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The weather conditions change without notice. Heat might be emitted in form o...
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Polycarbonate Sheets manufacturers and suppliers in chennai, India

Polycarbonate sheets we offers different types and We provide superior quality Lexan polycarbonate sheets suited for different applications chennai, in India.
Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Polycarbonate Sheets manufacturers and suppliers in chennai, India

  • 1. Add quality to your roofs and building walls The weather conditions change without notice. Heat might be emitted in form of fumes in your factory premises. So why no protect your walls and roofs with something which acts as a strong shield for them. One of best products designed to address to this need are the Polycarbonate sheets which are durable and efficient. An easily modifiable product, polycarbonate sheets are the best product which one could buy to maintain the durability and beauty of their building walls and roof. A highly flexible product, they protect the same and are also known for their sound reflection capacities. Their basic job is to produce more light and reduce the transmission of the heat (along with the protection from harmful UV Radiation.) Amongst all the plastic products, these polycarbonate sheets are of the highest strength. There are a range of options to select from as they come in various kinds of sheets and the freedom of design and security undoubtedly follows. Although they are strong, but are of a very light weight and a long period durability is also there. Needless to mention, they are also equipped with an impact and thermal resistance, thermal insulation, are flame retardant and are maintenance free. Such sheets can be used in functional structures (parking lots, swimming pool coverings, sunshades, auditoriums, commercial structures etc) or even skylight structures (strip lightening, domes, skylights etc). Some of the common types of polycarbonate sheets based on their applications are: Thermo-clear Multiwall sheet: These are the sheets which have a very high flexibility, are light in weight and have a high impact resistance. Light transmission is around 45-80% because of the UV reflective sheets on both the sides. Easy Clean Multiwall Sheet: Along with the features of the thermo clear multiwall sheets, these sheets can be totally cleaned from water alone and therefore, is a very good machine for low cleaning activities. Metallic Multiwall Sheet: These sheets are the most apt for extreme hot climate conditions and have the features similar to the thermo clear multiwall sheets. They are more useful in extreme hot weather conditions and are of a high quality and efficiency in removing the heated ambience. These sheets not only are efficient in removal of heat emissions, but are also very effective in maintaining the beauty of the building exteriors as well as the interiors. Economical and qualitative, these sheets are useful in a variety of practical spaces and applications. They are available in multiple colors and specifications and one can choose according to his or her requirement. The raw material is used from only quality suppliers and is of a prime quality. This makes the sheet long lasting and reliable. There is a huge rise in the market for these sheets within a very short span of time because of all the above features that it offers to its customers. Polycarbonate sheets are no doubt value for money and both effective and efficient is catering to the immense heat problems in industries and workplaces. Easy to use with advanced technology and low maintenance features make them even more adorable a product in the market.

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