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June 2001-September-2003: Dubai Office London: Workingforthe Royal Familyof Dubai as security
for theirfamilyandassets aro...
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Name Peter CV 2

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Name Peter CV 2

  • 1. Name:PeterJamesDick. Address:53A ParkRoad. Upper Sheringham.Norfolk.NR268TD Contact 07919827957/01263-478907 Personal Statement. Ihave justcompletedthe NEBOSHHealthand Safetycourse withOracle SafetyAssociatesLtd. I have a letterof confirmationof successful completionof the course. Ihave beeninthe military andservedin NorthernIreland, Iraqand Afghanistan. Ihave alsoworked abroad inKuwait, PapaNew Guinea, Australia, France, Germany, Italyand Sierra Leone. I am a teamplayerand have a “can do attitude”. Iam professional and will complete anytaskthatis giventome. I have excellentcommunicationskillsand cancommunicate atall levels,Ialsohave goodleadershipandmotivational skills. Qualifications:HGV1/CarLicence, CityandGuildsEnglish/Maths,DiplomainClose Protection,Close ProtectionDriverscourse, DTTO/CL3Tank Transportercourse,DCPC,CSCS,CPSC,ADT56B Rear TippingDumpTruck all classes,NEBOSHcontrollingworkplace hazardscertificate (NGC2). March 2014 to Date. I have beenworkinginQuarriesforTarmacin Leicesterdriving30/40T Dump trucks.From June 2014 I wasrecalledbackon a temporarybasisto my oldjob of drivingTank Transportersforthe MOD providing valuable supportforthe Armyand the movementof armourin the UK. I workedfor Palletways for6 months forDriverHire and now work ontemporary assignments forDriverHire Norwich. August2012-March 2014. Jark Driving.Iworkedona BritishSugarcontract loadingbulk Tankers/Containersaswell asShunting, HealthandSafetyImprovementTeamandsupportforthe finishedproductTeam. Iattended RyderMarshHealthand SafetyTraininginRiskassessmentsand gave supportto the Healthand Safetymanager. July2011-August 2012. African Minerals, Sierra Leone. I was workingwiththe LogisticsDivision supplyingessential supportforthe mine operationatTonkalilli IronOre Mine. Iwas a teamleader for the grouporganisingconvoysandtrainingforthe local workforce. I workedto a highhealthand safetypolicyendorsedbyAfricanMinerals. January2011-July 2011: I wasworkingforCSS Drivingagencyona contract for British Sugar , we were delivering bulktankerloadstothe customerdirectfromthe factory. I was trainedinthe discharge of the product fromtankerto client. January 2007-January 2011: KBR/FTX/MOD:This jobwasdriving TankTransportersfor the Army. As part of my engagementIhadto re-enlistintothe armedforcesasa SponsoredReservist, therefore Iwasmobilisedforactive service in Afghanistan.The jobwasto move armour for the Army on a speciallydesignedlow loaderinthe UKand abroad. Thiscompanyhas a zeroharm policy. September2003-December2007: HART Security:WorkinginIraqas a securitymanagertrainingand mentoringIraqi Nationalsinthe extensiveprogramme laiddownforthe reinstatementof Iraq. Part of the trainingwasto take live convoysfromSouthernIraqtothe far Northernareasof Iraq.This was an armedsecuritypositiondue tothe highthreatlevel.
  • 2. June 2001-September-2003: Dubai Office London: Workingforthe Royal Familyof Dubai as security for theirfamilyandassets around the world, thisinvolveddrivingthe familyall aroundEurope and the UK. I also travelledtoAustralia,Canada,Germany ,France , Dubai and Italy. Additional Information: I have transportand logistics experience spanningoverseveral years includingplanningandcoordinating. Iwasin the Armyfrom 1976-1985 and TA from1985-1993 and 2008-2011. My interestsare classiccarsand trucks. I alsolike off- road driving when I getthe time. My musictastesare from classical to60’s 70’s pop/ rock . I like watching films,reading, mostly historyandmilitaryhistory.Iama keenrugbyfanand I playedformanyyears. I alsoenjoy keeping fit and I am a keencyclist. References Onrequest.

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