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Nathaniel Parson Chandler, AZ 85224 | (480) 430-6156
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UX / UI Design & Web Development Skills Teamwork & General Skills
 CSS – 8 years...
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Cubex Phoenix, AZ
Software-Based Medical Cabinet / Inventory Management ...
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 Continually learn from design trends and implement what I learn into our projects
 Managed ou...
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Trivedi Scottsdale, AZ
E-Commerce Education & Advice Company 05/2012 – 02/2013
UX / UI Designer ...
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Focus: More on level 1 + advanced copywriting & print persuasion strategies, lead generation & c...
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# Nathaniel Parson - UX-UI Designer, Developer - 2016 Resume

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - # Nathaniel Parson - UX-UI Designer, Developer - 2016 Resume

  • 1. Page 1 - Nathaniel Parson 2016 Nathaniel Parson Chandler, AZ 85224 | (480) 430-6156 Portfolio: “Senior UI Developer and UX Designer With An Extensive Background In Online Marketing” I am a highly experienced and educated User Experience Designer and User Interface Developer with a background in online marketing, and I am passionate about creating effective designs and writing efficient code. Some of my specialties include advanced design and coding knowledge, with over 10 years of experience designing and developing websites and web software applications using HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, and Linux Command Line. I’ve acquired a superb understanding of how to combine UX / UI design with highly efficient and reusable code for maximum application flexibility. I understand the value of continually optimizing the design and code of web applications for maximum performance. Over 5 years of experience in implementing Software Design & Development Lifecycles – from research, conceptualization, wireframes, initial visual mockups, iteration and approval process, code development, debugging, acceptance testing, to final production. Strong mobile and desktop experience. I have a profound education in marketing-oriented design, and I have invested over 1,000 hours into marketing education alone – with an emphasis in online marketing – plus another 1,500+ hours into software development education. I know how to write effective marketing-oriented copy for maximum user response. In addition, I have had the benefit of working with many dozens of clients, where I designed and developed high- converting interactive websites and profitable marketing campaigns – including email marketing – both direct- response oriented and brand identity focused. People say that I am an articulate and exceptionally skilled communicator – both orally and written – with profound presentation skills. Organized, analytical, energetic, focused, and high attention to detail. I work well even with limited supervision in both team and individual environments. Self-driven, no micromanagement necessary. Creative-thinker, results-oriented, and deadline-driven. I thrive on improving the performance of business systems through analyzing raw data for strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Well versed in writing compelling headlines, powerful bullets, and persuasive short and long copy. I have an excellent track record in various industries ranging from:  user experience / user interface design and development  web application / full-stack software development / high volume e-commerce catalogs  mobile / responsive website and web application design and development  project management, agile/scrum work methodologies  email marketing / direct-response copywriting / print persuasion  creative advertising and marketing-oriented design  technology consulting and business systems intelligence Overall, I consider myself to be an effective team leader that builds workplace moral and motivates his peers. I am an extremely fast learner with a proven ability to adapt to changing situations and find creative solutions to move things forward. Currently, I am seeking a rewarding designer / developer position with an exciting company to utilize my experience and the following skills, which I list on the next page. I look forward to speaking with you and potentially working with you soon. Nathaniel Parson
  • 2. Page 2 - Nathaniel Parson SKILLS SUMMARY UX / UI Design & Web Development Skills Teamwork & General Skills  CSS – 8 years. HTML – 15 years. PHP, JavaScript (ECMAScript 5 and ECMAScript6), jQuery, JSON – 7 years. SASS/LESS, Gulp/Grunt – 3 years.  ExtJS, AngularJS, ReactJS – 1 year.  MySQL + phpMyAdmin DBA – 6 years. NoSQL/MongoDB, Command Line – 3 years.  RESTful development, 3rd party API integration, Git/SVN/TFS version control – 3 years  10 years web software development & user interface + user experience design (UI/UX), usability testing.  5 years iOS/Android mobile/responsive design & development  Adobe Photoshop – 10 years. Dreamweaver – 15 years. Adobe Illustrator – 3 years. Adobe Premier Pro – 3 years. JustinMind – 3 years. Axure – 3 years. Balsamiq – 1 year. Adobe Muse – 1 year.  Extensive work on E-commerce platforms in UX design and development. WordPress, Magento, ExpressionEngine and more – advanced knowledge  Designed wireframes, initial mockups, and saw them through to final production  Web server management using CentOS, Command Line, VestaCP & cPanel, AWS.  Windows/Mac friendly. Microsoft Office: Word, PowerPoint, Excel – advanced knowledge  Google Analytics: 7 years of experience. Google Office: Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms – advanced knowledge  MailChimp, InfusionSoft, Aweber, Campain Monitor, Constant Contact, Office Autopilot, WuFoo Forms, and more online software – advanced knowledge  Validate website according to WC3 standards using valid/semantic markup  Custom developed advanced tracking systems to measure Key Performance Indicators (KPI)  SEO, SEM, keyword research, on- and off-page optimization, meta tags, link building  Increasing Website Time-On-Site & Sale Conversion Performance  Enhance user interface and improve user experience of existing web applications  3-4 years using Agile/Scrum development methodology in team environments  Experience working inside agencies as well as managing a small agency for 10 years  Effective team leader and team builder with supportive and encouraging management style  Effectively manages multiple ongoing projects. Team player, upbeat, positive attitude, and very easy to work with. Dependable  High integrity, ethical and trustworthy. Respects self and others. Keeps commitments. Laser focused  Excellent work ethic and excels in a fast-paced environment, extremely fast learner, flexible, easy to work with  Vibrant personality, open-minded. Creative outlook, intuitive thinker, problem solver  Analyze raw business systems data, determine opportunities for growth and optimization  Highly organized and pays attention to detail  Skilled in leading, training and motivating teams and other sales professionals, self-motivated and enthusiastic  Able to quickly process information and make decisions under pressure, effectively trains and educates team members  Comfortable asking for help when needed and offering assistance to others that need it  Able to conduct in-depth research on any topic quickly and effectively to gather information  Exceeds at engineering creative solutions to challenging technology problems  Speaks clearly and articulates well. Good listener who asks for clarification  Very articulate: easily communicates complex technical concepts in simple laymen’s terms  Strong experience managing outsourced development projects both in-house and remotely (domestically and overseas)  Skilled at rapidly building rapport and maintaining long-term relationships  Excellent and effective communication skills, (both verbal and written)
  • 3. Page 3 - Nathaniel Parson PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Cubex Phoenix, AZ Software-Based Medical Cabinet / Inventory Management 09/2015 – Present Lead UI Developer / UX Designer / Front-End Architect  Senior HTML5/CSS3/SASS developer, architecting the entire front-end user interface codebase  Collaborated in the entire design process: research and discovery, initial conceptualization, visualization, design wire-framing, prototyping, and mockups (including low-fidelity and high-fidelity), iteration process, development of approved designed, staging and testing, and final deployment of designs into production.  Converted approved PSD mockups files into pixel-perfect code which accurately depicts the Photoshop designs  Wrote sophisticated vanilla JavaScript and jQuery code to create interactive elements within web application, including animations, transitions, form validation, onClick events, and more  Worked with lead JavaScript developer in implementing my front-end codebase into ReactJS based web application  Used latest cutting-edge technologies to future-proof web application and maximize code efficiency, code reusability, and application speed  Designed elegant Photoshop / Illustrator mockups consistent with current style-guide and presented them to management and UX / UI team for approval and feedback to create application screens/pages as needed  Worked in an agile/scrum environment on a team of 8 designers/developers  Collaborated with management in multiple departments to gather requirements of project, create technical documentation, and understand the project goals  Tested all code after integration into web application to ensure 100% design and functionality as expected  Lead the overall user experience and user interface design and development process from conception to completion Parson Advertising Nationally Internet Marketing & E-Commerce Consulting Agency 12/2006 – Present Senior UX / UI Developer & Website Design Specialist  Create initial scope of project, manage a team of designers and developers, and see the project through to completion in a timely manner  Give regular reports to members and clients about project status and projected times to reach milestones  Develop design and style guidelines for developers and team members to follow  Create rapid prototypes, wireframes, and mockups (low and high fidelity)  Act as user advocate, understand user persona, user demographics  Work in agile / scrum format with team on projects  Designed dozens of mobile-optimized websites for clients using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL  Using Axure, JustinMind, and Photoshop, designed wireframes and mockups for web application concepts  Converted desktop only websites into mobile friendly/responsive websites  Optimized user experience for web applications  Designed and redesigned user interface for web applications  Use advanced split testing software to compare effectiveness of multiple versions of user interface designs  Installed user feedback software on web applications to gather information from users for optimization purposes
  • 4. Page 4 - Nathaniel Parson  Continually learn from design trends and implement what I learn into our projects  Managed our web server using CentOS and MySQL database through phpMyAdmin to ensure smoothly running website  Developed custom tracking systems and metrics to measure and track the performance of online campaigns Queen Creek Olive Mill Queen Creek, AZ E-Commerce Local Food Producer & Tourist Destination 03/2013 – 01/2014 UX / UI Designer / Website Developer / Digital Media Specialist  Designed and developed new E-commerce, mobile-optimized responsive website including user experience and content architecture  Worked with senior management and business owners in defining project objectives and needs,  Develop scope of work and style guidelines for other developers and content writers to follow  Conducted user research to determine user persona and ethnographics  Develop and manage developers in implementing design into functional code according to WC3 standards using valid markup and for cross-browser compatibility against all modern browsers  Successfully combined 4 scattered company websites into 1 single, highly functional, custom designed e- commerce website, powered by Magento, to indefinitely raise the success and profitability of all online marketing efforts for the entire company  Created and mocked up entire e-commerce & lead generation website designs in Photoshop CS6, then  Interviewed and hired an overseas team to chop the design into a working Magento powered e-commerce or WordPress powered website to replace existing, outdated website, and rehired them to fix any bugs or glitches found  Design and develop user interface and conceptually designed user experience for websites and web applications  Test website software from concept to live production environment  Managed CMS-based websites using WordPress, Magento, or ExpressionEngine content management systems  Using Photoshop, designed all banners, display ads, graphics, and logos for websites, and selected high quality stock photography when necessary  Organized all company content, rewrote as needed, and republished online into easily accessible galleries of online news articles and company information  Expanded the company’s online web presence by getting their product catalog listed on the Amazon Marketplace while decreasing cost of shipping fulfillment by over $10 per order  Wrote email marketing copy to promote events and product sales campaigns
  • 5. Page 5 - Nathaniel Parson Trivedi Scottsdale, AZ E-Commerce Education & Advice Company 05/2012 – 02/2013 UX / UI Designer / Website Developer / Digital Media Specialist  All of the same responsibilities as Queen Creek Olive Mill, plus:  Managed in-house graphics design team and video design team, giving them creative direction and supervising their work  Created new brand image to positively increase customer perception of company  Using Photoshop, designed all banners, display ads, graphics, and logos for websites, and selected high quality stock photography when necessary Unreal Deals Marion, Arkansas E-Commerce Online Retailer Of Electronic Products 3/2003 – 12/2006 Marketing & Advertising / Business Process Management  Designed direct-response salesletters to sell electronics, primarily refurbished desktops and laptops  Created and implemented new online sales promotions  Provided customer service support to masses of customers  Sourced discounted and bulk electronics to buy at wholesale and refurbished them to be resold at online retail  Managed eBay account and all administrative tasks  Received over 5,000 positive feedback total from satisfied customers EDUCATION 2 Year Associates Degree of General Education (A.G.E.) 2003-2005 Focus: General education Mid-South Community College – West Memphis, Arkansas 4 Years Combined College & University Education 2005-2007 Focus: Business & entrepreneurship, Information Technology (IT), Computer Networking, & Web Design Landmark Education – 250 hours Focus: Interpersonal communication, commitments & integrity, team & project leadership, self-development & personal transformation SPIN Selling – 100 hours Focus: Advanced psychology on direct selling Ultimate Desktop Copy Coach– 200 hours Focus: Design, direct mail, advanced copywriting & print persuasion strategies GURU Print Persuasion Master-Class – 30 hours Focus: advanced copywriting & print persuasion strategies GURU Copywriting Blueprints – 20 hours Focus: online product sales-letter psychology, advanced copywriting & print persuasion strategies GURU Home Study Course & Quarterly Live Workshops - 80 hours (Level 1) Focus: Niche information-product research & development strategies, online sale conversion strategies, online advertising & traffic generation strategies GURU Blueprint – 100 hours (Level 2)
  • 6. Page 6 - Nathaniel Parson Focus: More on level 1 + advanced copywriting & print persuasion strategies, lead generation & conversion, email marketing & follow-up sequences, print advertising design principals, upselling & scaling through back-end products, pay-per-click text & display advertising GURU Product Blueprints – Current (Level 3) Focus: More on levels 1 & 2 + outsourcing & delegating work, highly advanced information-product research & development strategies, media buys & CPA networks, and more MASS Conversion – 25 hours Focus: Mass persuasion of public audience for the purpose of promoting and selling a product or service. Psychology of persuasion, creating a celebrity image, becoming an authority in a niche. Various Courses in Web Software Development – 1,500 hours Focus: UX/UI Design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Linux Command Line. Total: 2500+ Self-Study Hours in Web Software Development, UX/UI Design, Business Management, Marketing Psychology, & Online Advertising Strategy (excluding college and university hours) PORTFOLIO OF WORK See my personal portfolio of work for screenshots and descriptions of my UX / UI design and development work. Portfolio:

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