For confidence and safety in the marketplace since 1899
2015 Annual Report
Join us in celebrating our 116th year and our rich history, with root...
worker advocacy
NCL rel...
NCL report spotlights U.S.
food waste problem
Election Da...
Equality of access
For decades, NCL has championed women’s health
Career, and Community Leaders of America) make
LifeSmarts availabl...
‘Script Your Future saved my life.’
Due to the bad economy, Cincin...
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National Consumers League | 2015 Annual Report

The 2015 Annual Report of the National Consumers League, the nation's pioneering consumer and worker advocacy, headquartered in Washington, DC.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
Published in: Government & Nonprofit      

Transcripts - National Consumers League | 2015 Annual Report

  • 1. For confidence and safety in the marketplace since 1899 2015 Annual Report
  • 2. 2015 NCL ANNUAL REPORT | 32 | 2015 NCL ANNUAL REPORT Join us in celebrating our 116th year and our rich history, with roots in the Progressive Era, of fighting for consumers and workers. In celebration, we’re campaigning for Florence Kelley, NCL’s early leader, to be the first American woman to appear on the $10 bill. Kelley was a remarkable figure whose reformist agenda included fighting for female and child workers before labor unions recognized them, helping to found the NAACP, and laying the foundations for the 8-hour work day, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and even the Food and Drug Administration. To our friends and members: This 2015 Annual Report tells the story of NCL, our mission, our issues, and the people whose lives our work touches. Today, we celebrate victories and face the challenges that lie ahead as we strive to improve the lives of consumers and workers. We hope you enjoy this report. Even with the tremendous progress we’ve made since Kelley’s time, the issues NCL confronted more than 100 years ago persist today. Our 21st Century advocacy evolves to keep up with a complicated and changing marketplace. Ronald Collins NCL Board Chair Sally Greenberg NCL Executive Director OUR STORY WE LISTEN WE EDUCATE WE ADVOCATE WE BUILD BRIDGES OUR IMPACT SUPPORT OUR WORK STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES LEADERSHIP WELCOME 4 6 8 10 12 13 14 15 The mission of the National Consumers League is to protect and promote social and economic justice for consumers and workers in the United States and abroad. Our mission
  • 3. 4 | 2015 NCL ANNUAL REPORT 2015 NCL ANNUAL REPORT | 5 LOOKING BACK Consumer, worker advocacy milestones AUGUST ’14 NCL releases consumer guide to buying fall concert and sports tickets online NCL applauds Sen. Rockefeller (D-WV) for investigating airline fees SEPTEMBER LifeSmarts opens 21st season House members ask DOL to classify tobacco harvesting as “hazardous oppressive labor” and to ban minors Massive JPMorgan Chase data breach affects 76 million households, 7 million small businesses Child labor crusader and former Trumpeter awardee Kailash Satyarthi receives 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Investigating bogus claims In 2015, in response to concerns about the quality of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) being sold on American grocery store shelves, NCL conducted an investigation in four Washington, DC-area retailers, purchasing a variety of EVOO products. Of the 11 products sampled, six failed to meet EVOO standards when evaluated by a highly accredited Australian lab. In an exclusive with “The Dr. Oz Show,” NCL revealed the results and called on the companies whose products failed the testing to do better to ensure their products meet the standards of quality for EVOO. As the result of concerns from Americans about the marketplace, the League has investigated the term “fresh” used on canned tomatoes; tested products labeled “100% real lemon juice” (which proved to fall far short); and, in 2013, brought lawsuits against several bakeries and national restaurant Fighting back against robocalls NCL’s newly redesigned gives consumers a number of ways to leave feedback, send petitions, share concerns, and take action. In early 2015, when the legislation that prevents robocalls to cellphones came under attack, NCL offered consumers the chance to speak up and let the FCC know that they do not want to receive robocalls on their cellphones. In just days, hundreds of consumers had signed the petition, adding their names to the growing thousands objecting to the rollback of protections. Responding to growing fears With new breaches of consumers’ personal data reported on a seemingly daily basis, NCL has intensified its work on our pioneering #DataInsecurity Project. NCL issued a 2015 Congressional Agenda on data security and launched a new publication, The #DataInsecurity Digest, to offer analysis on data breach news and policy. Later in 2015, NCL will launch a consumer portal about the epidemic of data breaches to keep allies, advocates, and policymakers informed about the latest developments. NCL monitors consumer and worker viewpoints in a variety of ways, on issues that matter chains for using misleading labeling, suggesting their enriched white bread products were substantially whole grain. takes complaints from and provides direct counseling to consumers about suspected and confirmed instances of Internet and telemarketing fraud. NCL’s involvement in the Fan Freedom Project has enabled us to connect with consumers about abusive ticketing practices in the live entertainment industry. An NCL campaign against food waste has enabled American consumers to get involved in reducing the 31 million tons of food wasted every year. LifeSmarts operates a Student Advisory Board and Alumni Association to gather input and ideas for improvements from current and former participants. NCL regularly conducts research on consumer opinions on issues ranging from airline fees, telecommunications usage, and health care. OCTOBER Top three U.S. soda makers announce goal to reduce calories consumed from sweetened beverages 20% by 2015 WE LISTENNCL actively stays in tune with American consumers and workers to ensure our advocacy is up-to-date, relevant, and effective. NCL heralds FCC vote to end Sports Blackout Rule
  • 4. 6 | 2015 NCL ANNUAL REPORT 2015 NCL ANNUAL REPORT | 7 WE EDUCATE NCL report spotlights U.S. food waste problem Election Day sees minimum wage, paid sick days voting victories nationwide Script Your Future celebrates three years of raising medication adherence awareness NCL hosts book launch release for data breach investigative reporter Brian Krebs NCL calls on Congress to enact stronger protections in 2015 Data Security Policy Agenda In response to advocates, Marlboro bans child work under 16 in tobacco harvesting Congress takes first steps to remove children from hazardous tobacco farming Building a stronger future LifeSmarts is NCL’s national consumer education program that equips young people with the 21st Century skills they need to become successful adults in today’s increasingly complex, global marketplace. For more than two decades, LifeSmarts has offered curricula for teachers, fun online and live competitions, and competitive scholarship opportunities for students. Adherence messages changing lives NCL’s Script Your Future (SYF) program continues beyond its initial phase with our annual Student Challenge, which encourages pharmacy, nursing, and medical students to find innovative solutions to improve adherence. NCL and organizers in SYF affiliates across the country hear directly from consumers, caregivers, and health professionals who have been positively affected by the campaign’s messages. Keeping teen workers safe NCL released our annual “Five Most Dangerous Jobs for Teens” list to inform the public about perilous jobs that endanger the young people who perform them. 8,000 future health care professionals have participated 1,000+ events in 35 states and DC 40,000 patients counseled Four years of SYF Challenge: 14 million+ consumers reached nationwide NOVEMBER DECEMBER LifeSmarts: Stopping con artists in their tracks For nearly 25 years, NCL has served as a leader in fighting fraud by tracking trends in consumer complaints and sharing data with law enforcement and federal agencies. NCL’s widely visited and monthly Fraud Alerts warn consumers about the latest emerging frauds, such as phantom debt collectors, fake puppy sales, social networking scams, and sweetheart scams. Expert staff spreading the word Frequent speaking engagements allow NCL staff to spread our educational messages to consumers and policymakers. John Breyault spoke at an NCL event, convened in partnership with The Atlantic, to discuss the damages caused by tax fraud. NCL testified before the Department of Transportation on the explosive growth in resort and airline cancellation fees. Rebecca Burkholder spoke at an NCL-Anthem event about how to empower consumers in the healthcare coverage market. Reaching consumers online NCL hosts a number of active social media communities and, aimed at helping young people understand the benefits and risks of over-the-counter pain medications. In the coming year, NCL will launch another web-based resource to help Americans navigate the complex and changing healthcare system, with interactive resources to guide consumers through choosing a health plan, selecting providers, and sorting through drug formularies. NCL’s programs are investments in the future, educating youth with messages that resound throughout their communities, and laying a foundation for a brighter, more informed generation ahead. White House releases Executive Order on data security NCL partners in week- long global campaign to end child slavery Reaches 125,000 teens a year through classroooms and competition Is active in 42 states and DC Improves student performance from a C average to a B+/A- average in pre- and post-testing
  • 5. 8 | 2015 NCL ANNUAL REPORT 2015 NCL ANNUAL REPORT | 9 Equality of access For decades, NCL has championed women’s health and gender equality and, in 2015, urged the Food and Drug Administration to approve the first-ever female sexual dysfunction drug. Sally Greenberg testified before the FDA in Maryland to draw attention to the inequality between male and female sexual dysfunction treatment options. To women’s advocates’ delight, the FDA made history when it announced, in August 2015, approval of the first treatment for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Defending America’s working families In summer 2015, NCL rallied with worker organizations to fight the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a deal that would drive jobs overseas and hurt American workers. In this period, NCL’s child labor advocacy focus was on tobacco fields. In June, NCL hosted a panel featuring Human Rights Watch, International Labor Rights Forum, NC Field, and the Child Labor Coalition to brief House members and the public on the dangerous and exploitative conditions for child tobacco workers and forced labor abroad. In February, Reid Maki traveled to Richmond, VA, to speak in support of state legislation, which was ultimately voted down, to ban youth tobacco harvesting. In July 2015, Maki and Greenberg visited tobacco workers in Dudley, NC, coming face-to-face with the horrific conditions in which they live and work. JANUARY ’15 ‘Phantom debt’ scams top 2014 frauds VA lawmaker introduces bill to prohibit children under 18 from working in direct contact with tobacco Federal Employees Paid Parental Leave Act introduced to give federal workers six weeks of paid parental leave Greenberg testifies at CDC on Meningitis B vaccine NCL praises McDonalds move towards antibiotic-free chicken LifeSmarts students conduct 110+ presentations as UL Safety Smart® ambassadors Students from Florida take 2015 National LifeSmarts Championship in Seattle A teen tobacco worker from North Carolina shared her experiences at a Congressional briefing in honor of World Day Against Child Labor in June: “I knew it was wrong that there were no bathrooms. I knew it was wrong that they were spraying pesticides around us. But I couldn’t say anything.” -Celia Ortiz Greenberg testified before the Consumer Safety Product Commission on behalf of a table saw accident victim, 20-year-old Josh Ward, to push for safer standards. Existing technology could prevent the 10 amputations each day in the U.S. that result from table saw accidents. Product safety Disorder in women—four long decades after the condition was first recognized in scientific journals. NCL’s advocacy efforts also include alliances with DC-area groups that fight for increased minimum wage, pregnant worker protections, and paid sick days. million children around the world have been removed from child labor in the last decade million children still remain in exploitative work FEBRUARY President Obama proposes creation of new federal agency solely focused on food safety NCL asks FTC for workshop dedicated to data breaches MARCH APRIL WE ADVOCATEAn exciting year for NCL in the advocacy arena, where we called on Congress and federal agencies to rectify marketplace and workplace inequities across a variety of issues. -Sally Greenberg, Executive Director 168 70 Continuing its work to advocate for appropriate use of vaccinations, NCL testified before the Centers for Disease Control in favor of Meningitis B vaccines being added to the routine schedule for all—not limited—consumers. Don’t wait—vaccinate! “This is the biggest breakthrough in women’s sexual health since the advent of ‘the Pill.’”
  • 6. 10 | 2015 NCL ANNUAL REPORT 2015 NCL ANNUAL REPORT | 11 Career, and Community Leaders of America) make LifeSmarts available to the 500,000+ members of these student leadership organizations. NCL’s Script Your Future medication adherence program has also flourished thanks to the hard work of field organizers in communities across the country. With the national launch in 2011, the campaign organized activities in six pilot cities: Baltimore, Birmingham, Cincinnati, Providence, Raleigh, and Sacramento. Each pilot city has grown beyond expectations into its own self-sustaining statewide coalition of local partners with volunteers who plan activities, outreach, and interventions, staff health fairs, media events, and presentations, and bring the campaign messages directly to patients and healthcare professionals at the local level. Grassroots efforts spanning the nation In recent years, NCL has put down new roots in communities across the country to get our educational messages out through on-the-ground partnerships. Through our LifeSmarts program, volunteer State Coordinators in 30 states conduct outreach to grow the program and administer teen competitions for their communities. State Coordinators come from a diverse set of backgrounds, including attorneys general, Jump$tart Coalitions, Councils on Economic Education, Better Business Bureaus, Extension Agencies, 4-H leaders, and others. Their belief in and devotion to the program has helped sustain and grow LifeSmarts for 20+ years. Strong national partnerships with FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) and FCCLA (Family, NCL participates in numerous coalitions, advisory boards, and committees MAY Work in tobacco harvest tops NCL’s 2015 Most Dangerous Jobs for teens list “The Dr. Oz Show” airs NCL investigation on extra virgin olive oil JUNE CA passes law banning personal exemptions to vaccine requirements NCL decries House vote to repeal country-of-origin labeling on meat products NCL opposes “fast-track” efforts to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would threaten American jobs Greenberg meets with Consumer Product Safety Commission about table saw safety US Supreme Court ruling upholds Affordable Care Act in King v. Burwell Honoring bridge builders For more than 40 years, NCL has recognized leaders who speak out for social justice. In 2014, NCL honored Richard L. Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO, with the Trumpeter Award, NCL’s highest honor. Lara Granich, Director of Missouri Jobs with Justice, received the Florence Kelley Consumer Leadership Award. Rallying around health In 2015, NCL launched the Health Advisory Council, a diverse, membership-based council of organizations convened to share perspectives and insights, identify common interests, and lay a foundation of support for NCL’s work in health-related consumer education and advocacy. The Health Advisory Council consists of 34 members from government, private sector, and public interest organizations. JULY WE BUILD BRIDGESNCL is uniquely positioned among organizations as a consumer- and worker-focused advocate. Our work spans a variety of sectors and allows us to join forces with allies to maximize effectiveness. Smithsonian publishes “American Enterprise” book, with chapter authored by NCL, to accompany new exhibit Child labor ATEST—The Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking Global Campaign for Education-US The Slave Free Commerce Coalition Finance and consumer issues AT&T Consumer Advisory Panel Fan Freedom Project FCC Consumer Advisory Committee Future of Privacy Forum Advisory Board Jump$tart Verizon Consumer Advisory Board Health Acetaminophen Awareness Coalition Clear Choices Consumers United for Evidence-based Healthcare National Council on Patient Information and Education Patient, Consumer, and Public Health Coalition PROTECT Initiative: Advancing Children’s Medication Safety Reagan-Udall Foundation Nutrition and food safety Antibiotics Working Group Coalition for Sugar Reform Food Marketing Working Group JIFSAN Advisory Council Make our Food Safe Coalition National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity Poultry Coalition Safe Food Coalition Workers rights and safety DC Minimum Wage Coalition DC Paid Sick Days for All Coalition DC Wage Theft Coalition Coalition for Sensible Safeguards FAMILY Act Coalition Just Pay Coalition Paycheck Fairness Coalition Pregnant Worker Coalition White House Working Families/Pan Issues Coalition Work Family Coalition
  • 7. 12 | 2015 NCL ANNUAL REPORT 2015 NCL ANNUAL REPORT | 13 ‘Script Your Future saved my life.’ Due to the bad economy, Cincinnati resident Charles, 45, lost his business—and health insurance. A diabetic, Charles was unable to afford his medication, and he stopped taking it, making him seriously ill and putting his life at risk. With the help of Script Your Future tools, as well as free medications provided through a campaign partner, Charles was able to regain his health. The medication is helping to control his blood sugar. “Everything Script Your Future has done for me has literally kept me alive. Had they not helped me get back on track with my medication, I wouldn’t be here today.” North Dakota high school senior Kelsey was driving in an intense storm when her car hydroplaned. Most other teenagers may not have known what to do in this perilous situation, but Kelsey remembered what she had learned in LifeSmarts: stay calm, take her foot off of the accelerator, and steer to an open area. She safely avoided a fateful accident that day. “LifeSmarts has taught me important lessons that are applicable to everyday life. It helps me and others know what to do. We know our rights, and can cash in on them. The safety aspect of the program can even save lives.” LifeSmarts teaching real life lessons In James’ 15 years counseling fraud victims as a staffer, he has seen it all: “A lot of what we do is fraud prevention and information-sharing with law enforcement, but I also hear directly from consumers as well. Grandparents who fell for a scam trying to help out a grandkid in trouble. People who lost their retirement funds to investment scams. Online daters whose hearts and wallets have been preyed upon by a romance scammer. “The best calls are from someone who is suspicious of an offer before they’ve acted on it, and I have a chance to intervene and help them avoid falling victim. Or someone who we can actually work with to recover lost funds. Helping consumers devastated by fraud is what I love most about my job.” OUR IMPACT SUPPORT OUR WORK Our work is making a difference in people’s lives across the country. Meet a few of the consumers touched by our programs. Money-saving interventions There are many ways to get involved and help NCL make a difference. Sign up online for our email alerts on consumer issues, emerging scams, LifeSmarts, child labor, and more! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can find links to these communities at Join our community hosts 100,000+ unique visitors every month and takes in thousands of consumer complaints, which are shared with a network of nearly 100 law enforcement partners. has helped millions of consumers protect themselves and loved ones against malicious scams. LifeSmarts equips young people with the 21st Century skills they need to become successful adults in our complex marketplace. LifeSmarts reaches 125,000 teens a year online and in classrooms nationwide and is active in 42 states and Washington, DC via curricula for teachers and competitive scholarship opportunities for students. Since 2011, Script Your Future has been raising awareness of the importance of medication adherence in people with chronic conditions and their support and provider networks. City-based pilot coalitions have expanded to statewide initiatives, and millions of patients have been reached with messages and materials. NCL co-founded and staffs the Child Labor Coalition, which, for 25+ years, has been a leader in the fight to reduce child labor. As a result of the work of the CLC and other advocates, 70 million children around the world have been removed from child labor in the last decade. NCL is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and every donation is tax deductible. (Tax ID# 530-242-038). Your contribution allows NCL to continue our efforts for workers and consumers across the nation. For more information, please contact NCL’s Amy Sonderman, Vice President, Strategic Alliances and Development, (202) 207-2829. Each year, NCL participates in Giving Tuesday, a national day of giving to help kick off the holiday season. Consumers annually spend billions of dollars on Black Friday, and Giving Tuesday helps direct attention to deserving American charities like NCL. On Giving Tuesday, NCL asks consumers to direct their charitable giving to support our programs.
  • 8. 14 | 2015 NCL ANNUAL REPORT 2015 NCL ANNUAL REPORT | 15 Revenue: $4,810,432 Expenses: $2,858,460 NCL Board of Directors NCL Staff Ronald Collins Chair Cleo Manuel Stamatos Vice Chair Esther Shapiro Honorary Chair Debra Berlyn Secretary Susan K. Weinstock Treasurer Jack Blum Counsel John Breyault Vice President, Public Policy, Telecommunications & Fraud Rebecca Burkholder Vice President, Health Policy Lisa Hertzberg LifeSmarts Program Director Cindy Hoang Communications Associate Terry Kush Managing Director Kamay Lafalaise Health Policy Associate Reid Maki Director, Child Labor Issues Coordinator, Child Labor Coalition Carol McKay Vice President, Communications Rashaud Nixon LifeSmarts Program Associate James Perry Consumer Services Coordinator Ronald Airhart Jodie Bernstein Moses Boyd Joan Bray Hilary Doe Kenneth W. Edwards Richard Fiesta Pastor Herrera, Jr. STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES LEADERSHIP Sebastian Ramirez Executive Assistant Theresa Smith Office Manager Amy Sonderman Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Development Seth Woods LifeSmarts Outreach Coordinator Greg Jefferson Roger Johnson Jane King Esther Lopez Keith Mestrich Bob Russo Service Employees International Union United Auto Workers AARP AFL-CIO Allergan, Inc. American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy American Association of Justice American Car Rental Association American Center for International Labor Solidarity American Federation of Government Employees American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO American Medical Association American Pharmacists Association Anthem Insurance Astellas Pharma US, Inc. AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals AT&T Bank of America Beef Products Incorporated Berlin Rosen, Ltd. Biotechnology Industry Organization Moses & Paula Boyd California Endowment Campaign Communication Solutions, Inc. Caregiver Action Network Comcast Communications Workers of America Community Merchants USA Computershare Consumer Healthcare Products Association Council for Affordable Health Coverage Dezenhall Resources Diageo DIRECTV Dish Network Sally Greenberg Executive Director Eli Lilly and Company Enterprise Holdings Inc. Experian Fan Freedom Project Finn Partners Fitzgerald Auto Mall Nancy Glick GoGo Inc. David Goodfriend Google Pastor Herrera, Jr. IBM International Alliance of Theatrical State Employees International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers International Brotherhood of Teamsters International Dairy Foods Association International Union of Painters and Allied Trades Intuit James & Hoffman, P.C. Johnson & Johnson JPMorgan Chase & Co K & R Industries KeyBank National Association In Re Living Social Marketing and Sales Practice Litigation Cy Pres Settlement Fund McLeod, Watkinson & Miller Merck & Co., Inc. Microsoft Corporation National Association of Broadcasters National Association of Chain Drug Stores Foundation National Association of Letter Carriers National Community Pharmacists Association National Educational Association National Pharmaceutical Council Naturepedic Nestlé USA Novo Nordisk Pfizer Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America Procter & Gamble Prudential Quest Diagnostics Ramsey Merriam Fund Recording Industry Association of America Reset Public Affairs Rust Consulting, Inc. Sanofi Service Employees International Union SKD Knickerbocker Communications Stanislaus Food Products The Hastings Group Nancy Tippett Toyota Financial Services TracFone Wireless U.S. Pharmacopeia Convention Unilever United Food and Commercial Workers International Union United Methodist Women United Mine Workers of America United Steelworkers Verizon Visa Inc. Washington State Employee Credit Union Wells Fargo Bank Western Union Financial Services Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP NCL thanks all our contributors, especially those listed below who have each given $1,000 or more between August 1, 2014 and July 31, 2015 to support our consumer education and advocacy programs. Net Assets, Beginning of Year: $1,617,028 Net Assets, End of Year: $3,569,000
  • 9. Contact us 1701 K Street, NW, Suite 1200 Washington, DC 20006 Telephone: (202) 835-3323 Fax: (202) 835-0747 Web:

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