Natalia Podvoyskaya
More than 15 years of experience in operation efficiency and transformation.
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Natalia Podvoyskaya

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. Natalia Podvoyskaya More than 15 years of experience in operation efficiency and transformation. Banking experience 2012-pr.time Since 2012 is setting and running key strategic program for improving efficiency in Ops at one of the leading Russian bank (Sberbank). Current position Head of Operations Strategy&Transformation Department, Managing director (headcount 30 FTE) Key results:  2015: - Built Target operation model and strategy achievement plan 2018 - Running Transformation Program (2015-2016). For 2 years: 17,700 to 13,000, 200 mln.USD saving, NPV – 380 mln.USD, PBP – 1 year, decrease cost per transaction 50%, DPMO per transaction 70%, for 2015: 19% of headcount reduction (from 17,700 to 14,300), 55 mln.USD saving - Running Program of Operational Excellence including several strategic projects (2014-2017): building workflow and BPM between front-office and back-office SSCs and between government, rebuilding claim process, rebuilding new end of day and accounting process, rebuilding credit support process, building transaction monitoring system - Running Program of Centralization Ops&IT for subsidiary banks, including: Target Operating Model, Model of E2E reengineering, KPIs&business-case, Center of excellence and implementation plan for SB Europe and CIS-banks - Built new SSC for new business-line Wealth management - Portfolio management: rebuilt new system of portfolio management for Ops projects  2013 -2014: - 25% of headcount reduction (from 23,600 to 17,700), 400 mln. USD saving, NPV – 460 mln.USD, PBP – 1,2 years, increase staff productivity from 20% to 34% and quality to 4-5sigma - Transformation of payments, back-office and accounting functions, including: Target Operating Model, Model of E2E reengineering, KPIs&business-case, Customer Care model, Center of excellence implementation, Pick- management - Built all parts of Service model framework Consulting experience 2001-2012 Since 2001 worked at several consulting companies, including KPMG where final position was a Director, Leader of SSC&FM practice in CIS (headcount 45 FTE of the core-team). Key responsibility - sales and client relationship, building practices of FM-service in CIS. Key results:  Annual revenue increased in 3 times within 5 years – from 1 mln.USD to 7 mln.USD;  More than 15 projects were successfully implemented. Key programs and projects:  Shared Service Centre implementation for: one of the leading banks (payment operations), Telecom Company (accounting, HR, procurement); media company (accounting, HR, procurement); oil&gas company (accounting). Average result – 30-50% of headcount reduction.  Finance function optimization, finance strategy and finance function integration for: industrial holding; pulp&paper company, media company; telecom company (mobile and fix lines), several oil&gas companies. Average result – 25-35% of headcount reduction.  Cost reduction and Operations improvement for: metals and mining holdings, telecom company, power generating company, real estate companies. Average result – 10-15% costs saving.  Budgeting and forecasting, MIS, SAP-implementation support for: Telecom company, global leader in Hi-Tech industry, power& utilities company, oil&gas companies. EDUCATION:  2015 IPMA certification Level B, IELTS certification  12 years' of teaching in Lomonosov Moscow state university (Economic faculty) several courses «Strategic management», «General management», «Management consulting», «Project management», «Change management»  2010, 2003, 2001 – Moscow state university. Economic faculty – PhD, MA, Bachelor’s degree.  2010, 2008 – The Chicago GSB. «Accelerated development program», «Finance management program»  Different internal KPMG trainings in project management, finance management, outsourcing, cost reduction, negotiations, leadership and people development, LEAN, cost reduction, program management PERSONAL DATA: +7 916 349 22 29,, married, two children, current location: Moscow,

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