Encounters with Liechtenstein
The Liechtenstein brand: A promise
advertises confidence worldwide
Identity in Europe does n...
Liechtenstein discovers itself
The Liechtenstein brand: Unique
diversity makes the country a gem
VADUZ Ð Whenever criticis...
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Nation Branding Liechtenstein

Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Nation Branding Liechtenstein

  • 1. Encounters with Liechtenstein The Liechtenstein brand: A promise advertises confidence worldwide Identity in Europe does not depend on High technology is part of Liechtenstein, the joy of characteristics in the confusing world of today. national borders. In todayÕs world, people being here and being oneself another, a sense of And the more the brand corresponds to reality, the think in terms of brands. The new, strong humanity a third. A strong Liechtenstein brand is a more probable is success. Liechtenstein brand crystallizes national promise, and it courts confidence in this promise, a identity. promise that must be kept. It consolidates and People think in images ... People think shapes the image of the country Ð externally Ð and in brands creates a deeper sense of self-determination Ð The Swiss speak of the LŠndle (or little country) internally. The international Liechtenstein brand Of course the question may arise whether a nation and the Austrians speak of the Princely Family. crystallizes the national identity Ð for each individual can be managed like a brand. In reality, a democracy People who know Liechtenstein always come back: and as a part of the corporate identity of enterprises. always speaks with more voices than a marketing to a country that is small but open to the world, guru for laundry detergent. But the people who are internationally connected but still very personal. ItÕs up to us addressed by nations and marketing experts are the People who avoid the country may have filed same. They all have the usual contemporary habits away the image of a tax haven in their minds or a Not only the EEA Coordination Unit, not only the UN and demands on convincing information. Brands street with mailboxes. People who even include ambassador, not only the parliamentarians in the have accompanied the changes in the world, have Liechtenstein as part of Switzerland overlook that Council of Europe, not only the Financial Intelligence awakened human passions for consumption, are the small country in the middle of Europe is more Unit are ambassadors for Liechtenstein. Not only the orientation points, and make our world easier to than a pinprick on a map. Such images close off Government, the directors of Government offices, the grasp, charging it with emotions. People think in peopleÕs minds to any contact. press offices, the public prosecutors. ItÕs up to each images, and brands are always images. This is how and every one of us who stands for the country: they create the chance of recognition and recollection. Initiative in competition industrial leaders, exchange students, financial experts, hotel directors, athletes, artists. Every one is The reality in modern Liechtenstein is far ahead But the prejudices are outmoded, the facts have an ambassador for Liechtenstein. of the rather vague perception of the country. changed, and a self-confident Liechtenstein has The Liechtenstein brand now balances tradition a lot to offer. This gives the opportunity for Whoever speaks about the strengths of Liechtenstein, and innovation. It engenders curiosity and triggers Liechtenstein to take the initiative itself in a world wherever and to whomever, need not shrink back a discussion Ð with neighbors, with Europe, with that is constantly changing. At the beginning of the from weaknesses, discontinuities, and unresolved the world. The new, strong, clear, simple, and 21st century, Liechtenstein is engaged in more questions. Branding helps to grasp the complete emotional brand signalizes an image made up international competition than ever before with other picture of the brand, rather than allowing individual of images that let people understand the country. countries, regions, and enterprises. On the internet, facets to dominate. The Liechtenstein brand makes People who understand more have more trust. information transcends all borders, making capital, the country understandable and tangible, enabling And trust is the key for encounters: new encounters technology, and labor mobile. recognition of reliable visual and substantive with Liechtenstein. Examples from other countries and regions Big Apple takes the initiative Liechtenstein is not alone. It is the most exciting city in the world. Those who want For years, regions around Liechtenstein have been peace and quiet in nature should look elsewhere. Those endeavouring to make themselves heard, seen, and who want to set up a production site must bring a lot of remembered. They have done so using different concepts money with them. Opinions are divided on New York, but and applications. The goal, however, remains the same: the name “Big Apple” has remained. After September 11, get people’s interest and hold new images against old 2001, everything seems different. New Yorkers have images that people have filed away in their heads. therefore taken the initiative and are working on a new New York brand. People of many talents from the ‘Ländle’: The northern almost- neighbors of Liechtenstein are A brand is world class capable of anything – except standard German. It’s immediately obvious that a Baden-Württem- The Swiss cross is a sign of the nation and of the berger is from the “Model Ländle”. Switzerland brand. It doesn’t stand for size or power. By countering with humor the But it is simple and clear, can be found all over the world, prejudice that Baden-Württem- and is always charged up with good experiences. bergers are as cute as their language they take away the harshness of criticism. First of three articles on the Liechtenstein brand.
  • 2. Liechtenstein discovers itself The Liechtenstein brand: Unique diversity makes the country a gem VADUZ Ð Whenever criticism used to appear, the Liechtenstein brand: The people of Liechtenstein and a future for themselves and their children is a Liechtenstein took cover. In the world of cultivate circles of family and friends, they cultivate constant priority for each generation. global competition, however, the time has binding connections, and they emphasize fairness Thanks to its tradition, Liechtenstein simply takes come for Liechtenstein to rediscover itself as and humanity in cases of conflict or dispute. People the initiative unusually often. a brand. know each other, visit each other, and always bump into each other. Good relations are always important, Local and still global with neighbors and the world. Those who can feel Liechtenstein has kept things the world has lost. And their way into different cultures can speak on point. this despite its unparalleled economic history: Since ÒOur microstate in the Alps is an ambitious the Second World War, Liechtenstein has developed The people of Liechtenstein do this in a very personal entrepreneurial countryÓ is a key message that every into a small metropolitan region between Zurich and way. Liechtensteiner can carry out into the world. Because Vienna. Only 80 years ago, the country was poor, as fast as the development has been from a pinprick and the people lived off of agriculture. Much has It is clear that Liechtenstein, as the fourth-smallest on the map into an economic and financial nation, as changed, but nothing has been destroyed that has country in Europe, cannot participate everywhere in committed have been the actions of the Princely shaped generations. These are the findings of a a global world full of multitudinous opportunities House, entrepreneurs, and all inhabitants in the scientific study on the reputation of the country and promises of quality and services. LiechtensteinÕs knowledge that: In the modern small State, paths are conducted by the Reputation Institute, New York. success, with almost as many jobs as inhabitants, short and reactions fast when economic and political relies on quality, service, the desire to perform, and conditions change. Liechtenstein has learned from Three qualities entrepreneurial courage. Liechtenstein global brands the past and shown how targeted sounds can have an find their own niches. The main export products are impact in the concert of the giants, how a future can It follows logically that the real people of research-intensive, innovative high technology. At be secure without natural resources, how success can Liechtenstein always have two sides: They are the same time, the strength of the financial center is work in an unpretentious way, how prosperity and international and local, world-wise and rooted at in private banking, with interpersonal relations as naturalness fit together. home, curious and careful, open and closed, modern the cornerstone. and traditional. The tension runs between a highly From now on, tourists, business people, and other The people of Liechtenstein must therefore focus on developed economy and a natural charisma. interested individuals may therefore especially what is essential. bring home a feeling that they sense in Liechtenstein, What else distinguishes Liechtenstein? because they experience it: Local and still global. Spontaneously put: The initiative to take steps into Every small country that wants to influence its future Liechtenstein demonstrates this at the UN when it the future, the focus on goals, and the personal way can choose between two paths. It can wait until big campaigns for human rights. Neutrality also of interacting. Three important qualities indicate what countries exercise pressure, or it can help influence contributes to this, as well as LiechtensteinÕs is to be found behind the faade of Liechtenstein: reality. A small State is heard in Europe if it clearly integration in the EEA, its close relationship with the people of Liechtenstein take the initiative, are stakes out a position. Politicians know this. A small Switzerland, and its moderate politics and policies. focused, and are personal. The Liechtenstein brand State does not project might in international Liechtenstein has certainly not been written off by combines all of this into a single image. negotiations. This makes its small size its biggest the world, since the world doesnÕt really know the weakness. At the same time, its small size is also its small country. Perhaps tourists, businesspeople, and other interested biggest strength. Because many Liechtensteiners individuals will soon characterize Liechtenstein with always seek out new challenges. They are used to It is the unique mixture of diversity that makes three images that are consolidated into a collage in taking the initiative, since they have to. Prosperity the country unmistakable and into a real gem. It is these diverse aspects that make this country unique. Second of three articles on the Liechtenstein brand.
  • 3. That’s how a real gem 01. Brand logotype presents itself to the world. A multi-faceted brand Liechtenstein from an agricultural place to a a sixth symbol, the crown. This is symbolic finance and industry location but also shows the of a principality that is close to the people. What characterises a real gem? It is rare, special diversity of the country, being natural but at the These express the depth and diverse nature of and shines nobly in the light. The brand logotype same time highly developed. Liechtenstein. expresses a quiet confidence and exciting vibrancy at the same time. The intricate design With the communications strategy, that the This new image is not replacing any official of the logotype is an invitation for the viewer to Stiftung Image Liechtenstein has approved last heraldic crest and national flag. It complements look closer and discover the details (05). On year, it became clear, what the core messages them. This new look is created so that close inspection you see the symbols morph are for the country, inside and outside. The six Liechtenstein has a more engaging public face, from flower (nature) to circle (finance) to core messages will be more memorable if they a look that will create relationships and excite sparkle (industry). They have a double meaning: are expressed by simple graphical shapes (03). people, which most state symbols do not provide. the mutation shows the fast development of Note that the five symbols come together in 02. Abbreviated logotype 03. Symbols This is the short version of the logotype, to enable us for more flexible use. It is used for Liechtenstein initiatives and to endorse Dialogue Finance businesses. The LI abbreviation is chosen because it is already in Industry the Internet, .li, it is also used in our postal code. Principality Although arguably we could use FL, too, but the outside world may mistake it for Finland, Florida or Nature Rootedness Flanders. Hence to build wider consistency we have gone for LI. 04. Illustrative motifs 05. Close-up The brand expression comes with other illustrative motifs. All of which are originated from our heritage. For instance the floral pattern is derived from our stamps and the trees and mountains from our natural surrounding. These elements add emotion and color to the core brand identity. Much like in New York where there are many co-existing icons such as Big Apple, Statue of Liberty, Chrysler building, etc which all describe the magic of New York.

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