Natalie Lewes 0509737012 My Role in the Company is covered by the following functions: *Workforce Plan...
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Natalie Lewes Set of Skills 2014

Natalie Lewes Set of Skills 2014.
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Natalie Lewes Set of Skills 2014

  • 1. Natalie Lewes 0509737012 My Role in the Company is covered by the following functions: *Workforce Planning and Recruitment This covers workforce planning, recruitment, internal transfer, job description, classification and evaluation, terms of appointment, acting and additional duties pay and secondment. *Performance Management and Salary Progression This covers employees’ performance evaluation and progression through range. *Personnel Management This covers working hours, benefits entitlement and business expenses. *Grievance and Discipline Management This covers grievance, discipline and code of conduct. *Separation Management This covers employee resignation, termination, gratuity/pension and exit interviews. My Fields of Action are the following: *Established the HR Policies and Procedures Manual for the Company, which defined policies and procedures that govern all aspects of the Company’s HR related transactions; provided a framework for harmonizing the Company’s approach to HR management; protected the Company’s interest and safeguarded its assets and operations by setting out clear and concise rules that would be followed when executing HR related transactions *Systematically prepared the HR Department’s Policies and Procedures Manual, HR Forms, Employee Files and Records for the procedure of the ISO 9001:2008 Quality management systems certification of the Company *Preparing offer of employment letters; Staff Induction; Training employees; Coaching Staff Members *Helping Managers to be able to get the best out of their teams; Motivation of Staff Members *Creating and enforcing KPIs; Performance Management; Conducting job evaluations, job analysis reports *Frequent Employee evaluations and assessments *Weekly Staff Meetings; Setting of the Goals; Conducting Staff Appraisals; *Skills GAP analysis and Training Plans *Contingency Manpower Planning; Succession Planning; Building up a pipeline of potential candidates *Organizational Design; Writing Job Descriptions and Job Specifications according to the needs of business *Employee Satisfaction Surveys; 360 Degrees survey analysis *Recruitment management, inclusive but not limited to the posting of jobs internally via the Company web portal and also externally via job boards, agencies, executive search firms and etc *Scheduling and coordinating interviews, conducting pre-screening components and candidate reference checks as required *Knowledge and utilization of the UAE Labour Law - Federal Law No. 8 1980 plus Amendments and Appendixes *Administrative Management; Employment Contracts; On-boarding; Annual Performance Appraisals; Grievances; Disciplinary Actions; Terminations *Supervising two PRO’s; Co-ordination with PROs for the Staff Visa arrangement/renewal; Speaking to PROs in Arabic Language *Handling employee insurance cards and annual renewal of medical insurance *Applying appropriate legislation, payroll and HR policies to ensure accurate preparation of payroll; Verifying pay run accuracy and reconcile payroll; Responding to employee inquiries as they relate to payroll and benefits My Responsibilities are the following: *Hands-on, day-to-day support and coaching and leadership to managers and employees on a wide range of human resource issues, including the application and understanding of policies, practices, disciplinary issues, performance management, employee relations, recruitment, and developmental opportunities ensuring alignment with corporate objectives *Supporting and enhancing human resource programs that are currently in place, including recruitment, performance management, training, and compensation and benefit programs *Assisting with the development of harmonized human resource policies for the organization, including determining current practices, conducting best practices research and gathering input from management and employees to design policies that support the Company’s business *Providing general advice and counsel to managers to ensure compliance with all appropriate employment standards and human rights. Contributing to a positive work environment by employing processes and practices in effective change management, employee engagement, and communication at the business unit level

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