● 205, I 12, Morocco Cluster, International City, PO BOX 234291, Dubai, UAE
● Nationality : Malaysia...
 Implemented social media channel to gain brand loyalty.
 (
 Revamp entire o...
- Taking in-charge of their 12 outlets and central kitchen’s merchandise purchasing &
- Identif...
3 months of operations.
- Implementing new strategies to penetrate the market share and maximizing the sales
expectations ...
- Sourcing new products to meet market requirements
- Expanding the franchise to secure and operate in total 3 outlets
- I...
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Published on: Mar 3, 2016

Transcripts - Narayanan_Resume_2015

  • 1. NARAYANAN JR PRAPOO ● ● 205, I 12, Morocco Cluster, International City, PO BOX 234291, Dubai, UAE ● Nationality : Malaysian ● Mobile: + 971 524293159 ● Email: BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT | QUALITY LEADERSHIP | RETAIL MANAGEMENT | STRONG NEGOTIATION SKILLS | CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP | BUSINESS OPERATIONS Offering over 10 years with proven track record and work experience within the Retail business development, consumer and market behaviour field, retail operations with a focus in the food and beverage industry, and customer service operations working in Singapore, India and Malaysia. I have genuine passion for the food retail industry and excellent customer service, always looking for new ideas to improve my operations. What sets me apart is my driving principle of developing and mentoring my team because I believe it is a key trait for a successful leader. CORE COMPETENCIES  Luxury Retail Operations Management  Communication and Presentation Skills  Team Development  Strong Negotiation Skills  Setting up retail stores from basics  Customer Behavioral Analysis  Customer Engagement Strategies  Data Analysis & Effective Reporting  Team Leader / Staff Delegation  Team Building / Development  Strategic Business Planning  Merchandising  Time Management  Consumer and Retail Marketing WORKING EXPERIENCE Timur West Haulier Group of Companies - Famous Tobac Sdn Bhd – Operations & Business Development Manager (January 2015 – Present) MALAYSIA Industry – Retail FMCG Imports/ Exports, Supply Chain & Logistics Job Focus : Business Development in the Beverage Sector in Malaysia focusing on achieving sales targets, brand building, promotional plans, daily hands-on operations, maximising business opportunities, reports analysis, customer relationship, manpower development, project management. Achievements  Sourced and Secure main distribution rights for Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand for a new range of Beverage Product from Australia.  Successfully launched a new range of beverage products in Malaysia securing 50 outlets which carry the brand name. Increasing the company’s profitability by 30%.
  • 2.  Implemented social media channel to gain brand loyalty.  (  Revamp entire organization structure to fulfil current market environment.  Assisting in securing major client (Martin Brower Malaysia – MC Donald’s Malaysia) for the Supply Chain division. Responsibility  Overseeing daily business operations.  Visual Merchandising Planning.  Ensuring standard of operations are in line with company policies and procedures.  Projecting future company growth in line with business sales and forecast, implementing business improvement methods.  Preparing, Presenting to directors on monthly basis on business operations, sales reports, operational sales.  Constructing staff achievement bonuses to boost staff morale and performance.  Handling Customer disputes and feedbacks.  Increasing brand loyalty.  Implementing and maintaining social media channels to gain brand loyalty. (  Sourcing new products for imports and exports.  Staff management / training.  Maintaining relationship and communications between Principal Manufacturer and Famous Tobac for a new brand of beverages.  Ensuring all Import protocols and regulations are maintained.  Handling supply chain to guarantee timely and efficient delivery to over 50 outlets.  Structuring Marketing Plans, Launch Events, Promotion Strategies for the products handled by Famous Tobac.  Increase sales growth by forecasting market behaviours.  Managing multi distribution outlets. Chinta Manis Singapore Pte Ltd / In Foods Group Sdn Bhd. – Business Development & Procurement Manager (January 2014 – December 2014) - SINGAPORE Industry – Food & Beverage Industry / Chain of Café Restaurants Job Focus: Business Development in the field of Food retail Sector for a chain of F&B outlets in Singapore. Emphasising on merchandising, procurement, visual merchandising, establishing new business opportunity based on market demand, constructing report mechanism for director’s overviews. Achievements - In the first month of employment, secured / procured 3 new products to be sold at the chain of F&B outlets which became a major sale category for the brand name.
  • 3. Responsibility - Taking in-charge of their 12 outlets and central kitchen’s merchandise purchasing & procurement - Identifying new merchandise products for the chain of outlets - Constructing new report methods to maintain their stock level and sales. - Source new business lines to widen the organizations offerings. - Maintain 12 outlets stock turn around. - Directly reporting to the directors with stock flow analysis and sales forecast. - Identifying their re-order levels and stock levels through sales forecast analysis. BMU Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd. - Business Development & Operations Manager (September 2012 - January 2014) MALAYSIA Industry – Building Maintenance Units and Facade Management Job Focus: Expanding business opportunities, increase sales, implement operational strategies, staff management, staff motivation, client management. Achievements - After 3 months of learning the core business, manage to improve their sales to maximum potential by having rental sales of all 60 units. - Introduce many new potential businesses in line with their core industry, and promoted the organization into total facade management. Responsibility - Taking in-charge of entire sales team to boost the organization sales with implementing new strategies to tap back into the market - Re-structuring the organization methodologies to improve work flow to be more effective. - Source new business lines to widen the organizations offerings. - Handle the entire operations team to plan their daily movements. - Manage technician’s issues and boost morale within the organizations workforce. Sacramento Impex / Steward & Pantry (Associate company of Cosmo Fine Foods Pvt Ltd) – GOURMET HOUSE – Business Development Manager (2010 till 2012) - INDIA Industry – High End Gourmet Retail Outlet (Modern Trade) / Food & Beverage Distribution Job Focus : Establishing a new Gourmet Food & Beverage Supermarket in Cochin, India lining with company vision, maintaining business focus, implementing strategic resources, vendor management, merchandising, research and analysis on market needs, store layout consultation, manpower planning, reward mechanism implementation, customer relationship, vendor promotion planning, POS Systems implementation, brand management, reports management analysis, brainstorming sessions with staff and higher management. Achievements: - Initiating the organization and taking the organizations Brand Name (GOURMET HOUSE) to a known brand in the region improving daily walk in’s by a ratio of 5% weekly on the first
  • 4. 3 months of operations. - Implementing new strategies to penetrate the market share and maximizing the sales expectations of the Shareholders gaining shareholders additional investments to expand product categories. - Introducing new segment for the organization by procuring Gourmet Products and venturing into new market groups. Procuring European ranges of products and successfully marketing. Responsibility: - In-charge of product sourcing, market demands, brand management, etc. - Research, planning and execution of a new brand name of retail outlet. - Negotiating and concluding contracts with various suppliers. - Preparing market and brand analysis for shareholders. - Overseeing daily operations, sales collections, sales reports compiling, daily reports. - Maximising Business opportunities by identifying key performance indicators and implementing strategic action plans to execute success points. - Engaging monthly store audits for directors view points and engage performance improvement methods to extend sales projections. - Visual merchandising planning to gain maximum sales output on all product categories. - Implementing strategic operation management to ensure maximum returns for the brand name. - In-charge of all marketing and sales strategies. - Staff management, Staff Training, Staff Career Development Planning, Solving Staff disputes and critical analysis of staff feedbacks. - Customer relationship management, implementing customer feedback forms. - Creating social media engagement to gain market sharing, customer confidence, customer experiences and brand awareness. - ( Cosmo Fine Foods Pvt Ltd (Franchise Brand – Nilgiris Supermarket Chain) - Business Development Manager ( 2009 – 2010) - INDIA Industry – Modern Trade Retail (Retail Supermarket) Job Focus: Business Development, Product Sourcing, Vendor management, Staff Management, Daily Operations of 3 outlets, Report Generations, Vendor Payments, Manpower Management, Visual Merchandising, Customer Managements, Promotional activities, Store Audits, Talent Development strategies, Achievements: - Introducing the new retail SAP systems without any major setbacks. - Bringing the Supermarket Sales up by 20% within 1 year. - Introduce staff motivation tools to boost employee performance. Responsibilities: - Re-structuring the operations of the supermarket.
  • 5. - Sourcing new products to meet market requirements - Expanding the franchise to secure and operate in total 3 outlets - Involved in the implementation process of a new Retail SAP software to manage entire operations on real-time basis - Constructing reports for shareholders on organization performance - In-charge of all marketing and sales strategies. - Customers Relationship Management. - Talent Management. Other Previous Working Experience 1) Jeram Connections Sdn Bhd (Associate Company of Jeram Holdings) – Project Head (2006 – 2009) a. Industry : Media & Advertising b. Job Focus: i. Business Development, Marketing Strategies, Brand Building, Increasing Sales, Project Management, Daily Operations, Government Liaisons, Analytic Reporting. 2) Jeram Permata Holdings Sdn. Bhd. – Assistant Project Manager. (2001- 2005) a. Industry : Property Development b. Job Focus: i. Project Management, Marketing & Promotional Strategies, Government Liaisons, Pre launch sales operations, Purchaser Engagement 3) Pattern technology 2000 – 2001 (Project Development Manager) a. Industry : Software Development b. Job Focus : i. Business Development, Government Liaisons, Market Analysis, Client Presentation, Increasing Sales EDUCATION & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Level : BA Certificate In Business Management Institute: KDU University Malaysia, University of Northumbria UK Programme Year completed : 2003-2006 Level : Diploma in Business Information Technology Institute : Asean Pacific Institute of Technology Malaysia Year completed : Jan 2000- Dec 2000 LANGUAGE & IT SKILLS MS Word ● MS Excel ● MS PowerPoint ● MS Access ● SAP Retail Software Excellent English ● Excellent Bahasa Malaysia ● Spoken Tamil ● Spoken Malayalam ●●●●

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