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Longplayer was composed by Jem Finer and is now in the care of The Longplayer
Trust. The Longplayer Trust...
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Press release long player i os app

Press release long player IOS app
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Press release long player i os app

  • 1. 18th June 2015 PRESS RELEASE – EMBARGOED UNTIL 23 JUNE 2015 LEGENDARY COMPOSITION LONGPLAYER, NOW AVAILABLE AS AN iOS APP. LONDON, UK. 23rd Jun 2015. Commissioned by Artangel in 1995, Longplayer is the legendary 1000 yearlong musical composition by artist, and Pogues founding member, Jem Finer. Created in collaboration with sound artist Daniel Jones, the iOS app released today celebrates 15 years of continuous play, bringing the experience of listening to deep time, to everyone’s pockets. Longplayer is a musical composition that has been playing since the beginning of the year 2000, and will play on, never repeating, until it reaches the point at which it first started, exactly 1000 years later. Until now it has only been possible to hear Longplayer on-line, at selected listening posts worldwide and at one-off live performances. The piece that fuses art, music and technology together was the result of years of research into musical systems, cultural forms, and the physical basis of time itself. It is intended to force us to confront the reality of deep time, of environmental and social processes, which play out beyond the experience of any individual. The Longplayer iOS app introduces a new way to listen to Longplayer, anywhere, at any time and without the need for a data connection. It will always play in time with all other instances of Longplayer - one point in a community of listeners stretching through time and space, across many lifetimes. The app displays a real-time graphic score and includes exhaustive information about Longplayer - the instrument; it’s history, composition and performance. Implicit in Longplayer’s composition is the ability for it to be performed by any technology - a necessity given its duration and the future’s unpredictability. Inspired by computers designed for deep space missions, one of the original strategies for sustaining Longplayer was to make large numbers of small and cheap chips whose sole function would be its performance. Though the lifespan of an iOS device is limited to a few years, in a very real sense this is a first realisation of such a small independent computational device, piggybacking on the iPhone and iPad’s ubiquity, portability and computational power. Longplayer app available from the App Store Designed by Joe Hales, Jem Finer and Daniel Jones. Development by Daniel Jones. END OF RELEASE
  • 2. ABOUT LONGPLAYER Longplayer was composed by Jem Finer and is now in the care of The Longplayer Trust. The Longplayer Trust was established at the end of 2000 to take responsibility for Longplayer’s upkeep for at least its first 1000-year cycle. This involves researching and implementing the means to keep Longplayer playing, in ensuring its sustainability, and making it freely available to as larger number of people as possible. www.longplayer.org Jem Finer is an artist, musician and composer. Since studying computer science in the 1970s, he has worked in a variety of fields, including photography, film, experimental and popular music and installation. He was a founding member of The Pogues with whom he has played, written and recorded music since 1982. Longplayer represents a convergence of many of his concerns, particularly those relating to systems, long-durational processes and extremes of scale in both time and space. Daniel Jones is an artist and software engineer, whose work explores new ways in which sound and technology can illuminate our understanding of the world, translating patterns and data into living musical forms. His BAFTA-nominated practice spans topics from bacterial communication to forest ecosystems, shown at venues including the Barbican, the Museum of Science and Industry, IRCAM, the Southbank Centre, and the Royal Institution of Great Britain. erase.net / @ideoforms Joe Hales is a London-based graphic designer. He studied at Camberwell College of Arts before going on to establish his own practice. He is a tutor at the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture at Kingston University. joehales.co.uk Thanks to Mike Davis whose generous donation has made the development of this app possible. Editors’ notes The Longplayer App is a key part of an ambitious artistic programme that includes: •Longplayer for Voices - a forthcoming live performance of sections of the composition by 500 singers •The annual Longplayer Conversation (now in association with the British Library) that has in the past featured Brian Eno, Doris Lessing, Laurie Anderson, David Graeber, Richard Mabey, George Soros, Alain de Botton • Unfolding slowly over time, the Longplayer Letters by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Stewart Brand, John Burnside and others. If you would like further information on Longplayer and the app, or to schedule an interview with Jem Finer please email Lauren Rogers. Press contact: Lauren Rogers, Burnt Orange e: lauren@weareburntorange.com m: 07752 157 002

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