DesignIn this section we will be an explanation of the aesthetical reasons and thesignificant design principles that were ...
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Price comparison site - Design

Published on: Mar 4, 2016
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Transcripts - Price comparison site - Design

  • 1. DesignIn this section we will be an explanation of the aesthetical reasons and thesignificant design principles that were taken into account for the visual design ofBCN. About the content and the philosophy, a price comparison site has to showloyalty, trustiness, motivation for buying and of course to be useful. It has to be onelevel above than the shops in everything and in that way users and shops will beinterested in using it and co-operating with it.Starting from the logo of the website, Best Comparison Ninja and the, is briefly typed as BCN. The word ninja is chosen becauserepresents protection and is also a very memorable word. On the logo, the greencolor is preferred with a font that reminds letters written by a sword. Also, theexistence of a ninja avatar in the logo is necessary for memorable reasons, it can bea characteristic symbol for the site, which can be also used as a teaser or indifferent promoting actions as banners.Based in the above philosophy and target groups, the colors that were used aregreen and light orange. The green color is chosen because of the stability and theharmony meaning, features that they are necessary for online shopping. Also, thegradient style is for giving a modern look & feel. The light orange is chosen becauseof the enthusiasm, optimism and action meanings, features also necessary forbuying. Moreover, the combination of these colors is something new for a pricecomparison site and doesn’t exist to the competitor sites.The style of the website has to be practical. That’s the reason why boxes have beenused to separate each session and give the necessary balance. In the homepage,search engine and categories are the most important features for the user to starthis navigation. Horizontal categories are with orange color and bold fonts to beemphasized and different from the rest of the site, because they exist in every pageuntil the user is redirected to the shop. The rest sections are mainly with a gradientgreen color, and the most emphasized part is the feature products.The screen resolutions are mostly used from 800x600 until 1280x1024. The bestscreen resolution that is chosen for BCN is 1024x768, which is the most common forthe average screen sizes. A resolution which can be used equal for laptops andnetbooks.In conclusion, the symmetrical balance, the color contrast and the navigationemphasis, make users and shops to understand easily BCN’s philosophy and make itone of the most useful price comparison sites.

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