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National Guard Case Study - Valiant Design

The Oklahoma National Guard needed a creative, engaging update to 8 recruiting centers. We designed, fabricated and installed new environmental graphics and signage for there recruiting centers - managing the red tape and permits. It was no small task, but highly successful!
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
Published in: Marketing      

Transcripts - National Guard Case Study - Valiant Design

  • 1. For More Information Contact: Pamela Treat Abeyta 972.390.7410 CASE STUDY: OKLAHOMA NATIONAL GUARD Oklahoma National Guard Recruiting Center Revitalization Challenge: The Oklahoma National Guard wanted to increase their recruiting centers activity. To engage new recruits they decided to enhance and provide brand consistency to eight recruiting centers across Oklahoma. They determined new interior and exterior environmental graphics were just the solution. By revitalizing and updating their recruiting centers they could bring these centers into consistent brand recognition across the state and create cohesive messaging. The challenge: how to tie in the brand to eight individual centers, using pre-approved photographic assets and mes- sages. With minimal staff to manage the project and deploy the solution, they needed outside expertise. Solution: Valiant Design+Marketing responded to the proposal posted on the GSA eBuy and won the bid. We met with the small team on-site and traveled to the eight individual centers. Understanding the National Guard corporate branding campaign was essential to arriving at the best solution. We were given photographic assets from approved campaigns and were asked to design and redeploy the assets with consistent messaging and theming. Understanding the different audiences was important to the solution. Exteri- or messages and images were developed to entice prospective recruits to want to visit the individual center. Three college-centric recruiting centers focused on UP TO 100% COLLEGE TUITION paid messaging. The other five recruiting centers focused on the recruit who wanted a career or a new opportunity. We built messaging around ACTION, ADVENTURE, LEADERSHIP, CAREER and HEROISM. The interior graphics and messaging emphasized the National Guard man- tra: LOYALTY, DUTY, RESPECT, SERVICE, HONOR, INTEGRITY and COURAGE, The images were bold and active, reflecting the duty and work of a soldier. Logistically, we met with eight municipalities and/or landlords to secure permits and approve graphics ensuring the recruiting center landlords and the National Guard remained in compliance with the City. Hoorah. We met the challenge. Results: Today the Oklahoma Army National Guard has a consistent brand across eight of their recruiting centers. Recruitment Officers are able to engage prospective recruits and promote the brand. The numbers are rolling in. Be all that you can be. “Always ready. Always there.” Go National Guard. Interior Exterior
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