Political crisis in Madagascar
4. Ongoing security analysis
An up-to-date situation report was compiled and made Advice for clients c...
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Political crisis in Madagascar

Published on: Mar 4, 2016

Transcripts - Political crisis in Madagascar

  • 1. Political crisis in Madagascar 2009 http://www.flickr.com/photos/12067221@N04/3258202563/ Madagascar is a popular tourist destination, well known ….red24’s Crisis Response Management Centre (CRMC) is for its tropical climate and unique flora and fauna. actively monitoring developments in Madagascar. red24 currently However, in early 2009, the security situation in the country has security consultants on the ground in the country who can deteriorated significantly due to a stand-off between the offer direct assistance to clients. For further information, please then president, Marc Ravalomanana, and Andry Rajoelina, contact red24. the leader of the political opposition and then mayor of the capital, Antananarivo. Rajoelina mobilised his supporters 2. Travel and security alerts - and began anti-government protests in the capital in Email and SMS (text) notification late January; however, many of these deteriorated into Email and SMS alerts were sent to subscribers whenever violence, leaving at least 100 people dead. Attempts were there was a significant security development in the country. made to resolve tensions through talks between the two Using this information, clients were able to avoid potentially main political rivals, but these all failed. dangerous areas and stay updated. Large elements of the security forces later refused to clamp Madagascar: (Update) down on the protesters and essentially refused to accept orders President Ravalomanana has resigned and handed power from the president. The crisis culminated in Ravalomanana to the military. The situation in Antananarivo remains standing down on 17 March and handing power to the armed tense, and there is still a possibility of violent clashes in forces. Shortly after the president’s resignation, the army the short-term. appointed Rajoelina as the new president of Madagascar. 3. red24 Daily News During the crisis, many shops, restaurants and hotels closed Clients and their families (or employees) were also kept abreast their doors and hundreds of tourists and business travellers of security-related events and developments in Madagascar left the country - some with the assistance of red24. via our Daily News product. Subscribers to the Daily News receive a brief round-up of regional security-related news each red24 response business day. 1. Crisis management planning Madagascar riots (Update) During the crisis in Madagascar, the Crisis Response Crowds of rioters in the south western city of Toliara, Management Centre (CRMC) continually monitored and Madagascar, were dispersed yesterday by troops who analysed the extent of the security risk. A CRM team also fired shots into the air…. met to discuss the developments and to put plans in place to conduct evacuations or provide on-the-ground support, should any of our clients require assistance. www.red24.com 1
  • 2. 4. Ongoing security analysis An up-to-date situation report was compiled and made Advice for clients choosing to remain in available on the red24 website. Clients in Madagascar were Madagascar also sent detailed reports that were specific to their location and needs. • Keep a low profile. • Avoid all public gatherings due to the possibility of red24 advice violent civil unrest. Due to the ongoing tensions, the uncertainty of the • Avoid travelling to Iavoloha Presidential Palace and situation given the possible involvement of the military the surrounding area due to a high concentration and the violent nature of the crisis thus far, red24 currently of armed supporters of the president. advises against all non-essential travel to Madagascar. • 13 May Plaza in Antananarivo should also be avoided, as protests and demonstrations in this 5. Reactive crisis management area are common and have turned violent in the Several clients who found themselves in danger, were past. successfully evacuated with the assistance of red24. • Avoid all gatherings of security force personnel. • Abide by the 22:00 to 04:00 curfew currently in Case study - Evacuation place in the Antananarivo region. In March 2009, two clients in Madagascar, who were • Follow the directives of local authorities. concerned for their safety, contacted red24 for assistance. • Alert your respective embassy or consulate of your One was a woman working near the capital, Antananarivo; she presence in the country. said she wanted to remain where she was, but requested an • Monitor the local media and stay up to date with evacuation if the situation deteriorated. The second client was any new developments. working in north west Madagascar and requested immediate assistance and evacuation. red24’s team of security specialists reacted right away. A consultant travelled to the north west by car to avoid being stranded, should the airports close unexpectedly. Meanwhile the client became increasingly concerned for her safety as she saw the army patrolling at the nearby airport. To ensure her safety and to reassure her, we arranged for the client to stay in a secure hotel until the security consultant could reach her. A few hours later they drove back to the capital together. During the drive they had to pass a number of illegal roadblocks but the consultant ensured this passed without incident. They then flew to South Africa, where they were both met by red24’s Operations Director and escorted to a chosen hotel. Throughout the evacuation, the security specialist stayed in constant communication with the CRMC, providing regular updates as to his whereabouts and the status of the operation. red24 analysts also stayed up to date with developments in the country, feeding current information and analysis to the consultant to keep him appraised of the situation. We also contacted both clients regularly to ensure their safety and to keep them updated. Air tickets were reserved for the second client staying in the capital, should she change her mind about an evacuation. Indeed she later requested assistance and our security consultant responded quickly and professionally, escorting her safely out of Madagascar. Due to our rapid response and effective planning, both clients are now safe and happy. www.red24.com 2

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