proper use of the cover, chemicals will dissipate at a substantially diminished rate. Youmust avoid a build up in the quantity of chemicals in the pool water. Such a build up may createimproper balance, which may cause deterioration of the vinyl cover. This type of deterioration isnot covered by warranty. After adding chemicals to your pool, allow the chemicals to circulatebefore closing your cover. A good rule of thumb is do not cover any water you would not swimin. WARNING: Never leave an open pool unattended.Please pay particular attention to the chemicals you use. We find that chlorine, ozone, and saltcan vary dramatically in pH level. Long term imbalance or consistently fluctuating pH can ruinyour vinyl cover in just a season or two. This imbalance will void your fabric warranty. Makingsure your pool water is balanced should be on the top of your checklist. Pool Covers, Inc.recommends having your pool serviced by a professional. There are several in your area. Theywill not only help to maintain your pool water but they can alert you to any possible equipmentmalfunctions.Inspect for Wear and Deterioration: Depending on your cover’s exposure to chemicals, dirt, anddebris, your vinyl will eventually become brittle and start to crack as the years go by. When thisoccurs, the reinforcing thread, called scrim, will be exposed and begin to break down, decreasing thecapability of your cover to support weight. By having a certified Pool Cover’s Inc. technician perform
  • 3. the recommended twice yearly maintenance we will make sure any deterioration in fabric strength willnot compromise the effectiveness of your pool cover.Inspection for this kind of deterioration should begin with examination for leaks. Any change in thefeel of the vinyl such as brittleness or stiffness can indicate a problem and the vinyl may beweakening.For above ground installations, there may be areas where your cover is pulled over deck or coping, itis possible to gradually wear the vinyl away. This is normal wear and tear and not covered underwarranty.Inspect the sewing along the side of the cover. Broken threads decrease the strength of your cover,and if not repaired may cause damage to other parts of your system. If you suspect a problemplease call us.Water Level: Do not attempt to open your cover with water on it. This can cause damageto your pool cover system. Keep your automatic pump on the pool cover at all times if rain ispossible. Also, be aware that if a significant amount of water collects on top of the cover, it willdisplace the water in the pool, resulting in a low water level. This displaced water will need tobe replaced since the weight of the cover and proper operation of the cover depend on normalwater level for support. It is very important to keep your water level up at all times.Issued To:_____________________________ Effective Date:_______________________ To obtain replacement under this warranty contact Pool Covers, Inc. 800.662.7665 Ca. License #497489 U pdat ed 9 / 20 06 Since 1984-Employee Owned Specialists in Swimming Pool Safety Products

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