Naming the Benefits of Waste Management in BrisbaneWith growing population and industrialization taking place, waste manag...
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Naming the benefits of waste management in brisbane

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. Naming the Benefits of Waste Management in BrisbaneWith growing population and industrialization taking place, waste management has become asevere challenge faced all over the world. One of the overly populated cities in Australia isBrisbane. But households and businesses are learning that there are some benefits of wastemanagement in Brisbane and so they participate in this campaign and have practiced properdisposal and management of their waste products for the welfare of the people and mostimportantly, for the environment.Proper ways of waste disposal is vital to the public health as well as the environment. This helpsin maintaining a cleaner environment and minimizes the chances of spreading illnesses. Properwaste disposal and management also lessens the possibility of contaminating groundwater andsoil. There are some available alternatives for waste disposal in a suitable and efficient manner.One of them is composting which is a natural processwherein plant and other organic wastes are biologicallybroken down to produce nutrient-rich materials. In yourhome, collect kitchen and yard waste such as leaves,vegetable and fruit scraps in a bin. Eventually, thesewaste matters will decompose, producing a mixture thatyou can use to improve the soil in your garden. Waste canalso be treated by municipalities in the same way.Recycling is probably one of the best and most popularways of waste management. Based on the latest Brisbanenews about waste management, more people areencouraged to participate in the campaign towardskeeping the environment clean and safe by recycling unused or unwanted materials in theirhomes. Recycling basically helps in minimizing pollution, saving natural resources as well asconserving energy. Recycling glass, plastics, aluminium and paper is also one way of savingmoney. Recycling other materials including batteries, tires, asphalt and others reduces pollution.To reduce the quantity of trash, it is important to encourage and implement recycling at variouslevels of society.Landfills that are properly designed can handle waste efficiently. Landfill designs must includeproper lining techniques to prevent pollution of neighboring lands. There should also be properarrangements for leachates treatment. The existence of methane in landfills can be potentiallyhazardous to the earth’s atmosphere hence it is very important to install proper systemsensuring that the amount of methane in landfills will be under control. In addition, access tolandfills should be restricted for the safety of the public.Brisbane has many companies that provide benefit of waste management services. This easesthe tasks of homeowners and businesses in reducing wastes and in properly managing them.

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