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Activity Based Management | Costing & Pricing
 [Manufacturing | Retail]. Assessed existing costi...
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Nash CV (May 2015)

Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Nash CV (May 2015)

  • 1. Nashvindra Premananda COSTING & PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT | FINANCE TRANSFORMATION STRATEGY 13-27, 84 Dakota Crescent, 399948 Singapore | +65 9756 0432 | Functional:  Activity Based Management  Cost & Price Modelling  Fixed Asset Management  Finance Function Effectiveness  Shared Services Strategy  Management Reporting  Program Management  Change Management Technical:  SAS DI | SAS ABM  MS SQL  MS Project Primary Sectors:  Manufacturing |Retail  Public Services  Telecommunications Employment:  PwC Consulting Singapore Nov’13 – Present [Manager]  PwC Consulting Malaysia Mar’10 – Nov’13 [Associate – Manager]  KPMG Advisory Malaysia [Internship] Academic:  Master of Finance RMIT, Australia Feb’08 – Jun’09  BComm Monash University, Australia Mar’05 – Dec’07  South Australian Matriculation Taylors College, Malaysia Jan’04 – Dec’05 Fluent in:  English  Malay Management consultant, delivering value and change to businesses through;  Adaptability - provided services to MNCs in 8 countries across 5 industries.  Personal impact – promotes personal brand and builds relationships with all levels of stakeholders resulting in a fast track to managerial position within 3 years.  Emotional intelligence – essential for effective leadership and pulling the right levers. Leads the line (mid management) to explore opportunities in costing & performance management;  Implemented end to end ABC and profitability management solutions for 2 companies. Outcomes included detailed design blueprint, product/service costing by location and insight into customer portfolio profitability.  Developed cost & price modelling tool for 2 companies to facilitate the rollout of corporate/cloud services in a SSO model. Generated output based on multiple pricing strategies and Monte Carlo risk simulations.  Delivered ‘Fixed Asset Management’ related engagements for telecommunications companies in 4 countries. Work entailed project management of physical verifications, performing asset valuations as well as the reconstruction of financials. Provides finance transformation advice to optimize efficiency and business insight;  Designed optimal target operating model to transform backend functions of 3 MNCs. Scope encompassed developing business case, strategic roadmap and change management plan to consolidate businesses in a regional shared service model.  Performed reviews for the subsidiaries of 2 multinational conglomerates to optimize the P2P, OTC and R2R processes for transition into a shared service model.  Implemented customised management reports for 3 companies to drive performance improvement. This included the set up of procedures to increase the efficiency of the reporting cycle.
  • 2. Professional Experience: Activity Based Management | Costing & Pricing  [Manufacturing | Retail]. Assessed existing costing methodology applied by factories in 2 countries for gaps and inconsistencies. Recommendations based on good practices and management’s strategic requirements resulted in next phase to redesign.  [Manufacturing | Retail]. Designed and implemented standardised costing solution across 2 countries to provide insight into SKU rationalization, customer portfolio profitability and transparency to management.  [Public Sector]. Designed ABC blueprint to align costing output to the clients strategic objectives and ‘universal service obligations’. Developed a proof of concept model and knowledge transfer which resulted in the next phase to implement.  [Public Sector]. Implemented an group wide ABM solution (using SAS) which integrated costing for their postal courier, retail and digital businesses. Entailed programming ETL scripts, testing and setup of a new cost accounting division to support benefits realisation.  [Manufacturing]. Developed ABC based price modelling tool to facilitate the rollout of finance function services in a SSO model. Generated results based on 6 pricing strategies, Monte Carlo risk simulations and integrate tool into the budgeting process.  [Technology Services | Public Sector]. Designed and implemented mechanism to derive a sustainable pricing reinvestment strategy for the rollout of cloud services in an SSO model. Shared Services Strategy | Finance Effectiveness | Management Reporting  [Retail]. Designed optimal target operating model to consolidate the finance processes of 6 businesses in a regional SSO model. Developed implementation strategy, change management and process improvement options.  [Insurance]. Developed business case and strategy to implement an Asia-wide shared service operation for IT services. Entailed a cost-benefit model to assess existing operational and contractual circumstances across 6 countries.  [Manufacturing]. Assessed feasibility and developed a migration strategy to carve out relevant finance functions to BPO. Also included a review of 117 finance sub-processes to identify opportunities to increase focus on business insight.  [Manufacturing | Retail]. Customized new management reports for a conglomerate in Myanmar to improve business insight & facilitate operational initiatives. Also included training to improve reporting process/cycle time.  [Insurance]. Provided full scope program management services for a global rollout of 3 IT initiatives. Entailed global stakeholder management, vendor management, and financial tracking as part of a joint regional PMO team. Fixed Asset Management  [Telecommunications]. Performed revaluation and carve out of passive assets to facilitate the implementation of a SSO model across telecommunication providers in Malaysia.  [Telecommunications]. Setup in-house physical asset verification department to enable the client to manage reporting requirements for over 51,000 sites in India. Also included development of verification procedures, customised templates and training.  [Telecommunications]. Coordinated the standardization of asset classes across subsidiaries and reconstructed fixed asset register for Cambodian op-co. Poor data required substantial analysis/investigation to minimize (and justify) the write-off provision.  [Telecommunications]. Provided full scope project management services for a nationwide asset verification exercise in Sri Lanka. Developed customized templates and performed quality assurance on vendor data to facilitate the FAR reconciliation.

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