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Name that Dog! Presentation Rubric

This rubric was created for the culminating activity of the Monarch Award Instructional Unit.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Name that Dog! Presentation Rubric

  • 1. Students’ Names: _______________________________________________________ Name that Dog! Presentation Rubric CATEGORY 4 3 2 1 Notes Worksheet • Notes Worksheet • Notes Worksheet • Notes Worksheet • Notes Worksheet is completely is mostly filled. is only halfway is less than filled. • Only missing one filled. halfway filled. • Each question is question. • Includes • Most are answered incomplete incomplete thoughtfully. answers. answers. PowerPoint • All 6 pages of the • At least 5 pages • Only 3 of the • The PowerPoint is Completeness PowerPoint are of the PowerPoint PowerPoint incomplete. completed. are completed. pages are • Most of the • All information • Most of the completed. information from from the Notes information from • Missing the Notes Worksheet is the Notes information from Worksheet is included. Worksheet is the Notes missing. • Also includes used. Worksheet. pictures. PowerPoint • Fonts and • Fonts and • Fonts and • No changes are Attractiveness backgrounds are backgrounds are backgrounds are made to the changed. changed. not changed. PowerPoint • Images from the • No images are • Images from the template. web and clipart used. web and clipart • No images or are used. • Some distracting are used. clipart are used. • No distracting sounds or colors. • May be some sounds or colors. distracting sounds or colors. Oral • Both students • Both students • Only one student • Only one student Presentation take turns giving take turns giving gives the gives the the presentation. the presentation. presentation. presentation. • The poem is read • PowerPoint • PowerPoint • PowerPoint slides loudly and slides are mostly slides are mostly are read. clearly. explained, but explained, but • Does not answer • PowerPoint some are read. some are read. the question: slides are • Mostly answer • Partially answers What is your explained, not the question: the question: poem's dog breed read. What is your What is your and why do you • Answer the poem's dog poem's dog think so? question: What is breed and why breed and why your poem's dog do you think so? do you think so? breed and why do you think so? Teacher Comments: