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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - NatalieSkogsberg

  • 1.   TO: TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN FROM: JEFF HALL, CEO, “THE LATEST” (, Inc.) SUBJECT: NATALIE SKOGSBERG DATE: February 4, 2015 I am a newspaper veteran (former VP, Kansas City Star; president, Valley and Ventura County editions, Los Angeles Times; founder, Westside Today). In recent years, I’ve been involved in an online startup called “THE LATEST” ( We haven’t launched yet but we’re getting closer. We hope to go live sometime in summer of 2015. As we move closer and closer toward becoming a “real” company, I wanted to get an HR intern involved to help me put together a company policy manual. Natalie Skogsberg jumped in and quickly took over this project. In addition, she urged me to create job descriptions for all, which she also spearheaded. Natalie is a very no-nonsense, take-charge person. Whatever I asked her to do, she did quickly and well. She took it upon herself to contribute more than I asked. Natalie needs no baby-sitting. Nobody at our startup is as yet getting paid and Natalie participated in discussions about a “sweat equity” program we want to employ that will enable participants to earn shares of stock in our company. Natalie is now conversant in this topic as a result of her time with THE LATEST. We are waiting for the lawyers to put the finishing touches on this program. Similarly, we are currently in a “hurry up and wait” situation as our programmers continue to program the site. Right now, there is little Natalie or our non-technical people can do to move our project forward, and it’s hard to keep the energy high. I think Natalie would be wise to get involved with a company that’s more established, more structured. I wish her well in this endeavor. If I can offer any more insight about Natalie, please don’t hesitate to call me at 310-709- 6215 or by email:

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