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NathanMcDermott Resume

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - NathanMcDermott Resume

  • 1. N​ATHAN​M​C​D​ERMOTT 12 Setter Place, Kendall Park, NJ 08824 908.421.4962 Nathan.D.McDermott@gmail.com O​BJECTIVE Hard working and motivated Music Industry college senior seeking internship opportunity focused in audio engineering and recording within a recording studio. E​DUCATION MONMOUTH UNIVERSITY,​​West Long Branch, NJ Bachelor of Arts in Music with a concentration in Music Industry Expected Graduation May 2016 Related Course Work ● Studied online and offline marketing principles in Business of Music course. ● Created and manipulated audio recordings in Pro Tools through Record Production course. ● Practiced the fundamentals of Music Theory including scales, rhythm, pitch and tone. ● Performed as a member of Monmouth University’s Pep Band (4 years) and Concert Choir (2 years). ● Collaborated to create and teach multiple mini-lessons to a class of bioethics students. M​USIC ​I​NDUSTRY ​E​XPERIENCE APPLIED MUSIC INDUSTRY 2 & 3, Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ Blue Hawk Records Team Member Spring & Fall Semesters 2015 ● Auditioned and selected artists for the compilation album ​Blue Hawk 5​. ● Developed and followed 3a timeline for album production as well as a marketing approach with others. ● Catered to artists’ needs at Lakehouse Recording Studio to prepare them for recording. ● Worked with others on the vision of the album art. ● Arranged and executed photoshoot for the album cover. ● Communicated marketing and advertising plans with team members regarding an album release event. ● Advertised the album across multiple Social Media platforms with a focus on Tumblr. ● Released the compilation album ​Blue Hawk 5​in April 2015. W​ORK ​E​XPERIENCE WILLOWS SWIM CLUB, Kendall Park, NJ Senior Lifeguard ​Summers June 2010 - Present ● Mentored new lifeguards in completion of tasks related to the safe and successful operation of a swim club. ● Monitored and maintained healthy pool levels through hourly tests and necessary chemical adjustments. ● Opened and closed business by setting out and cleaning up office and safety equipment. ● Assisted in the enrollment of new families by guiding prospective families through the steps of applying for a membership, collecting fees, and creating personal identification badges. ● Greeted and signed-in guests and visitors by using data-entry system and collecting proper fees. ● Maintained a safe environment for large quantities of people through enforcement of defined rules related to personal safety and proper behavioral conduct. ● Developed relationships with upwards of 500 families by learning needs, habits, and interests. ● Planned and executed numerous activities, crafts, and events for members of varying ages. ● Certified in CPR and First Aid (Re-certified Spring 2015). S​KILLS Computer Experience with Pro Tools, Microsoft Windows & Mac OS, Google Drive, and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) Recommendations furnished upon request.

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