Nataliia Pavlova
Nashua, NH 03063 Mobile:(617) 208-9917 Email:
• Perform regression testing
• Create and execute test cases of different functionalities
• Report and track detected issu...
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Natalie Pavlova Resume

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Natalie Pavlova Resume

  • 1. Nataliia Pavlova Nashua, NH 03063 Mobile:(617) 208-9917 Email: SOFTWARE QA ENGINEER PROFILE: • 2+ years of proficient experience in testing web-based and mobile software applications • Professional Software QA specialist with more than 40 projects • Skilled documentation and requirements analysis connected to the background in law practice • Profound Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle • Experienced in bug reporting and bug tracking • Proficient in creating Software documentation: traceability matrices, test cases, test plans • Proficient in Agile, Waterfall cycle • Using automation tools whenever it might be useful • Experience of functional, localization, performance and usability testing • Able to perform great individual result, as well as be a good team player • Open to learn new technologies, struggle to perfection, but respect limited resources • Languages: English, German, French, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian TECHNICAL SKILLS: Platforms: Windows, MAC OS X, Linux Mobile platforms: iOS, Android OS, Windows Phone Programming: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, SQL, Perl Test automation: Selenium Bug Tracking: Bugzilla, JIRA Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera Testing tools: JMeter, Firebug Software: Shell, LibreOffice, MS Office, MS Access WORK EXPERIENCE: 07/13-Present Software QA Engineer, Infomatrix Global, San Jose, CA Project: Two-domain Web application for news and communication, public petitioning, social networking: • Collect, analyze general requirements and information of different functionalities of the tested application • Perform exploratory testing from user's perspective • Perform functional testing of the components in production environment • Perform GUI, user experience testing of various components of the application • Participate in localization testing for German and French versions of the petitions site • Perform regression testing every week after the new build is released • Manage testing environment, complete cross-browser, cross-platform, integration testing • Writing and executing test cases for different components of the application • Report detected issues in Bugzilla bug tracking system, track reported issues • Create scripts for testing automation in Selenium • Participate in weekly online meetings of QA team, discussed detected issues and other problems Project: Mobile application for location tracking and communication: • Manage testing environment for testing of Android version of the application • Prepare individual test plans for verifying location reporting accuracy and SOS functionality • Perform exploratory and functional testing from user's perspective in production environment • Perform User experience and GUI testing of different components • Participate in localization testing of the Russian and English versions of the application • Testing the application functionalities by network change from WiFi to GSM data and backwards
  • 2. • Perform regression testing • Create and execute test cases of different functionalities • Report and track detected issues in Bugzilla bug tracking system • Participate in QA team discussions Project: Desktop Web application for visual analytics and optimization of web content: • Analyzed project documentation, user cases and requirements to Web applications • Managed environment for testing • Performed functional testing by components in staging environment • Performed cross-browser, cross-platform testing • Performed GUI and User experience testing • Reported detected issues in Bugzilla bug tracking system, tracked reported issues • Verified bugs fixed and performed regression testing • Reported on QA meetings and discussed detected issues with colleagues and supervisors Project: Mobile application for access to government import-export regulations: • Manage environment for testing the application on iPad, iOS • Analyze requirements of the application and the information which should be provided to user • Analyze provided user cases for different modes • Perform functional testing of different components • Perform usability testing of browsing, navigations, search functionalities, advertisement • Detect root causes of the browsing issues by comparing the original regulations acts content to the one presented in the application • Participate in cross-platform testing and the testing of designated functionalities on different devices • Report detected issues into bug tracking system, provide additional information • Reproduce issues reported by the other testers to confirm them present on different devices • Participate in QA discussions on the project Project: Complex application for time attendance and employees working time reporting with web module for the manager and native mobile applications for employees: • Analyzing project requirements for each module • Managing environments for testing the Web module and Employee's modules on Android, iOS devices • Perform cross-platform and cross-browser testing Create individual test plans for working days of positive testing • Create and execute negative test cases to verify accuracy of collected data • Perform functional testing of the Web module by verification of the Employee's working time presentation accuracy in automatically generated reports and PDF files • Perform functional, GUI testing of the native mobile applications • Report detected issues providing all requested information 2005-2013 Lawyer, Public and Private Institutions, Kiev, Ukraine • Collecting and preparing all kinds of court and administration documents, representation of my clients in the courts and public institutions, all kinds of legal assistance EDUCATION: 2013 Software Quality Assurance, Portnov Computer School, Los Altos, CA 2005 MS in Law, National Economic University, Kyiv, Ukraine REFERENCES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST

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