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Nathan Levinson_Resume_December_2015

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Nathan Levinson_Resume_December_2015

  • 1. Nathan  K.  Levinson   345  East  80th  Street,  Apt.  33F  New  York,  NY  10075   (914)  907-­‐6121  ·∙   Education                             Oberlin  College,  Oberlin,  OH  (Class  of  2015)   • B.A.  in  Politics     Work  Experience                           Unified  Social:  Campaign  Coordinator,  New  York,  NY  (December  2015-­‐Present)   • Assist  Campaign  Managers  in  the  creation  and  optimization  of  ad  campaigns.   • Assist  with  mid-­‐campaign  and  post-­‐campaign  reporting  and  other  client  services   • Conduct  research  for  the  purposes  of  creating  target  audiences     CBS:  Page,  New  York,  NY  (July  2015-­‐November  2015)   • Communicated  with  live  control  rooms  and  rearranged  commercial  breaks  for  live  events  on  CBS  Sports  Network   • Greeted  and  coordinated  pickup  and  drop-­‐off  times  for  talent  and  guests  on  CBS  This  Morning  Saturday   • Collaborated  with  Audience  Coordinators  to  assist  guests  on  HBO's  Last  Week  Tonight  With  John  Oliver     SperoMedia:  Intern,  Assistant  Account  Manager,  New  York,  NY  (January  2012,  June  2015-­‐July  2015)   • Gathered  and  organized  media  rates  and  researched  information  for  sports  and  entertainment  advertising  firm   • Monitored  media  buys,  delivered  traffic  instructions,  and  confirmed  spot  delivery  with  stations/networks   • Coordinated  media  buys  for  clients  such  as  New  York  Jets,  New  York  Mets,  WWE,  and  The  Marvel  Experience     Oberlin  Review:  Editor  of  Newspaper  Sports  Section,  Oberlin,  OH  (January  2013-­‐May  2015)   • Wrote  editorials  on  national  sports  topics  and  weekly  articles  on  Oberlin  College  sporting  events   • Conducted  weekly  meetings  and  assigned  articles  to  on-­‐staff  writers     Oberlin  College  Student  Union:  Info  Desk  Attendant,  Building  Monitor  Oberlin,  OH  (August  2013-­‐May  2015)   • Provided  customer  service  to  patrons  seeking  information  about  College   • Supervised  Information  Desk  Attendants     Graham  Windham  Welfare  Agency:  Summer  Camp  Athletic  Director,  Bronx,  NY  (June  2014-­‐August  2014)   • Hired  and  supervised  over  40  Summer  Youth  Employment  Program  workers   • Created,  facilitated,  and  administered  sports  curriculum  for  over  200  underprivileged  grade-­‐school  children     Bleacher  Report:  Sports  Media  Intern  (May  2013-­‐August  2013)   • Wrote  weekly  articles  as  contributor  for  online  sports  news  site   • Worked  with  instructors  and  editors  to  better  generate  engaging  analysis  of  current  news  topics     Extracurricular  Activities                         WOBC  Oberlin  College  Radio:  Sports-­‐Talk  Radio  Show,  Co-­‐founder,  Oberlin,  OH  (Sept.  2012-­‐May  2015)   • Founded  only  Oberlin  College  sports-­‐talk  radio  show   • Maintained  extensive  knowledge  of  pro  and  amateur  baseball,  basketball,  and  football  to  facilitate  weekly  hour-­‐ long  discussions  on  hot  sports  topics     Skills  &  Interests                           • Skills:  PowerPoint,  Microsoft  Word,  Microsoft  Excel,  Outlook,  Macintosh  Operating  Systems   • Interests:  Media,  Marketing,  Writing,  Statistics,  MLB,  MiLB,  NFL,  NBA,  NFL  Draft

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