“Before I came to Narconon,my life was spiraling out ofcontrol. Even though I was able to maintain some
stability in my li...
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Narconon Freedom Center Success Story

A Narconon Freedom Center client shares how his live was transformed from hopeless drug addict to success! Thanks to the Narconon Freedom Center drug rehab program and his hard work, he is now living a sober and productive life!
Published on: Mar 3, 2016
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Transcripts - Narconon Freedom Center Success Story

  • 1. “Before I came to Narconon,my life was spiraling out ofcontrol. Even though I was able to maintain some stability in my life, the adderall and marijuanawere slowly taking control ofall aspects of my life. When I decided to come into Narconon, I was ready to turn my life around and felt Narconon was the place that was going to help me do just that. From the moment I stepped foot into Narconon Freedom Center, the staffmade me feel comfortable and right at home. During withdrawal, I felt trapped inside my mind, which was telling me to leave and go use drugs, but the withdrawal specialists helped me by running light objectives and really being there for my every need. Once I was done with withdraw and the Therapeutic TRCourse, I could already feel the changes that I was making within myself. The real changes began when I started the New Life Detoxification Program though. As I went through sauna, I slowly began to feel more like myself again. The drugs were being pushed out of my body and I was regaining my physical being. When I completed the New Life Detoxification Program, I felt clear headedand that I was ready to take on the rest ofthe program. All through the rest of the Narconon program I could feel and see the changes I was making, as well as how much more comfortableI was becoming with myselfand my surroundings. During the Communication and Perception Course, I really enjoyed doing the Objective Exercises because the cognitions and wins I was having during the exercises really allowed me to see how my past is not a part of my present environment and that I am in control of my life and my environment. Although I had a lot ofwins throughout my program, I feel my biggest wins came during the later books. The most amazing feeling was during my O/W write-up and RPECs. During these two courses, I relieved myself of my past transgressions, which was one of the biggest reliefs I have felt in a long time. I was also able to focus on my dynamics in order to discover where I went out-ethics in my past and work out of these lower conditions. RPECs really allowed me to put my life in perspective and see how all of my dynamics are interrelated to each other. By learning the conditions and how to work the conditions,I feel like I am able to be successful in any endeavor that I take on. The Narconon program really saved my life. I feel the technology that L. Ron Hubbard created truly helped me turn my life around for the better and showed me how I am able to continue on that path to success no matter what.” -Deven O.

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