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Nathan Smith - Summary

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. Nathan Smith Extended Summary Cell – 404-216-4356 Email – I have been a visually oriented person since as far back as I can remember. My primary strengths in the beginning were geometric design, mechanical drawings, woodworking, and furniture design. I also had a strong interest in computers and wanted to use them to enhance and diversify my artistic skills. That is what compelled me to choose graphic design for my undergraduate degree. I also hold a masters degree in education. A big part of my current job as a teacher involves the collection, disaggregation, and display of my students’ achievement data to colleagues, administrators, and parents. A few years ago I was given the opportunity to create a school-wide data collection system in order to help administrators and teachers monitor and evaluate classroom based assessment scores in all subject areas. I decided to name my system CADS (Core Assessment Data System). My first step was to establish a network drive for our school via intranet to house the data. Next, I selected Microsoft Excel as a framework to develop end-user template files for teachers that imitate web-based data management applications. Each teacher had a Classroom Data File (CDF). The CDF was comprised of two sections: numerical data entry and graphing. The CDF’s were organized by grade level and linked to a Master Data File (MDF) that consolidated and displayed the information for administrators to view via graphing formats. The design of CADS allowed certified staff employed by the school to view and compare the achievement data in all academic areas for any student(s), class, or grade level. As the architect of CADS I was responsible for ensuring that staff and administrators were trained on how to use the system and I also provided ongoing technical support. I enjoyed the challenge of solving issues as they arose from the high volume of people using the system. I found myself devoting many hours of free time making CADS more efficient and user friendly. I enjoyed the dual responsibilities of managing the data and designing the user interface. Nowadays my school district has opted instead for large-scale commercial web applications to collect student achievement data from state and district assessments only. Even though my school no longer uses CADS, developing and overseeing its implementation for two years ignited a spark within me to begin learning technologies beyond Microsoft Excel that will be virtually limitless in their application. I have decided to start with HTML and CSS in order to gain an understanding of how websites are built and stylized, then move towards technologies responsible for the functionality such as JavaScript, etc. My current goal is to obtain a position as a front-end web developer. I wish to collaborate with professionals solving real world problems in order to gain valuable skill based experience necessary to grow in the field. Please take a moment to visit my website at My website is continuously under construction as I refine it aesthetically and learn new ways to enhance its functionally. Thank you for taking the time to read about me and I look forward to building new professional relationships within this exciting field.

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