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NatalieRoweResume 4.2

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - NatalieRoweResume 4.2

  • 1. NATALIE  H.  ROWE   16  Lighthouse  Way,  Darien,  CT  06820   203.962.2954     EDUCATION UNIVERSITY  OF  VERMONT Burlington,  VT Bachelor  of  Science,   Public  Communication   Expected  May  2015   • Cumulative  GPA:  3.7   • Dean’s  List,  5  semesters             College  of  Agriculture  and  Life  Sciences     • Home  to  the  Public  Communication   department  with  an  emphasis  on   entrepreneurship,  marketing  and   advertising   EXPERIENCE     2015-­‐‑Present     US  SHERPA:  Brand  Ambassador  Internship   Burlington,  VT   • Promote  the  company  by  posting  on  social  media   • Sample  products  while  educating  consumers  and  introducing  them  to  the  brand   personality  and  values         2014-­‐‑2014     LEADDOG  MARKETING  GROUP:  Client  Partnerships  Intern   New  York,  NY   • Assembly  and  coordination  of  company  outreach  materials     • Marketing  research   • Building  client  facing  marketing  presentations     • Coordination  of  company  Service  Day  philanthropic  event       2013-­‐‑2013     THE  MADISON  SQUARE  GARDEN  COMPANY:  HR  Student  Associate   New  York,  NY   • Recruited  students  for  the  fall  Student  Associate  Program   • Reviewed  resumes  and  identified  initial  candidates  for  screening   • Conducted  screening  interviews  by  phone     • Held  in-­‐‑person  interviews     • Coordinated  multiple  schedules  using  Outlook  to  coordinate  group  interviews     2008-­‐‑2010   MOUNT  SNOW,  LTD:  Ski  Instructor   West  Dover,  VT     Certified  Ski  Instructor  -­‐‑  Winters  of  2009,  2010   • Taught  skiing  to  groups  of  5  to  15  children  age  7  to  12           Assistant  Ski  Instructor  -­‐‑  Winter  of  2008   • Shadowed  and  assisted  Pro  Instructor  in  the  instruction  of  groups  of  new  skiers  ages  5  to  7       in  beginner  area  of  Mount  Snow       2008-­‐‑2010   INTERNATIONAL  ROCK  CLIMBING  SCHOOL:  Climbing  Instructor   Boston,  MA   • Achieved  full  instructor  status  in  2010  for  this  “Outward  Bound”  –  type  camp  in  The   White  Mountains  of  New  Hampshire   • Trained  by  Director/Founder  of  IRC  School  Aleksey  Shuruyev,  noted  Russian  coach     RELEVANT  COURSEWORK   OTHER  ACTIVITES  &  INTERESTS   •Winner  of  the  2015  Scholastic  Recognition  and        Honors  Award   •University  of  Vermont  Crew  Team   •  Co-­‐‑Captain,  Darien  High  School  Ski  Racing        2010  Connecticut  State  Champions   •  US  Climbing  nationally  ranked  competitive            indoor  rock  climber  2004  –  2009        Invited  to  National  level  competition  2  years     •  Interests  include  physical  fitness,  professional        hockey  and  music             • Applied  Research  Methods     Participated  in  a  service-­‐‑learning  project  using  several         forms  of  research  (surveys,  interviews,  observation)  to         collect  data,  then  analyzed  and  presented  it  using  analytics   software  SPSS           • Public  Communications  Capstone     Worked  with  the  Visiting  Nurses  Association  as  a         Marketing  Intern.  Created  new  in-­‐‑house  promotional       material  and  worked  with  their  budget  and  calendar

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