Social  -­‐  Mobile  –  Cloud    Are  They  Ea*ng  Your  World?   What  Leaders  and  Boards  C...
Let’s  Talk  Defense   Part  1  
Social  Networks  Are  Growing   1.3B   1.1B   1.0B  850M   330M   ...
…So  Are  Mobile  Networks  $487B   $413B   $40B  
…And  Cloud  Compu*ng  
Together,  They  Are  Ea*ng  Countries  
…Data  (cyber  risks)   !!!
…And  En*re  Industries  
Risks:      1.0  to  2.0   Risks   2.0   ...
 Let’s  Talk  Offense   Part  2  
Social  Networks  
Mobile  Networks  
Video  Networks  
The  Results  Spending  on  TV  and  print  in  US  has  dropped  by  40%  in  3  years   Revenues  Doubl...
Let’s  Talk  Results   Part  3  
Remember:    Social  and  Mobile  Networks   "EVERY  company  today  is,  at  its  heart,  a   technol...
4  Key  Ques*ons  1 Orienta;on:    What  Are  Your  Objec*ves?   Assessment:    How  Do  You  Manage  ...
Business  Model:    What’s  Yours?  Growth   Profits  
Risk:    Where  Are  Your  Looking?  Growth   Profits  
Risk:        What  are  You  Measuring?  Growth   Profits  
Investment:    What  Is  Your  Preference?   Growth   Profits  
Risk:    How  Do  You  Allocate  Capital?   Growth   Profits  
Who  Are  You?  Risk  Score:                            ____      _____  Investment  Score:  ____	...
Ac*on:    Take  CARE  for  Results  Risks   Returns  
Thank  You!  Learn  More:    Barry  Libert    Chairman,  Open  MaFers  Managing  Partner,  Board  Advisory ...
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NACD: Social Networks Are Creating New Risks for Boards

Presentation to NACD on how social, mobile and cloud technologies are creating risks (and potential rewards) for corporate directors and their shareholders
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
Published in: Technology      

Transcripts - NACD: Social Networks Are Creating New Risks for Boards

  • 1. Social  -­‐  Mobile  –  Cloud    Are  They  Ea*ng  Your  World?   What  Leaders  and  Boards  Can  Do     To  Mi*gate  Risks  and  Invest  for  Results   Barry  Libert     Chairman,  Open  MaFers   Managing  Partner,  Board  Advisory  Prac*ce   Epsen  Fuller  Group
  • 2. Let’s  Talk  Defense   Part  1
  • 3. Social  Networks  Are  Growing   1.3B   1.1B   1.0B  850M   330M   310M
  • 4. …So  Are  Mobile  Networks  $487B   $413B   $40B
  • 5. …And  Cloud  Compu*ng
  • 6. Together,  They  Are  Ea*ng  Countries
  • 7. …Companies
  • 8. …Data  (cyber  risks)   !!!
  • 9. …And  En*re  Industries
  • 10. Risks:      1.0  to  2.0   Risks   2.0   1.0  4/10/12
  • 11.  Let’s  Talk  Offense   Part  2
  • 13. Social  Networks
  • 14. Mobile  Networks
  • 15. Video  Networks
  • 16. The  Results  Spending  on  TV  and  print  in  US  has  dropped  by  40%  in  3  years   Revenues  Doubled  and  Net  Income  Increased  400%
  • 17. Let’s  Talk  Results   Part  3
  • 18. Remember:    Social  and  Mobile  Networks   "EVERY  company  today  is,  at  its  heart,  a   technology  company…and  EVERY  board  and   senior  leadership  team  needs  a  technology   disruptor,  or  even  two!”     Pat  Russo,  Former  CEO,  Alcatel-­‐Lucent
  • 19. 4  Key  Ques*ons  1 Orienta;on:    What  Are  Your  Objec*ves?   Assessment:    How  Do  You  Manage  and  Measure  Risk?  2                                                Focus:      Internal  or  External  (I  vs.  E)                                                  KPI’s:    Financial  or  Non-­‐Financial  (F  vs.  N)  3 Ac;on:    How  To  Allocate  Capital  and  Produce  Returns?                                                  Preference:    Physical  or  Digital  (P  vs.  D)                                                  Alloca*on:    Same  or  Different  (S  vs.  D)  4 Reallocate:    How  To  Reallocate  Capital  for  Success?
  • 20. Business  Model:    What’s  Yours?  Growth   Profits
  • 21. Risk:    Where  Are  Your  Looking?  Growth   Profits
  • 22. Risk:        What  are  You  Measuring?  Growth   Profits
  • 23. Investment:    What  Is  Your  Preference?   Growth   Profits
  • 24. Risk:    How  Do  You  Allocate  Capital?   Growth   Profits
  • 25. Who  Are  You?  Risk  Score:                            ____      _____  Investment  Score:  ____      _____
  • 26. Ac*on:    Take  CARE  for  Results  Risks   Returns
  • 27. Thank  You!  Learn  More:    Barry  Libert    Chairman,  Open  MaFers  Managing  Partner,  Board  Advisory  Prac*ce  Epsen  Fuller  Group  Web:;    TwiFer:    @barrylibert                                    @epsenfuller  Blog:  hFp://

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