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What is a Birth Defect? What Steps Can a Woman Take for a Healthier Baby?
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Preventing Birth Defects

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Preventing Birth Defects

  • 1. What is the Good News? Want to Know More? The good news is that researchers are finding ways Ask your health care provider or local health to prevent and treat some birth defects. Newborn department about planning for a healthy baby. screening, special care after birth, and new medical treatments can help babies with birth defects live March of Dimes Pregnancy & Newborn longer and healthier lives. Genetic counseling can Health Education Center provide parents with information about risks based Visit: www.modimes.com on family history, age, ethnic or racial background, E-mail: askus@marchofdimes.com and other factors. Michigan Birth Defects Registry The Michigan Department of Community Health Prevention & Follow-up Program Important (MDCH) monitors birth defects that occur in Call: 1-866-852-1247 (toll-free) the state. The Birth Defects Registry Follow-up Visit: www.migeneticsconnection.org Program can tell you about services for children E-mail: BDRFollowup@michigan.gov with birth defects that may help you or someone you know. Centers for Disease Control Information & Prevention (CDC) Call: 1-888-232-5929 (toll-free) Visit: www.cdc.gov/ncbddd Preventing Organization of Teratology Information Services Birth Call: 1-866-626-OTIS (toll-free) Visit: www.otispregnancy.org Defects For information on infection, drug, and other exposures during pregnancy Michigan Steps Up For Visit: www.michiganstepsup.org For healthy lifestyle suggestions Michigan Families MDCH is an Equal Opportunity Employer, Services and Programs Provider. 55,000 printed at .04 cents each with a total cost of $2,402.27 Rev. 3/06 This publication was supported in part by Cooperative Agreement Number U50/CCU516053 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • 2. What is a Birth Defect? What Steps Can a Woman Take for a Healthier Baby? A birth defect is an abnormal condition that occurs before or at the time of birth. Birth defects can • Take a vitamin pill with 400 micrograms (400 • Practice safer sex by using condoms to protect cause physical and mental problems that need mcg or 0.4 mg) of folic acid, a B vitamin, every against sexually transmitted diseases (STD). special medical care or therapy. Some conditions, day. It helps to prevent some kinds of birth • Find out if needed medicines (both over- like Down syndrome and sickle cell anemia, are defects. the-counter and prescription) are safe during caused by genetic factors. Other birth defects can pregnancy. be caused by certain drugs, chemicals, infections • Avoid harmful household substances such or chronic illness in the mother. The causes of as insecticides, lead, mercury, and strong many birth defects are still a mystery. Birth defects chemicals. Find out if there are any substances can happen in any family. About 10,000 Michigan to avoid at work that might be harmful to an babies are born with some type of birth defect each unborn baby. year. • Know her own (and partner’s) medical and family history, including any birth defects, genetic disorders or developmental disabilities. • Talk to her doctor or health care provider about: • Live smoke-, alcohol- and drug-free. - The use of supplements, vitamins or herbal • Have regular medical and dental check-ups. remedies/health products. • Get to a healthy weight before pregnancy and - Immunizations (booster shots) to protect stay physically active. against infections like Rubella (German • Avoid using hot tubs and saunas when pregnant measles) that can harm an unborn baby. or planning pregnancy. - Health problems like diabetes, seizures, • Eat a variety of foods with plenty of grain PKU or other chronic conditions and products, vegetables and fruits. planning for pregnancy. Then choose a health care team and hospital that have • Eat only fully cooked meat, and when eating experience with high-risk pregnancies. Great Lakes fish, follow the guidelines in the Michigan Fish Advisory. Call: 1-800-648-6942 • Get prenatal care early in pregnancy, and keep for a free copy or search under “fish advisory” every appointment! at www.michigan.gov/mdch. • Wash hands often to reduce the spread of Did You Know? infection – especially when caring for young Even though not all birth defects can be prevented, children. there are steps every woman can take to increase • Have others handle soiled cat litter – It may the chance of having a healthy baby. Many spread toxoplasmosis, an infection that can birth defects happen very early in pregnancy and harm unborn babies. many pregnancies (about half) are not planned. Therefore, every Michigan woman of childbearing • Avoid mice, rats, hamsters and guinea pigs. age needs to think ahead and follow the tips listed They may spread a virus harmful to unborn here for a healthier baby. babies.

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