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Managing Director with extensive experience in Aviat...
Managing Director – Holland 2010 – 2011
Accepted a ‘turnaround’ role to transition a failing business, re-establish the se...
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

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  • 1. NAT LOVE Maidens, Scotland 07983 975257 PROFILE Managing Director with extensive experience in Aviation, Gas Turbine repair and manufacturing in Commercial, Industrial, and Government markets. Global leader who has succeeded in navigating diverse multicultural environments delivering increased operational and financial results. Proven track record as a positive change agent with substantial background in plant rationalisation, consolidations and start-ups. Multiple diverse projects managed from inception to realisation, implementing continuous improvement programmes and best practices . Established strategic planning processes leading to improved communication, accountability and clear direction at all levels . Coordinated business development and technical sales negotiations whilst generating premier customer service. CAREER EXPERIENCE CHROMALLOY GAS TURBINE $1bn US corporation providing Gas Turbine solutions to OEMs and End Users in the Aerospace, Military and Energy Sectors. Acquired by private equity Carlyle in 2007. Managing Director – Nevada, Mexicali and Los Angeles 2011 – Nov 2015 Multi-site responsibility with two plants each in Nevada and Mexico and one in Los Angeles; full operating budget and P&L responsibility – $180M combined sites sales, commercial aero, industrial and military segments including in house repair, new part manufacturing and casting operations, 15 direct reports, workforce of 800. Main Achievements  Increased EBITDA of combined sites from 11% to > 20% utilising continuous improvement and lean concepts accelerating operational flex opportunities, including sustainability measures and tiered dashboards  Sustained a nine quarters trend against significant headwinds to deliver cash greater than operating plan budget  Improved On Time Delivery (OTD) from 73% to 98%, by lean continuous improvement interventions, site visibility and communication of performance metrics and by developing cross functional self directed work teams  Headed up site closure of high cost unionised operations in LA. Negotiated site closure with the local union and regional representatives, retained workforce at appropriate levels through to closure with zero impact to financial performance, OTD or quality. Consolidated the workload and moved critical engineering and technical personnel to brownfield site in Mexicali, Mexico  Consolidated two factories in Nevada into one site and Investment Casting operations from Nevada to state of the art facility in Tampa, Florida with no interruption to operations or customer satisfaction.  Developed inventory entitlement models to establish appropriate levels specifically driving OTD resulting in an 8% year on year improvement across the corporate footprint  Raised inventory accuracy from 80% to sustained 99.8% through the introduction of cycle counts, improved operational performance and driving linearity of operations  Established an improved SMO process resulting in the conversion of $20M stagnant inventory to cash corporate wide  Delivered special 'fix it' project in 2015 to improve global inventory across 23 operating units with focus on establishing robust and sustainable lean and continuous processes across production facilities . These included diverse and conceptual change to managing the company’s inventory assets and a synergistic approach to teamwork across footprint to establish control and transparency of total company inventory improving turns from 2.8 to 4.0 pa.  Created interactive raw material and supplier optimisation targets including metric alignment with focus on cost reduction, shortening of replenishment lead times, improved inventory flow and supply chain metrics  Introduced and popularised Kanban’s and operational level loading to drive efficiency and linearity of production operations.
  • 2. Managing Director – Holland 2010 – 2011 Accepted a ‘turnaround’ role to transition a failing business, re-establish the senior leadership team, improve operational and financial performance, boost morale and motivate a stagnant workforce.  Improved EBITDA from 3% to 27%. Increased annual sales from $52M to $65M  Dramatically improved OTD to exceed customer contractual requirements and expectations from mid 60% to 95%  Negotiated new part manufacturing contracts with Rolls Royce: Chromalloy Holland remains a key supplier to Rolls Royce in ‘strangers and aliens’ components  Negotiated a complex downsizing of 25% in Holland with the Works Council and members of the local trade union  Re-energised and gave leadership, purpose and meaning to a flagging and unmotivated workforce, improved transparency and communications utilising Gemba walks and weekly team meetings. Director Operation Excellence 2009 – 2010 Corporate Global role focused on the stand up of fully integrated continuous improvement  Recruited and fully integrated multiple OpEx associates (12) globally with responsibility for transforming each operation into one of continuous improvement and linear productivity  Visited Chromalloy sites globally introducing ‘ONE Chromalloy’ continuous improvement strategies  Drove cross pollination of best practices and methodologies  Implemented standard work and a culture of continuous improvement at sites  Liaised between Managing Directors, OpEx Associates and Executive leadership effectively managing the continuous improvement lean objectives across the company footprint  Led Kaizan and coordinated, 3P, VSM initiatives throughout company footprint. General Manager - San Diego 1996 – 2009  Developed a team and structure that performed at greater than 30% QOE, highest in Chromalloy, Performed at greater than 98% OTD, Grew annual sales from $16M to $40M. Reduced vendor base by 40%  Awarded ‘Platinum Supplier’ approval status from American Airlines  Drove average TAT from 21 days to < 14 days.  Took on special turnaround project as GM Pacific Gas Turbine Center spanning the period 2004 to 2009 and successfully managed both facilities in San Diego.  Set up four Gate Engine repair processes reducing engine TAT by 12 days from 45 to 33 days  Developed lean processes and self directed work teams. Processed 14 associates through the SDSU Lean Manufacturing certification  Co managed Pacific Component Technologies (PCT) during the period 1999 to 2004. PCT was responsible for the design and manufacturing to Chromalloy PMA's to support the alternative New Part airline requirement. Operations and Engineering Director – Thailand 1992 – 1996 Repair Development Engineer /Engineering Coordinator – Holland 1986 – 1992 EARLY CAREER MCCRINDLE TOOLING Sales for Tooling, and new part manufacturing 1985 – 1986 ROLLS ROYCE Technical Apprentice/Machinist/Buyer 1976 – 1985 Rolls Royce Lord Hives Award 1981 – Top Mechanical Apprentice, United Kingdom: EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS BSc degree, Psychology with focus on Organizational Operations: San Diego, CA: 2007 SCOTEC Engineering degree (Mechanical): Stow College, Glasgow: 1980 Shingijutsu trained Lean Practitioner: 2010 Chromalloy internal Six Sigma blackbelt training: 2006 SDSU Lean Manufacturing Certification: 1999 PERSONAL Running, Crossfit, Cooking, Reading

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