Reference :MeghaTayade.
I aspire to join Software Company where ...
 Strong Skills with Caliber, Team Forge, SVN, Linux/Unix, Windows Server.
 Business Critical Application support Special...
 Providingsupporttothe symphonytools.
 Vendorco-ordinationfortools.
 Environmenttestingafterthe windowsadminshave finis...
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - NATRAJ RESUME

  • 1. NATRAJ TAKAWLE Email: Reference :MeghaTayade. OBJECTIVE I aspire to join Software Company where I can contribute to the success delivery and growth of the organizationalongwithself growth. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION Degree Name Year of Passing University/College Class MCA 2015 Pune University First Class B.C.S 2012 Pune University Higher second Class H.S.C. 2009 Maharashtra State Board Higher second Class S.S.C 2007 Maharashtra State Board First Class TECHNICAL SKILLS ProgrammingLanguages : C,C++, Java. Front Tools : PHP. WebTechnologies : HTML. Software Testing : Manual Testing,Selenium ,ApplicationTesting,QTP,QC. OperatingSystem : Windows XP/Linux. Database : My SQL,SOLserver. SKILLS:  Around 2+ years of experience in multiple segments of IT & ITES  Administration and Support for Microsoft Platform.  Excellent Customer service skills  Hands on experience in troubleshooting for operating system, Application issues.  Capable of installing, configuring, administrating and monitoring BOS, Software’s and patches, updates, CPU, Memory, Disks, User and group Management, Disks, File System,  Thorough understanding of Operating Systems.  OCJP Certified Since 2012.
  • 2.  Strong Skills with Caliber, Team Forge, SVN, Linux/Unix, Windows Server.  Business Critical Application support Specialist. PROJECTS MCA Project: UPS support system. Environment: Java,JSP,HTML, SQL. Description:The existingrecordkeepingsystemisverytime consuming,complexand complicated.Itisverydifficulttomeasure the engineer’sperformance intextandsheets format. In thissystemprocesssuchas complaintregistration,complaintassignment, maintainingcomplaintstatusisautomated. The registeredcomplaintsare handlingby telecaller/operatorandcan assignthese complaintstothe Engineers.The engineerscanview the assignedcomplaintsthroughtheirlogin. Thissystemalsoprovidesautomatedwarranty trackingsystemwhichallowscustomeraswell asStaff membersof CPowersystemtotrack warrantyinformation. Thissystemprovidesgraphical aswell astabularreportstoanalyze EngineerPerformance,EquipmentinWarranty,EquipmentoutofWarranty,SpareRequired (Total Count),Spare BreakdownPie Chart,etc.Thiswasnot available inthe existingsystem. Bcs Project : Alumni Portal. Environment : Php,HTML My SQL. Description : The importance of an alumni portal is both to benefit the alumni as well as the college. The associations promote interaction among alumni in an area and provide newcomers to that area with valuable social and professional contacts. Membership also provides a way for alumni to help each other as well as prospective students, current students, and young alumni – who seek guidance in pursuing their education and in starting their careers. All association members can derive satisfaction from developing and implementing programs that promote the interests of alumni. This project is developed for easy and fast communicationamongvariousalumni.Thisprojectprovides sharingof memories , data amongthe alumni. OFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Syntel Software Pvt. Ltd.,Talawade Pune. Since March 25th 2013 Tech Support Engineer.  FedEx- Key Responsibilities:  AdministrationandSupportactivities  UpgardationActivityof Tools  ProductInstallation&Configuration  Maintenance Activities&Infrastructure productionSupport  TroubleshootingandmonitoringforALMHP QC, HP QTP 11.00 , iRise Tool support and HP Performance center,TeamForge,Caliber,Weblogic.
  • 3.  Providingsupporttothe symphonytools.  Vendorco-ordinationfortools.  Environmenttestingafterthe windowsadminshave finishedtheirmaintenance.  Working with the team to meet the SLA set.  Changing / modifying the process to help enhance the overall operations.  Weekly discussion with the client on regular basis to understand their requirement and suggest / recommend changes.  Running predefined queries on SQL Server. Tools:  HP QC, iRise Support & HP QT  Performance Centre,  HP Service Center, ITSM  Teamforge, Symphony , P6(Oracle)  ALLStates  Handelled the workload in project effectively and independently.  Interacting with client through email and voice communication.  Responsible for set startup type of all Service as per procedure  Responsible for restart the service.  Responsible for deletion of data on the mention drive if drive excided enterprise threshold.  Responsible for Level -1 supports for windows server Operating system.  Responsible for Monitoring ticketing Tool and Ensuring closure of tickets in defined SLA. ACHIEVEMENTS & EXTRACURRICULAR ACTVITIES 1. Won Firstprize inall overPune paintingcompetition. 2. Participated in various sports at Z.P. Level inter college. 3. Organizerof manyFOOTBALL events,tournaments. 4. Participatedandwonmanyfootball tournamentsall overPune. 5. Organizerof technical andcollege gatheringevents. 6. Won prizes in Drawing Competition. PERSONAL DETAILS Name : Natraj Lala Takawle. Date of Birth : 08 March 1991 Phone No :+91 9579625744 / 8149542080 E-mail : PermanentAddress : 207, Rasta Peth , KundanApt,Floor# 01.

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