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Nate Sandvig Resume

Project developer and manager of large and small programs and projects to enable business growth across multiple functions and geographies in complex, global organizations and environments.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Nate Sandvig Resume

  • 1. NATHAN A. SANDVIG   (971)  229-­‐1949         Renewable  Energy  Professional   Project  developer  and  manager  of  large  and  small  programs  and  projects  to  enable  business  growth  across   multiple   functions   and   geographies   in   complex,   global   organizations   and   environments.     Respected   for   consistently  exceeding  organizational  performance  goals  in  complex  and  challenging  environments  to  drive   positive  outcomes  and  solutions  on  schedule  in  a  cost-­‐effective  manner.    Experience  and  expertise  include:     • Business  Development   • Leadership   • Risk-­‐Informed  Decision-­‐Making   • Strategic  Planning   • Stakeholder  Engagement   • Project  Development  and  Management   • Multi-­‐Discipline  Team  Building   • Energy  Policy       PROFESSIONAL  EXPERIENCE   MWH  GLOBAL  Portland,  OR                   2013-­‐2015   Major  Campaign  Manager   Led   strategy   development,   business   planning,   resourcing,   implementation,   management,   client   service   engagement  and  coordination  of  large  marketing  programs  and  pursuits  focusing  on  providing  services  to   promising  new  and  existing  multibillion  hydropower,  water  storage  and  navigation  projects  within  North   America  for  a  top  global  engineering  firm.   • Directed   multi-­‐discipline   engineering   and   environmental   team   in   licensing   Klickitat   Public   Utility   District’s  1200-­‐MW  JD  Pool  Pumped  Storage  Project  in  Washington,  establishing  this  $3B  project  as   one  of  the  premier  project  of  its  type  in  North  America,  resulting  in  a  top  revenue  leader  for  the   company  and  multiple  additional  revenue  generating  pumped  storage  project  opportunities.       • Developed,   established   and   executed   a   national   campaign   business   strategy   and   implementation   plan   focused   on   growing   the   company’s   federal   business   service   offerings   around   the   U.S.   Army   Corps  of  Engineers’  Civil  Works  $4.8B  water  infrastructure  program,  building  key  relationships  and   securing   contracts   around   priority   districts   with   the   greatest   amount   of   dams,   hydropower   and   navigation  assets.         EDF  RENEWABLE  ENERGY,  Portland,  OR                 2010-­‐2013   Project  Developer   Managed   the   overall   pre-­‐construction   development   tasks   for   assigned   Northwest   region   project   sites,   maximizing   project   profit   and   returns.     Initiated   and   led   all   aspects   of   project   permitting,   including   consultant   studies,   related   to   the   development   of   regional   sites.     Maintained   time   schedules,   budgets,   scopes  and  team  performance  for  site  selection,  land  acquisition,  permitting  and  marketing.       • Directed  strategy,  due-­‐diligence  and  over  $1M  in  capital  deployment  for  company’s  pumped  storage   hydropower  initiative  in  North  America,  realizing  a  joint  venture  in  addition  to  federal  preliminary   permits  for  two  greenfield  sites.     • Delivered   company’s   wind   priority   project   federal,   state   and   local   permitting,   stakeholder   engagement   and   outreach,   utility   transmission   interconnection,   transmission   service,   power   purchase  agreement,  budget  and  schedule  management  advancing  development  of  the  project.
  • 2. NATHAN A. SANDVIG (971)  229-­‐1949      HORIZON  WIND  ENERGY,  Portland,  OR                 2007-­‐2010   Project  Development  Manager     Managed   utility-­‐scale   wind   energy   project   development   in   the   western   United   States   from   project   site   acquisition,   assessing   and   mitigating   development   risks,   negotiating   land   agreements,   securing   interconnection  and  transmission  agreements,  drafting  utility  bid  packages,  building  relationships  with  local   community   and   stakeholders,   and   securing   local,   state,   and   federal   permits.   Operated   a   development   budget  of  $12M,  a  staff  of  3  project  developers,  and  several  consultant  project  teams.   • Initiated   and   managed   the   utility   interconnection   process   for   11   wind   energy   projects   totaling   1,100MW  of  generation  resulting  in  6  executed  interconnection  agreements.   • Secured   site   development   rights,   interconnection   agreements,   community   support   and   local   construction  and  operational  permits  for  a  154-­‐turbine  wind  energy  project  in  Wyoming.   • Conducted  due-­‐diligence  process  on  several  900-­‐mile  high-­‐voltage  interstate  transmission  projects  to   export   wind   energy   from   Wyoming   to   California   leading   to   a   signed   precedent   agreement   with   TransCanada’s  fully  subscribed  $3B  Zephyr  Power  Transmission  Project.   • Led  regional  renewable  project  portfolio  analysis  and  project  prospecting  initiative  in  California  to   identify  at  least  three  viable  wind  energy  project  high-­‐return  investment  opportunities.     NOBLE  ENVIRONMENTAL  POWER,  Essex,  Connecticut             2005-­‐2007   Project  Manager           Managed  the  company’s  development  efforts  in  New  England  from  identification  of  viable,  low-­‐risk  wind   sites  for  development,  securing  of  wind  development  property  rights,  utility  interconnection,  permitting   efforts,  coalition  and  relationship-­‐building  of  local  communities,  government  officials,  regulatory  agencies   and   key   stakeholders   for   3   utility-­‐scale   wind   energy   projects.     Oversaw   a   budget   of   $3.1M,   2   project   developers  and  a  team  of  consultants.       • Initiated   greenfield   project   development,   definition,   site   acquisition   and   team-­‐building,   ultimately   leading   to   the   successful   operation   of   the   99-­‐MW   Granite   Reliable   Wind   Farm,   the   largest   wind   project  in  New  Hampshire.         US  ARMY,  INFANTRY,  101st  Airborne  Division/2nd  Infantry  Division         1998-­‐2005   Captain   Held  numerous  leadership  positions  with  experience  in  both  combat  and  peacekeeping  operations  in  Iraq   and  Bosnia-­‐Herzegovina  before  being  Honorably  Discharged.    Led  organizations  and  operations  as  large  as   120   soldiers   and   managed   over   $100M   worth   of   equipment   with   budgets   exceeding   $80M   with   100%   accountability,  no  loss  of  life  or  incident.     EDUCATION  &  TRANING   M.S.,  Project  Management,  George  Washington  University,  2014     B.S.,  Military  History/Systems  Engineering,  United  States  Military  Academy,  West  Point,  New  York   Economic  Evaluation  &  Investment  Decision  Methods  Short  Course,  Colorado  School  of  Mines   Executives  Learning  about  Forestry,  School  of  Forestry  &  Environmental  Studies,  Yale  University     The  Climate  Project  Training  with  former  Vice-­‐President  Al  Gore     CERTIFICATIONS   Project  Management  Institute  Project  Management  Professional  (PMP  #1789141)     PROFESSIONAL  AFFILIATIONS   President,  West  Point  Society  of  Oregon   Second  Vice  President,  Society  of  American  Military  Engineers,  Portland  Post

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