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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - NathanMillsCV2015(B)

  • 1. Nathan Mills Virtuosic Media Nathan Mills @NathanMillsVM Virtuosic Media 9 Chapel End, Great Gidding, Huntingdon, Cambs, PE28 5NP 07896330507 email: tel: I’m Nathan Mills and I am a highly driven person who is ready to enter the world of media with experience in many aspects of video production including cinematography, directing, producing and writing. I have a high level of appreciation for the importance of teamwork, having had work within several teams throughout my time at uni. Working as a director and producer on my uni projects certainly improved my leadership skills and ability to remain calm on set should things go wrong. Adaptaility has become key to how I work, because our groups were constantly changing in univeristy, I had to adapt quickly in a short period of time. I have also learnt to work independently when it has been required of me. My technical skills include Directing, Producing, Camera Operating (including Canon C100), sound recording, editing (Premiere Pro) and scriptwriting. I have always had a drive for knowledge and I am constantly looking to learn and improve my skills and abilities. April 2015 - Hit the Deck Festival Crash Doubt [Camera Operator/ Editor] Showing an ability to work long days having been on my feet for the entire day filming interviews and bands performing throughout the festival’s many venues. My work was also completely voluntary and has since led to invites to more festivals during the summer of 2015. December 2014 - Newton Science Academy Promo Video Virtuosic Media [Camera Operator] This project, although a simple one, provided me with the chance to demonstrate my abilities to a client outside of university and has since led to more work. March 2014 - JACKED Promo Video JACKED [Camera Operator/Assistant Editor] First-hand experience of filming a nightclub event, gaining vital knowledge of filming in dark, poorly lit environments. Strength in character having to deal with intoxicated member of the public trying to touch my equipment. December 2013 - The Ritz: A Special Place The University of Lincoln [Producer] A project about a recent renovation of an historic cinema in Lincoln. The success from this film included being nominated for a LUMAS Award and also having the film screened at the cinema itself. University of Lincoln (2012-2015) BA Hons Media Production (Predicted grade – 2:1) Yale College (2009-2011) A levels (CCC) Sawtry Community College (2002-2007) 13 GCSEs Including Bs in Science, Maths and English I am an avid watcher of films, which constantly give me inspiration for my own work. Alongside my studies, two fellow media graduates and I started a self-initiated project which is known as Virtuosic Media. The main purpose of this was to enhance our technical skills and allow us to gain a knowledge in business. Together we have creates both short films and promotional videos, whilst working under a strict budget. The interest I have in film has also got me interested in advances in technology. I believe it is a marvel to witness and I have a constant urge to always be up to date with the latest technological discoveries. My first experiences of team work came from playing a variety of sports in my youth, putting my ability to work well in a team down the years I encountered with my team mates. Hello: Experience: Education:Interests:

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