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Team Members: Chu Hai Huong
DinhThi S...
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4. Vieng market
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Our group has five members: Chu Hai Huong, DinhThi Sen, TranThi Phuong, Nguyen Thi Hong
Nhung an...
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+ Coming to Xuan Thuy National Park, tourists enjoy observing many of special birds, 9 types of
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Like what we said before, without technology we could not complete this project. First of all, w...
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designers, our product is quite good and is accepted. To have a completed brochure, we must
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Narrative group ABC

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Narrative group ABC

  • 1. Page 1 phunghuyedu @ 2014 EEX231 SAMPLE OF PROJECT NARRATIVE QUESTIONS I –GROUP INFO Team Members: Chu Hai Huong DinhThi Sen Tran Thi Phuong Nguyen Thi Hong Nhung (1/9/1993) Dao ThiHuyenNhung E-Mail School/Organization/Course: English education Bibliography and Citations: 1. Tran temple and Xuan Thuy national park, com%2Fonline-digital-brochure%2F iv&sa=X&ei=bY5OU9TtNcerkwXep4GICg&ved=0CFwQsAQ QFjAL& emple&ei=bY5OU9TtNcerkwXep4GICg&usg=AFQjCNHYHZF7U707DI1uftbim9nG7sUg2w&sig2=wChurEn6AV dWpgPOhQV6rg 2. Khai An festival attractions%2Fvietnam-popular-destinations%2Ftran-temple-festival-le-hoi-den-tran.html&h=YAQEJDkkz l%25E1%25BB%2585-h%25E1%25BB%2599i-khai-%25E1%25BA%25A5n- %25C4%2591%25E1%25BB%2581n-tr%25E1%25BA%25A7n%2F&h=YAQEJDkkz 3. Cuisine brochure-an-tuong%2F&h=YAQEJDkkz &h=YAQEJDkkz
  • 2. Page 2 phunghuyedu @ 2014 4. Vieng market i%25E1%25BB%2581ng&h=YAQEJDkkz mua-may-cau-lanh-2947&h=YAQEJDkkz d%3D1%26sitepageid%3D300&h=YAQEJDkkz &h=YAQEJDkkz Graph 5. Thinh Long – Hai thinh beach II- PROJECT OVERVIEW 1. Description of Our Team
  • 3. Page 3 phunghuyedu @ 2014 Our group has five members: Chu Hai Huong, DinhThi Sen, TranThi Phuong, Nguyen Thi Hong Nhung and Dao ThiHuyenNhung. We are studying at Thai Nguyen University of foreign languages. Tourism is an activity, which involves an urge to explore nature. It is interesting to know that we have a great interesting finding out more about our regions. When we started to work, there is a considerable amount of work needs to be done. Nguyen Nhungwas assigned to find out the history and development of Tran Temple. Huong compiled information in Vieng market. Dao Nhung’s task was to processall information, and synthesize, analyze, and derive knowledge from it. Dinh Sen who contributed to our project and her duty was to find out information about the cuisine in Nam Dinh. Phuong's contribution to our project on tourism was to research and find out about “KhaiAn” festival with the help of our team members. We always remember that we must work as a team, not as individuals. Overall, our team will be effective. Firstly, all team members must try to give to new and good ideas and do not shut out other members’ decision. Secondly, the team is consideredas a whole, and must try hard not to become stuck on a single idea when it is not working. When working, our group made quick and clear decisions and nothing can giveus more pleasure than getting a job done. Therefore, we will be able to handle the complex planning required for our projects. Whenever team meetings were held, we were able to meet the time, place… We have all the important ingredients required for a good team. All the members leaned towards organizing and untilnow, everything has been going smooth. They all eagerly picked up the different parts of the project and when they felt that the work was done to the best of their abilities they forwarded it to the team leader. The team leader later compiled all the work. Untilnow, the work has been progressing in a planned manner and we hope it continues that way. In the course of our project, our teacher-Mr. PhungHuy also brought us information concerning the design to build project. He also had to motivate us with the activities, such as: do homework, watch the brochures … 2. Summary of Our Project - Aim of this summary is to provide an insight into the work of our project There are many places in Vietnam, and we've decided to choose Nam Dinh province as the destination in my projectJanuary 2014. We discussed the details of the project and registered in 19th of February 2014. This project provides a general overview of Tourism in Nam Dinh. Moreover, our project addresses the needs of tourists both home and abroad that need first hand information the great tourist sites in Nam Dinh. We take a look at the history and development in Nam Dinh tourism. + Nam Dinh is proud of Tran Royal Remains, the native land of the Tran Kings and national hero Tran Hung Dao, and it comprisesa sacred temple-Tran temple. The province is also famous for Phu Day Remains on Vu Ban District.
  • 4. Page 4 phunghuyedu @ 2014 + Coming to Xuan Thuy National Park, tourists enjoy observing many of special birds, 9 types of which are listed in the world's Red Book. From November to April, it is a gathering place for tens of thousands of birds migrating from the North. + Nam Dinh has many famous specialties like Pho bo Nam Dinh, Ba ThiGai cake... + Traditional culture: Vieng market, Vu Ban district and NamTrucdistrict on8th January Lunar Year every year. Our project has many places, but the most important are: Vieng market, Hai Thinh beach, Tran Temple, Xuan Thuy national part. During the project we have use many different programs. But for the sake of all members in group, we all tried to complete this project on time. 3. Our Computer and Internet Access Computer and internet access have an important role in our project. It can be said that without them our team could not complete all the workseasily. We use the computersoftware as Microsoft officer to make file words (making outline, drafts about spots…), we also use it to make brochure and edit pictures. Other soft-wares like audacity and movie marker are also very useful and easy to use if we make a video. We need the internet to find all the information, which including text information, pictures,and video that necessary for our works (making video, brochure or presentation). Besides, computer and internet help us to get in touch with each other (we use Facebook and Skype) so we can share the entire information source which we could find. Allmembers could give their comments as well asopinion for the othersso we did not need spend much time for group meeting. 4. Problems We Had To Overcome Tourism project is an interesting subject that each member in our group always discusses and exchanges experience together. However, there are some barriers that we had to face. Firstly, geographical distance is the firsttrouble. In our group, Dao Nhung and Huong come from Dai Tu, Thai Nguyen. Their house is too far from Thai Nguyen city where we have lived, so it is difficult for our group to see one another. Wedo not have much time to discuss directly. After the Tet holiday, we began meeting group, but the time was limited, and Nguyen Nhung is also far from Phuong and me. Sometimes we discussed directly at the lesson in class. We solved this problem by learning online on the internet. Although at home we did not discuss directly, the division of works of the team leader on the edmodo and we had many works to do and the geographical distance is not anobstacles anymore. Secondly, we had to face with technical obstacles. At the first lesson of project, we were so vague about the “brochure” but thanks to the explanation ofteacher, we understood it. We were also vague about how to make a brochure and how to design it. None of members in our group knew how to design a brochure. We thought it was very difficult. We discussed many times about it, and finally we chose A5 font to design it. Each member had a duty. We went toGoogle search and YouTube to learn design brochure. We also research some brochures on the internet with the link
  • 5. Page 5 phunghuyedu @ 2014; thanks to the help of lecturer we have learnt 4 principles to design it. These principles were very useful, but how to make vivid brochure that ensures4 principles is also a problem. It was not easy as we thought. Furthermore, we had to acquaint with learning on edmodo. This is a new way of learning on the internet, so we faced some problems. We found that edomodo is sometimes difficult to send pictures. Thirdly, in the first lesson, we planned to take a real tour in Nam Dinh province. However,we were very anxious about the real tour. Because Tran Temple,Vieng market only took place in the early of Tet Holiday, so it was difficult for us to have a real tour. Because Tet holiday is an opportunity for everyone closer to their family and that time was not suitable to take a real tour. We were very upset and bored. Because we want to be the tour guides. We solved it by chose Sen and Phuong to take a tour and take some valuable photos about it. Finally, thissemester required us many works to do. We had to make the group meeting every week and spend much time for fivesubjects, but it must ensure that the time that we spend for each subject is equal. 5. Our Project Sound Bite The project is involved in the exhibition to create opportunities for people really understand about Nam Dinh City. A groupwas formed with five memberscoming from differentprovinces; each person had many opinions for the project. However, the project brings a very large effective. It shows strength of the spirit of unity; promotes creative skills each one. III - PROJECT ELEMENTS 1) Did you provide a complete bibliography explaining where you got your information? Yes, we did. 2) Information tools & technologies we used to complete our project Number and type of computers: 5 (two PC and three laptops) Telephones: Samsung, NOKIA - Lumia 520, SAMSUNG-galaxy s3. TV and radio stations: VTV1, VTV4 Video and digital still cameras: we used Lumia 520 camera Digitizers and scanners: all groups (scanner: mostly Dao Nhung) Tape recorders: Chu Huong, Dao Nhung Computer software: Microsoft office 2007, 2010, audacity, Movie Maker (for win7) Libraries: no but we search all necessary on the internet Books, newspapers: through internet Presentation: projector, projector screen, Lumia 520
  • 6. Page 6 phunghuyedu @ 2014 Like what we said before, without technology we could not complete this project. First of all, we had to found some model tour videos and brochure on the internet to have a good look about what we are going to do: For making a tour video: we watched many videos on YouTube and we have learnt many things, especially particular skills a tour guide must have. We all know that it was very difficult and we did not have enough ability so we must practice more. Marking brochure: Early, we did not have any idea what a brochure is until the lecturer showed us some brochures, he also gave us many advices to make a good one. After that, the leader asked whole team to search on the internet for a model brochure. Finally, she could find a good one and shared it on edmodo for all members can view. We are all students so we just use what we already have such as the computer with internet connection and our phones…therefore, to us these machines are the most helpful. Other objects such as usb – an external memory for computer is very useful. We usually use it to store and share pictures, files… Because members were assigned a destination in Nam Dinh so we usually share what we have done with other member through their computers byusb. 3) Discoveries, Lessons and Surprises (Optional) a. Discoveries In the past, when talking about Nam Dinh, we only know that this is a province which is famous for beef noodles (“pho bo”). However, when our friends introduce about it and we search its information on the internet, we realized that Nam Dinh is a famous tourist destination with many historical monuments, traditional villages, and beautiful beaches. In Nam Dinh, there are 1655 historical and cultural monuments. Besides, there are 70 trade villages with many trades and traditional products, such as: carving villages, La Xuyen inlaying wood villages … So it is advantages to organize the cultural tourism. In addition, Nam Dinh is known as the hometown of special food, such as: “nem”, “pho”, “banhgai”… When visiting Nam Dinh, you should spend more time on enjoying them. This is extremely wonderful. b. Lessons After finishing this course, we learned many things for ourselves. Firstly, we enrich our knowledge about Nam Dinh tourism. In past, we only knew some basic information about this province. Tourism is discovery, so after completing the project, we discovered many interesting tourist destination and special food in Nam Dinh. Secondly, we learned some necessary experiences to become a tour-guide, such as: speaking fluently, having a smooth voice, walking gracefully, expressing feelings lovely… in past, we think that to become a tour-guide, there requires some basic factors. However, after completing the project, we realize that there are many skills to become a good tour-guide. And this is a difficult career which requires us to try very much. And the last is that we had some simple and basic knowledge about designing brochure and making tour. Although this is the first time, we have designed brochure and have been like
  • 7. Page 7 phunghuyedu @ 2014 designers, our product is quite good and is accepted. To have a completed brochure, we must arrange photos and texts correctly and suitably based on from a united layout. This is a difficult work and requires us to be patient. In working process, we were tired and bored in getting difficulties but we try more to get over. We must spend much time on working and creating a nice brochure so we got many useful lessons after this course.

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