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Natural disasters mind map (1)

natural disasters mind map
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. NATURAL DISASTERS Phenomenonthathasanstrong impact overthe economy,andthe social wellbeingof acommunity ora country, Because of the destructive powerthat theyhave,whichcausesthe lossof a great numberof lifesanpropertiesin the place where theypresent. Food and Water Needs: Preparing for a Disaster or Emergency Lack of preparation to prevent disasters HOW DO GOVERNMENTS RECOVER AFTER A N.D? In the U.S.A for example,the local governmentsemergencyservices installsacentral fieldoffice where all the affectedmembersof a communitycanreceive all kindsof help,like shelter,foodormedical assistance.Thisprocesshas differentsteps accordindtothe importance of the disaster, that needtobe made so everyvolunteer and agencycan helpat a short and longtermthose affected communities. Steps:- response of the local governmentandneighboring communities. –response of the stade withentitieslike the national guard.– the inclusionof federal entitieswhichdeterminatethe losesandthe recoveryneeds. - a Major DisasterDeclaration requestedbythe governor. –FEMA recommendsactiontobe takento the white house. –the president aporvvesthe request. Have a long storage life Require little or no cooking, water, or refrigeration, in case utilities are disrupted Meet the needs of babies or other family members who are on special diets Are not very salty or spicy, as these foods increase the need for drinking water, which may be in short supply A disaster can easily disrupt the food supplyat anytime,soplantohave atleasta3-daysupply of food on hand. When storing food, it is not necessary to buy dehydrated or other types of emergency food. Canned foods and dry mixes will remain fresh for about 2 years. Preparing food after a disaster or emergency may be difficult due to damage to your home and loss of electricity, gas, and water. Having the following items available will help you to  Knives, forks, and spoons The preparationof people for natural disastershas beena veryimportantissue because mostof the deads inthiscases itsbeacuse people isn´tprepare. Govermentsinthe lastyear have improve inthis aspecect,butnatural disaters have done ittoo, that´s whytheyneedto create more ways to creat awernessof this andmake theircommunitiesmuch more prepare,usinga culture of solidaritie with our neighbors

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