Candidate: Natasha Bennett, quality assurance manager, Stefanutti Stocks
To whom it may concern.
Motivationfor a...
of Stefanutti Stocks Civils); (R70-million) Richards Bay Minerals project; R260-million
Richards Bay Coal Terminal Expansi...
After matriculating in 1994 at ProteusSenior Secondary School, Atlantis Natasha studied
as a fitter and workedat Duferco S...
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Natasha Bennett_Cover Letter

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. Candidate: Natasha Bennett, quality assurance manager, Stefanutti Stocks Pipelines To whom it may concern. Motivationfor application: “Natasha is a credit to our industry, where she stands out head and shoulders amongst her peers. She is a highly respected team member, whocommands respect, and is direct and to the point withoutstepping on toes. Her workis consistently of a very high standard. She gives meticulous attention tothe detail and is cooland confident under pressure.” Hanli du Plessis,contractsdirector,Stefanutti StocksPipelines. Background: Natasha Bennett is a quality assurance manager at Stefanutti Stocks Pipelines a division of the multidisciplinary construction group Stefanutti Stocks. Priorto working forthe company she boasts a very successful track record with Group Five and Seating (Pty) Ltd. Since commencing her employment withStefanutti Stocks in 2009, she continues to make an impression on her colleagues, contractorsand clients. She embraces the process of quality assurance as an important functional tool that coversvarious bases – from keeping management informed and up to date to picking up trends, potential failures, and ensuring her projects do not incur the costof reworks.She is constantly seeking waysto improve processes and the standards of documentation, and is renowned within the company for her effectivesolutions, whichshe is alwaysmore than willing to share. Whether it is a tape measure, a theodolite or the accuracy of paint thickness, Natasha’s testing, attention to detail, checklists,control registers and reports are always exemplary. She is often complimented on her workand asked to present her solutions and many of her processes are being implemented. Communicationskills In the male-dominated construction industry Natasha integrates well and works as part of a team without compromising her position. Her effectivecommunication skills are key to her success and she commands attention and respect without being bullish or bossy, never compromising her position of leadership. She is candid, to the point and honest, and the no-nonsense approach, whichis one of her trademarks, sees her interacting withthe most different and difficultpersonalities with huge success. Her communicationskills extend to both her internal and external communications and she effectively uses, and even develops tools to enable more efficient communication between colleagues and/or withclients. Workethic andcommitment to quality In her career to date Natasha has had three of her sites submitted and successfully audited by ISO and boast withthe ISO 9001:2008 certificationof the Pipelines Division.Thelatter was achieved within 9 months.A first within the Stefanutti Group. She has a great work ethic and willput in long hours to achieve her goals. She does not miss deadlines. She has successfully handled major projects for Stefanutti Stocks including the R600-million Komati pipeline project (whichwas audited resulting in the ISO 9000:2008 recertification
  • 2. of Stefanutti Stocks Civils); (R70-million) Richards Bay Minerals project; R260-million Richards Bay Coal Terminal Expansion Five; and the R280-million Transnet Chemical Berth. She “likes to have her house in order” and this policy extends to all aspects of her work.She workswell as part of the quality team, and the overall site team and can be relied on for well-executedquality control. She effectively uses all the tools available from inspection procedures and processes, checklists and data packs through to her monthly reports, notices and posters on information boards. Skillsandsharingknowledge She believes in furthering herself and others through external and internal training, and willingly passes her insights and knowledge on to colleagues, withwhom she is patient and always helpful. She is a good trainer and mentor and able to pitch communication at the levels. Teamwork Natasha plays an integral part of the success of her site teams. She is very good with people, at all levels, whorespect her and warm to her sunny disposition. The combination of her experience, ambition, commitment to her responsibilities, willingness to share information and strong communication skills makes her an asset to both her site team as well as the Stefanutti Stocks group. Natasha aspires to a leadership position where she coversthe entire ISOplatform consisting of Health and Safety,Quality and Environmental (OHSE) and where she will perform an integrated role within all systems and documentation flow within a company – a role forwhichshe is currently laying a solid foundation for,and one which is well within her reach. QuotationsfromNatasha’scolleagues: “Natasha Bennett is an asset to our company, and demonstrates her capabilities and work ethic time and time again. She is currently quality manager on the R600-million Komati Pipeline project, where she is extremely successful in managing quality for all players in a joint venture. This extends beyond bricks, mortar and concrete to include electrical, mechanical, large bore pipe workand instrumentation.” Wade Leaf, contractsdirector,Stefanutti StocksCivilsKZN. “Natasha is extremely confident, highly efficientand consistently self-driven to produce the best results. She will never miss a deadline and goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure this. One of her most defining qualities is her candour - her straightforward and honest tackling of potential issues makes her easy to workwith and is a key ingredient in the efficiency of our mutual projects. Her professionalism filters through every aspect of her work– from implementing processes through to the quality of her reports.” LeighDressing,seniorsiteagent,Stefanutti StocksCivilsKZN. “Natasha is very generous in sharing her experience and knowledge with colleagues across the company,and has become a preferred source of information and adviceacross the Structures business unit. Her current site, the Komati pipeline project, was audited for ISO 9001:2008 recertificationand her experience, knowledge, attention to detail and precise documentation was instrumental in attaining Stefanutti Stocks’ quality recertification.” StephenWiese, safetymanager, Stefanutti StocksPipelines. Briefcareerhistory:
  • 3. After matriculating in 1994 at ProteusSenior Secondary School, Atlantis Natasha studied as a fitter and workedat Duferco Steel Processing first as a junior fitter and later as a mechanical fitter. In 2003 she relocated to the Eastern Cape and entered the quality field as an ISOSupervisor (Seating Eastern Cape PTY Ltd.), where she obtained her internal and supplier auditor certificateas wellas a diploma in quality management. She was later promoted toquality manager (2006) and broadened her skills and knowledge across a broad range of report writing, NCR analysis and trends, customer liaison and training. She was also part of the team that prepared the company forSHEQ certification. In 2008 she joined Group FiveCivil Engineering as a quality officer,and during her employ she was the custodian of quality on two major projects, namely Richards Bay Coal Terminal Expansion and the Gauteng Freeway Improvement ProjectPackageE. In 2009 she joined Stefanutti StocksCivils KZN. She is currently the appointed management representative for quality (MRQ) for Stefanutti StocksPipelines and her key performance areas include the following:  Writing of Quality Management System and related Procedures according to ISO 9001:2008  Implementing and maintaining Quality System  Monthly reporting to Senior Management re: Quality System  Statistical Analysis of tests results  Scheduling and conducting Internal Audits  Supplier auditing and evaluation  Client liaison in respect of quality  Control of Quality Manuals and Documents  Implement preventative and corrective actions  Drafting of quality standards, acceptance criteria and control/check sheets  Training of all staff into Quality Management system and procedures  Handling Customer Complaints  Monitor of new projects according to standards and specifications re: Quality Management System  Compiling and implementing Quality Control Procedures (ITPs):- Mechanical, Corrosion Protection (Internal and External Coating); Earthworks & Concrete Works  Managing Site Quality personnel  Managing of Quality in the fabrication shop (pipe specials) in relation to client criteria and shop drawings

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