Nathan McKenzie
M: 0798 514 6227 Postcode: EH11 2DY Email:
A highly motivated, conscientious gra...
OFFICE ASSISTANT Holders Technology, Galashiels Summer 2011
After doing a voluntary school placement for the company, I wa...
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Nathan Mckenzie CV

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. Nathan McKenzie M: 0798 514 6227 Postcode: EH11 2DY Email: A highly motivated, conscientious graduate civil engineer, who is searching for a graduate level job, that will provide the training required to allow me to progress towards being an articulated and well-functioning engineer and further develop my academic knowledge through different and exciting opportunities and gain necessary experience needed to progress my career. Education September 2011 – June 2015 Edinburgh Napier University BSc (Hons) Civil Engineering 2:1 Geotechnics 3 and Geoenvironmental Engineering in Practice • Currently studying this module I have been covering lateral earth pressure analysis and reinforced earth. In a group project we designed and built a retaining wall to support a surcharge of 50kg for which we received a mark of 68%, I received a 66% pass for the module Environmental Hydraulics • This module covered over the various fundamental concepts in areas such as channel flow, river and canal engineering, coastal engineering, and sediment and pollution transport. Structural Timber Design • This involved the design of basic structural elements in timber based on the Limit States Design philosophy using Eurocodes (EC0, EC1 and EC5) for designing basic timber structural components, including bending members, axially loaded members and members subjected to combined axial and bending loads, I gained a pass of 64% pass for this module. Water Engineering • During this module I learned about the processes and calculations involved in wastewater treatment, drinking water treatment, pumps and pumping systems and gained a pass of 78% for the module. Applied Structural Design 2 • In this module I have been learning about structural design in the following areas according to Eurocodes, multi storey columns, simple and moment connections, rigid frames, structural masonry and pre-stressed concrete. Aug 2005-June 2011 Galashiels Academy, Scotland (Scottish Higher & Standard Grades) Scottish Higher Grades Maths, Physics, Human Biology and History Technical Skills • AutoCAD-During 3rd year I used this programme to display a digital map for pubs in Edinburgh, as part of the Digital Mapping and GIS module. • Eurocodes-Having entered university after change from using British Standards to the Eurocode system, I have become experienced in the use of Eurocodes rather than British Standards. • Microsoft Office Suites-During my voluntary work experience and summer work for Holders Technology, this required frequent use of excel for stock maintenance, during university I have regularly used many of the programmes available through Microsoft Office Suite. • Synergee – Used for analysis of UK gas networks to provide mains replacement designs and biogas injection point studies. Relevant Work Experience Network Analyst SGN (Scotia Gas Networks) June 2015 – Present Working within an overall team of around 30 staff, undertaking network analysis of gas distribution networks. • Utilising network analysis models of gas supply system, to provide an efficient planning service. • Designing new and replacement gas mains designs. • Recommending the optimum method of operation of gas supply system. • Providing an efficient and effective service to operational departments. • Working with standard Microsoft databases and spreadsheets.
  • 2. OFFICE ASSISTANT Holders Technology, Galashiels Summer 2011 After doing a voluntary school placement for the company, I was offered a summer job assisting in the office and on the engineering floor, before entering my first year of university. • Duties included using excel to sort customer orders and stock of materials, mailing/delivering of orders and taking calls in the office. • Whilst working here I created an excel database that logged the weight per metre squared in correlation with the exact price for shipping, this saved the company time for shipping as there was no need for weighing of the materials before shipping. • I also helped the head engineer, improve the efficiency of machines when drilling into the circuit boards by creating faster paths to be drilled in the boards, saving time and energy. • Skills learned: clear communication, proficient with excel and all other Microsoft suites Other Work Experience CREW MEMBER McDonalds, Galashiels and Edinburgh May 2012 – May 2015 I have a part time job while at University to augment my finances. Working as part of a team in a busy fast food restaurant and dealing with customers in an efficient and courteous manner. • Duties included cashier operator, cleaning equipment, stock control • Skills learned interpersonal communication, good hygiene, organizational skills BEATER Buccleuch Sporting Estate October 2007- February 2012 I worked as a seasonal beater at the Bowhill Estate, receiving orders and coherently performing required tasks, and was asked back year on year. • Duties included taking orders from the gamekeepers and working effectively as part of a team to keep a line to drive the pheasants. • Skills learned: taking orders, discipline PAPER BOY I & E McCudden, Selkirk May 2005 – June 2009 I started work at a young age as a paper boy delivering newspapers to customers early in the morning. • Duties included delivering papers and preparing papers before rounds for efficient dispersal • Skills learned: time management, organisational skills Core Skills  Solid work ethic – Having worked in a wide variety of roles to help support and pay my own way through school and university.  Team player- I have worked well within teams both at university projects, at work situations as well as extracurricular activities.  Leadership- Proven experience of leading teams and individuals, from group projects to sports teams.  Communication – Able to communicate effectively with a wide range of people and in diverse situations to achieve the mutual goals. Volunteering As an active member of the kayaking community, I have been donating 3 hours a week to coaching beginners of all ages from my local and university club. I also donate 5 hours most weekends, to leading groups down Scottish rivers which involves working as part of a team and communicating effectively. I have also received a bravery commendation from the chief constable after showing the initiative to stop and apprehend a thief in the meadows. Interests • Active member of kayaking community, competed in canoe polo at national level • Keen white water paddler, make video edits from outdoor pursuits • Also enjoys fly fishing in local rivers and sea fishing trips References made available on request

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