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Nate Ernest-Jones_Resume

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Nate Ernest-Jones_Resume

  • 1. 5101  NW  21st  Avenue,  Suite  300,  Fort  Lauderdale  FL  33309  –  nate@tworld.com  -­‐  (954)  617-­‐6482       CONNECT     NATE ERNEST-JONES      954.617.6482          /nateernestjones      Nate@tworld.com    @bizbrokerbuzz      Tworld.com          bizbrokerbuzz.com     ENGAGE WHAT I DO I  assist  business  owners  in  selling  their  business.  With   combined  experience  of  running  a  successful  real-­‐estate   consulting  firm,  and  various  entrepreneurial  ventures,  I   understand  what  comprises  value  in  a  business  and  how   to  find  the  right  buyer.   • Business  Valuation   • Market  Positioning   • Structuring  a  Purchase   • Financing  &  Equity   • Executing  Acquisition   • Real-­‐estate  Aspects     MY CLIENTS For  most  business  sellers  and  buyers,  the  sale  of  a   business  will  be  one  of  the  largest  -­‐  and  most  important  -­‐   financial  transactions  of  their  lives.  My  clients  will  tell  you   that  I  address  their  needs  with  professionalism,  tact,  and  a   large  network  of  advisors  &  contacts  to  ensure  success.   • Business  Owners   • Prospective  Buyers   • Various  Industries   • Lower-­‐middle  Market   • Mergers  &  Acquisitions   • Strategic  Buyers     IDENTIFY WHO I AM 2x  former  business  owner;  Bachelors:  Economics,   Masters:  Real-­‐Estate;  French:  fluent;  Avid  reader/traveler   TEAM   TRANSWORLD BUSINESS ADVISORS After  more  than  35  years  in  business  brokerage,   Transworld  Business  Advisors  is  a  world  leader  is  business   sales,  franchises,  and  Mergers  &  Acquisitions.   Headquartered  in  Fort  Lauderdale,  FL,  Transworld  has  over   90  offices  throughout  the  U.S.  and  is  expanding  rapidly   across  the  globe.

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