Natasha Draper West CV 2014: Mobile: 07939126552 ,Home: 01634716247
C U R I C U L U M V...
Natasha Draper West CV 2014: Mobile: 07939126552 ,Home: 01634716247
 I have writtennum...
Natasha Draper West CV 2014: Mobile: 07939126552 ,Home: 01634716247
 Health ClubManage...
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Natasha Draper West CV 2015

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Natasha Draper West CV 2015

  • 1. Natasha Draper West CV 2014: Mobile: 07939126552 ,Home: 01634716247 C U R I C U L U M V I T A E Personal Details NAME: MRS NATASHA DRAPERWEST NATIONALITY: TrinidadandTobago RESIDENTIAL STATUS: Indefinite Leave toRemain “Discovery” Profile:In everyday activities,Natasha istolerant,open-minded, flexibleand adaptable,enjoying the presentmoment. Objectivesand Personal Profile: People:Iam an ambitiouspersonwithastrongmanagementapproachthatis alsopeople focusedand respectful. Iunderstandmyclients’needsbybuildingandnurturingrelationshipsandItailorcustomerservice stylestosuite theirneeds. Operations:My currentportfolioincludesclientsfrom the followingsectors: legal,financial,facilities managementandprofessional services. Overview:I enjoychallengesand embrace the opportunitiestoshape change by usingcreativityandother people todevelopideas andmove forward. Iam professional andadaptable tochange. EDUCATION AND QUALIFICATIONS: 1998 - 2001: South Bank UniversityLondon,BA (Hons) International Tourism and Hotel Management 1992 -1994: Trinidadand Tobago Hotel School,Diploma in HospitalityManagement EMPLOYMENT HISTORY 2006 – Present– Portico Corporate Services  ClientServicesOperationsManager (withregional remit)  Regional remit:ClientsandTeamsinGatwick, Heathrow andChiswickPark.Variousclient locationsinLondon. People:  In mycurrent role,Ihave managedredundancies,employee grievancesanddisciplinaries and performance reviews,includingandnotlimitedto personal developmentplan,personal improvementplans, standardone toones,trainingsessions,competencyreviewsand successionplanning.  I manage payroll andfinancial budgets  I have managedTUPE (Transferof UndertakingsProtectionof Employment)  I implementandsupportStandardOperatingProceduresandhave researchedand presentednewideaswithregardstofrontof house managementsystemssuchasData Craft, and Resource Scheduler.  I supportmy supervisorswiththe planningof regularteammeetings whichincludeagendas, presentations,trainingpointsandactions,minutesandfollow ups.
  • 2. Natasha Draper West CV 2014: Mobile: 07939126552 ,Home: 01634716247  I have writtennumerousriskassessmentsandtrainedteammembersonHealthandSafety policiesandprocedures  I ensure thatall of mysiteshave relevantandupdatedHealthandSafetyinformation includingsignedtrainingrecords. Client:  I manage billing/invoicingandbudgetsincludingourmonthlytradingof accounts, the re- conciliationof monthlyandannual budgets,payroll budgetsandoverall contractedbudgets. I presentthese atclientmeetings,eithermonthly,quarterlyorannually.  I developandmanage clientrelationshipsandexpectations. Isell andpresentPortico’score services,thatisCustomerService personnel aswell asadditionalservicessuchasPortico Flowers,BespokeConcierge andElite Cover  I chair and planmonthlyandannual clientservice reviews,thisalsoincludesthe preparation of monthlyandannual reports.  I have managednewclientsfrom“golive”implementationof the service andalsothe introductionof newcontractsand budgets  I have managedoffice movesandmobilizationsincludingfeasibilitystudies, chaired mobilizationmeetings,coordinatedthe move of internalclientsfromone buildingto anotherand alsotrained new andexistingstaff fornew locations.  I have attendedtenderpresentationsandpresentedonspecificoperational proceduresand policies.  I currentlymanage 12 contracts,overa diverse range of industrysectorsandregions includingmultiplesites andvaryinglevelof services. Ihave managedupto 40 team membersonone site andup to ca. 40 team membersovervarioussites. 2006 – 2011 – PricewaterhouseCoopersplcthen TUPE to Portico Corporate Services  pwc Front of House Manager up to 2009, 2009 – 2011 TUPE (Transferof UndertakingsProtectionof Employment):ServicesManagerfor Portico Corporate Servicesat PricewaterhouseCoopers  My remitinthisrole includedmostof the responsibilitiesandactionslistedabove.  One keyadditional functionwithinthisrole includedsupportingPortico’spartnershipwith WilsonJamesSecurityServices. AsServicesmanagerI managedthe developmentof the “seamless”customerservice providedbyboththe PorticoFOHTeamsand the WilsonJames Security teams. Thisincludedtraininganddevelopment,facilitatingjointteammeetingsand sharingideasfora jointservice standard. 1998 – 2006 - Hilton LondonMetropole Hotel  ReceptionManager (2005 -2006)  Managed all aspects of operations for the Reception Department: Payroll and Budgets, People and recruitment, Schedules, Standard Operating Procedures, Rooms Management, Health and Safety.  Assistant OperationsManager (2003 – 2005)  My role involvedallof thefunctionsaboveandincludedthedaytodayrunningof thehotelonbehalf of Director of Operations and General Manager. I also adopted the role of Incident Controller.
  • 3. Natasha Draper West CV 2014: Mobile: 07939126552 ,Home: 01634716247  Health ClubManager (2001 – 2003)  Stakis Hotels- GuestRelationsManager (1998 – 2001)  Efficientlydealtwithguestcomplaintsinwritingandinperson 1994 – 1997 Coco ReefResort, Tobago Elbow Beach Hotel and DevelopmentCo., Bermuda.  Office Manager  Opened and mobilized Coco Reef Resort Elbow Beach Hotel and Development Co.:  I managed the rental of 35 villas located on the same site as the Hotel.  Prepared proposals, budgets and expenditure reports and Methods of Work Statements for the refurbishment of the Hotel and Villas.  Managedandrespondedtoissuesandcomplaintsfromguestsandtenantsonbehalf of theGeneral Manager and Director. Interests:  I am a nominated memberof the Parochial ChurchCouncil forthe Diocese of Rochester (St.Peterwith St. Margaret’sChurch),Kent,England  I was a memberandvolunteeredformanyyearsforthe Girl Guide Associationof TrinidadandTobago  I regularlyvolunteerformyson’sParentTeachersAssociationmeetingsandevents I am happy to provide referencesonrequest.

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