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Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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  • 1. [INC 281 MULTIDISCIPLINARY WORKSHOP WEEKLY REPORT] May 2, 2012 Name-Surname Nattawat Boonmee Student ID. 54261511 Group Name IS (Water Heater) Engineering Team Nut, Love, Go, Jum-o, Tew, Jane, Best, Su and Not. Members Product Design Sa-tang, Ped, Fon, Tip, Earng, Mind Team MembersWeekly Progress Part of My responsibility My project is Water Heater, This week we have designed and built the finished PCB. The circuit was built has been added to check the function of each segment. We found that all the test circuit in each segment can be run as needed. It is the responsibility of the MCU interface and LED Driver. I was responsible for most of the interface microcontroller and LED Driver. Circuit found that the two can work together. Then we contacted the Product Design Team to various electronic equipment to the water heater. To the circuit in the right position. Once right position, we will install a circuit and wiring to make a tidy and safe. When we put the circuit wiring from the Product Design Products have been tested to work again. The water can be heated by the heat from normal water temperatures reach 40 degrees Celsius in the past. Circuit can work well together, whether the water level or the level of the heat. Figure 1. Install a circuit and wiring Figure 2. Test overview Water heaterEngineering AnalysisStrong Point- The circuit Circuit can work together. All sectors.- PCB circuit size is small.Week Point- Although the circuit can perform as expected. But we do not have time to test the long term. Tocheck the stability of the circuit.-Not sure of the compatibility with the Product Design object.Next Week Job-Next week, I will recorded the performance to be documented report. Department of Control System and Instrumentation Engineering KING MONGKUT’s UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY THONBURI

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