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Throughout mylife, I have held a keen interest in software development and strive to keep up to date ...
University of West London, UK
 Project:Researchintothe extractionof informationfrom ...
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Nathan Sharma CV

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. 1 Personal Statement Throughout mylife, I have held a keen interest in software development and strive to keep up to date with the latest in technological advancement. I am an MSc-educated Software Engineer who has worked on several projects as a senior iOS developer, a field that I am looking to continue pursuing. Thus I am currently seeking suitableprojectsona contractbasis. Professional Expertise  Programming Languages: Objective-C,Swift  OS Platforms:iOS  iOSSkills:AES, ApplePay , CoreImage,CoreAnimation,CoreGraphics,CoreLocation,Gigya, HealthKit, JSON,Keychain,MapKit, OAuth, Obfuscation,PassKit, Quartz, REST,RestKit, Soap, SSL, UIKit, XML,ZBar 3rd party libraries  DevelopmentEnvironments: Xcode Professional Experience SENIOR IOSDEVELOPER,DICE OCTOBER 2014 - PRESENT https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/dice-best-gigs-concerts-clubs/id898358948?mt=8 Buy tickets to the best gigs intown with nobookingor transactionfeeson DICE. Ticketsarelinkedto the device they’re purchasedonmakingthem completelytout proof and, as it’s 100%mobile,you’llnever needto print a ticketagain. Can’tmakea gig you’ve purchasedticketsfor?No problem,youcanreturn unwantedticketsbackto DICE for a full refund. Ourunique“WaitingList” feature alsomeansthosewho missedout are kept up-to-dateas new ticketsbecomeavailableforsoldout shows. Key points:  Agile environment.Scrum,Kanban  MobilePointof Saleand paymentprocessing.ApplePay  Securewebserviceintegration;Securelocaldatastorage. AES, Obfuscation,Keychain,Soap,XML, OAuth 2.0, SSL, Local Authentication Framework  QRgenerationandreading.CoreImage  Front-enddevelopment.PaintCode,UIKit,UIDynamics  Spotlightsearchintegration.CoreSpotlight  FacebookLogin.Gigya  Passkit integration.PassKit,JSON Nathan Sharma 412A Katherine Road London, E7 8NP (+44) 7845 097 392 developer.nsharma@gmail.com LinkedIn iOS
  • 2. 2 IOS MOBILESPECIALIST,FJUUL SEPTEMBER 2013– SEPTEMBER 2014 https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/fjuul-healthy-activity-coach/id663780818?mt=8 Turnyour everyday activities intoexerciseandget your healthydoseof dailyactivity! Fjuulgoesbeyond simplycountingstepsor caloriesandmeasuresthemostimportant elementofany activity – the intensity of movements- whileyou walk, work, run, dance,jog, shop,or party. Thisisa simplebut meaningfulwayto understandandcompareyouractivity, workout what’sbest for you and howyou canimprove over time. Key points:  Agile environment.Kanban  Integrationof native health-relatedresource.HealthKit  Apple Watch prototyping; TodayWidgetimplementation.App Extension  Custom controls;Front-enddevelopment.UIKit,CoreGraphics,CoreAnimation,Quartz  In-App Purchase integration.iTunesConnect  Localpersistentstorage.CoreData,HealthKit,Keychain  Optimisedwebserviceintegration.NSOperations,AFNetworking,REST,JSON,Instruments IOS SOFTWAREENGINEER,FIELD AGENT APRIL 2012 – SEPTEMBER 2013 https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/field-agent/id364946558?mt=8 Makemoneywith your iPhonecompletingsmalltaskswith FieldAgent! Completesmallassignmentsat placesyougo every day, likeyour localstore. We’llpay you for collecting informationlikephotos,pricesor productinformation -for ourclientsallover the world. Key points:  Agile, Test-Driven,environment.TDD, Kanban,Scrum  Location-awarefeatures.CoreLocation,Standard Services,SignificantChange,Mapkit  Simple,clean UI.UIKit,MapKit  Secureandnon-securewebserviceintegration;Securelocal datastorage. Keychain,Soap,REST, XML,JSON, SSL  Barcodescanning.ZBar,RESTKit
  • 3. 3 Education MSC SOFTWARE ENGINEERING University of West London, UK  Project:Researchintothe extractionof informationfrom onlinecommunitiesandwebsites.  Majors: Distributed Application Development, Component Modelling (Star UML), Knowledge ManagementandProjectManagement. BACHELORS OF COMPUTER APPLICATIONS Guru Nanak Dev University, India  Project:AccountingInformationSystemssoftware  Majors:C/C++ (Visual Studio, TurboC),ComputerGraphics,Mathematics,SQLDBMS andHTML. Personal Interests and Achievements  Won post of generalcollegesecretaryinNSUI elections.  Achieved scholarshipawardofonethird fee concessioninsecondaryeducation.  MemberofschoolChessClub.  Played in inter-schoolCricketcup.  Attended TCSworkshoponKnowledgeManagement.  ParticipatedandwonDistrictlevel Bhangracompetitions.  Actively participatedinBlooddonationcamps. References Available upon Request

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